Those Who Aspired to Become Gods : A darker fairy tale novel ©

Those Who Aspired to Become Gods : A darker fairy tale novel ©

by VanZans

" Greetings! I'm Loki.....God of mischief and trickery....Wish to hear the tale of Kayle Shaw, a man forsaken by his own world and transported to another.... by me! A world of fantasy and magic unlike his original home. A world with elves, dwarves, demi-humans of all kinds and monsters that couldn't be described by words alone. Though upon entering into this new world our Hero quickly discovers everything was much less fairy tail like than he imagined. It's a world run by the strong and ruled by the corrupt. The weak live everyday in torment and slavery with no means of escape while the lands are constantly engulfed in war between guilds, kingdoms, and countries. Follow the man who would eventually flip this world on its head. Starting an orphanage and even establishing his own Kingdom of Shieldfriegan known now as the The Shield of the Weak. A man known by so many names he lost track of them all..... Beast from the East, God Slayer, The Divine Chef, and even for a brief time ' Vali the Reaper ' . But alas all this was only the beginning. This tale is the story ...of my champion."

PS. If you enjoy an OP MC in an even more OP world, you'll like this. Also I will hopefully clean and redo old chapters in time since my dialogue might not be great. I also enjoy doing other POV's, because half the fun of being OP in a new world is getting to see how everyone reacts about it.

*Artwork done by Lenni Olinsson
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Table of Contents
38 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue Part 1: A Conversation Between the Gods ago
Prologue Part 2: In the Beginning ago
Chapter 1: All Alone Now ago
Chapter 2: A Fated Encounter? ago
Chapter 3: The Proposal ago
Chapter 4: A Not So Fairy Tale Beginning ago
Chapter 5: Life in the Forest ago
Chapter 6: Getting Stronger ago
Chapter 7: Agent of Death ago
Chapter 8: World Debut at the Colosseum ago
Chapter 9: Death's New Hand ago
Chapter 10: The City Born in a Dungeon ago
Chapter 11: The Remaining ago
Chapter 12: The Seven ago
Chapter 13: The Legendary Annunake ago
Chapter 14: No Allies ago
Chapter 15: Dark Ties ago
Chapter 16: The Away Team ago
Chapter 17: The Grootslang ago
Chapter 18: Puppet ago
Chapter 19: Tears of a Titan Part 1 ago
Chapter 20: Tears of a Titan Part 2 ago
Description/Character Page: Updated ago
Chapter 21: The Calm ago
Chapter 22: The Storm ago
Chapter 23: Enter Balor ago
Chapter 24: End of an Age ago
Chapter 25: The Start of a Legend ago
Intermission ago
Book 2; Chapter 1: A Long Road Ahead.... ago
Book 2; Chapter 2: A New Kind of Dark Lord ago
Description Page ago
Book 2; Chapter 3: A Darkness Awakening ... (Part 1) ago
Book 2; Chapter 4: A Darkness Awakening ... (Part 2) ago
Book 2; Chapter 5: A Darkness Awakening ... (Part 3) ago
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One of my favorite MC

I love the way the story flows with him always in the center, being drama, happiness, chaos, fighting, etc.

Also something that I love in a story is that the secondary characters wouldnt be robots like if they "only" follow or friend "A" "B", or even ghost, that you dont even notice them. I hate when a character can only be notice by his name, because his behavior or the way he talks is exactly the same as anyother person. Yours are making the story colorful, even Loki has his own charisma haha.


Will be following!!!

Top 10 of my list


Marathoned all chapters in 2 days

...and holy shit each chapter is massive. 


The grammars, spellings and punctuations indeed need more proofreading. And I'm always irked by your usage of "hmph" instead of "hmm". The former sounds more like a snort while the latter sounds something thoughtful. "mmhmm" would imply understanding more than "mmphmmmph", which honestly sounded more like the guy is being restrained from talking.


However, the good thing about marathoning is that you can clearly see how the writer improves over time, and I must say, your improvements are indeed noticable. I can honestly say I'm proud of you lol, but there are still room for improvements and some spelling mistakes to correct. So keep it up because clearly, as I witnessed over these 2 days, you're definitely improving.


For story, I must say that I was kinda weirded out when you introduced the dungeon out of nowhere. My first thought would be, "huh, some plot mechanics so MC can eat and gain skills I guess, probably just a sidequest or something", but I'm honestly impressed on how the whole arc went and the myriad of things he received, both in material sense (new skills, new items, new comrades) and spiritual (fleshed out personality etc). And I really love how the final battle actually is well thought out, with every actions he did during his time really paid out. There's also a hint of strategy from the MC instead of simple deus ex machina blinding explosion of extremely awesome libido, which is honestly rare to see/read nowadays, so kudos to you.


Overall, I love the characters, I love the tirades of MC whenever he's on his psychotic break (seriously that "You don't rape women. You don't harm children. Those are the rules. Those are always the rules." gave me goosebumps all over.), and I'm really looking forward to the meeting with Kaylan - I ain't even mad that you dragged this one issue out. Like Loki said, they need to be separated so they don't rely too much with each other.


