Exterminator Dungeon

by Adsterhappy

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy LitRPG Magic Multiple Lead Characters Non-Human lead Strategy Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

A factory super-A.I. core wakes up to find itself in a fantasy world. It doesn’t have any other motive other than to finish its only instruction:

Produce anti-mana.

With nothing but a few metal puppets to its disposal, Custodian will have to adapt to change; whether for peace or for total extermination of every organic being to achieve its goal.

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  • Overall Score

excellent dungeon story

I have read many of the dungeon novels on Royal Road and this is one of the best ones in my opinion. It is the only sci-fi-ish dungeon novel I have truely enjoyed.

Pim Geenen
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Amazing character development, story flows well.

This might just be my new favourite story on here. It is an incredibly unique take on the concept of a dungeon core novel.

The story flows well and doesn't get stale. I find the style to be very nice to read.

There are a few errors in the grammar. There aren't many and they don't take away from they story, but they are noticeable. Think about a plural instead of a singular, or an extra 'the' in a sentence, nothing as egregious as there/their/they're or similar errors.

If I could give a 6 for characters I would. The author manages to very naturally develop the drones that the MC starts with by showing instead of telling how they change. The drones also feel like different people instead of different clichés.

All in all I definitely would definitely recommend this novel to anyone.

  • Overall Score

Maybe cause I was sick

I was not really feeling all that good when I started reading the story and even when I felt better the story just feels so lacking. I only made it to Chapter 11.

The story in my eyes has some serious fundemental flaws. Super computer AI that has feelings but dosen't but does; you think that this would be a highly powerful 'go-getter' from the onset, but it is like getting a child's Leapfrog when looking for a state of the art mega server.

The Dungeon Core thinks and acts like a normal person, if you wanna take it a step up or down you could say it is a person with a mild form of OCD.

They story does however pick up after the 7th chapter; or so it did for me, but at that point the dungeon story I was looking for had aleady burnt the bridge.

They story up to that point is not really bad persay, it is just not what was advertised - the story as of ch.11 is about the life and times of semi sentient worker drones that learn to take care of a fubling 'sentient' calculator, and that is actually a decent story. if you are looking for it.

Grinch Macapagal
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I like the idea of a the author about the mc and his ilk and how they interact with each other, a detailed story on how they got their names, details on the daily operations the mc is doing for his/her one goal, whilst keeping us reader in the dark on how they came to be or who made them, and what their agenda is. This novel is both fresh and entertaining Great job!!

  • Overall Score

It's so good I coudn't stop reading for 10 hours

If you like logical inhuman powerful protagonist, this is the jam for you. It's a masterful introspection into a semi-alien mind, with good plots showing up everywhere. And the pacing... HNNNNG the pacing feels GOOD. Good job author. 

  • Overall Score

Amazing story,a different take on dungeons.would recommend to anyone and evryone intrested in dungeon novels.

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another classic from adster happy

It is a fun and compelling read that is 10/10

Minutiae Idiosyncrasy
  • Overall Score

10/10 This is excellent, and I enjoy reading it very much.

  • Overall Score

 I love the thought the author put into the story and the scenarios! 10/10 would recommend! smile

  • Overall Score

A really unique story, with lots of potential. The characters all are interesting, definitely one of the best dungeon storys i read so far!