Just fix some grammatical and spelling errors and it's peachy. I am a lurker, and this is my first review. That should be a small testament to how enjoyable your story is to actually spur me to give this review.


Breathtaking Fantasy Story that will make you cry manly tears! Top 5 Best Stories!

I was blown away by Those Who Aspired To Become Gods. The chapters are so long and rich with amazing content that it took me days to catch up to the most recent chapter (20).  I made an account today simply to show some love to this author.


Those who complain about grammar honestly….this story and how great it is makes all that seem to not really matter. I use to think  it mattered but whenever a story is this good, I just don’t care anymore.


I can count on one hand how many times I’ve felt so emotional about a story before… You’ll laugh, you’ll cry manly tears…The writer puts so much emotion not only into the MC but in other side characters as well later on. It’s such a colorful and imaginative world that hasn’t been done quite like this before.  The Mc is OP but the world itself feels like it is full of OP characters with cheat like abilities. 


The story goes dark real quick and you can see the long toll it starts to take on the MC’s fragile psyche. He’s a tortured soul but continues on to one day reunite with his lost sister and one day reunite with his family in heaven. He’s not afraid of death but it’s funny that he himself is becoming something close to Death. He has awesome Darth Vader type skills and gets very violent whenever he sees abuse in front of his eyes. Vali isn’t an overly good MC nor is he a bad guy at all either. He simply cannot take the abuse towards women and children in front of him and it’s just an overly amazing experience to get to read.


The Norse Mythologies and all of the authors take on common mythologies add a nice twist and gives the story such color. LOKI IS HILARIOUS!!! The world is huge and seems full of mysteries that I just can’t wait to see where this story continues on. The story almost seems limitless and I cannot wait to see where it goes. 


I count this as one of the top stories I’ve ever read. Please Continue on with the Adventures of Vali the Reaper!!!


 Only thing I can say about this fiction is that it's one of the hidden gems you can find here.


The story progress is perfect, nothing too fast and yet we have decent skips in time. Protagonist is reborn but the whole process is different from usual, not taking up chapters of chapters from story, yet being quite important factor for plot.


I like how protagonist can be thought OP and yet there is a person who laughs at him for thinking he is strong (or stronk, as I like to call strong people with hind of OP'ness.)


This is maybe one of the few fantasy stories I've read from here that truly have that dark theme around them and yet you can have fuzzy and warm feelings about reading this. The first chapters about protagonist are really dark and nothing too good is happening, even after he is "born" into new world, poop is spread by sudden contact with a fan.


There are not too many, but noticeable scenes about rape that you don't find in too many or not at all in fictions like this. Maybe few give you hints that it happens in the world around the story but this maybe the first I've read, that has protagonist witnessing one himself (spoiler: Only stays as an attempt).


You got the typical Nordic gods, but mixed with fun new ideas around that makes them look bit different from real worlds view of the gods and by the time in writing this, there are interesting and teasing hints of what protagonist is and still not telling.. anything really.


I've taken half a star from the score, because even if I've fallen love with the story and all,  what protagonist ends up doing in this story is a "Slave liberation" trope. Nothing wrong with it, but there are increasing amounts of stories, like Arifureta, which influenced creating this story, has out-of-the-world protagonist, white hair and could be considered less than a human, freeing group of slaves and takes a.. would I dare to say father-daughter role with a small cute kid.


Nothing wrong with it, but my original point was, I've seen it bit too many times before to get another ounce of dope from reading.


Also, thank you author for writing this awesome story, which managed to give me teary eyes while reading few scenes.


 i totally fell for that story :D

it has a GREAT story, a really interesting mc (that overpowered  little...^^ (love that)), and good grammar

And i mean, CHAPTERS...SOOO.. LOOONG :D (love that, too^^)

And it's updated really often

Keep up the great work with that ff and it's gonna become a big one!!

Personal opinion:

READ IT!!!!!!!!!!!!


The feels Of Those Who Aspired To Become Gods Is Aspiring

There is not a single novel equal or better than this one. *cries* I recommend this to anything that has  eyeballs! Also Vanzan deserves respect.


One of my best reads and really interesting, hope you keep it up! 5/5!


Best Fantasy Novel on this Website for ME! Deserves to be in Top 10!

All I can say about this fiction is WOW! This fiction only started a couple months ago and right when I catch up on this series it has managed to break the TOP 50. It honestly deserves to be in the top 10.

The chapter length is around 20K per chapter which is phenomenal.  It's not useless information either, it's high quality content that makes you honestly want to know more about this amazingly vast world. The MC is not like other mc's he's not overly good or overly bad but he has strict morales and gets pretty violent whenever he sees others being abused in front of him. The mc gets transported to an RPG like world by the norse god Loki. The story has so many great characters come in and it makes the story so colorful and amazing.


This is not like other Fantasy novels I've read before simply because it goes dark pretty quickly. And yet it has some amazing heartwarming scenes thrown in as well that honestly had me break out in tears in a couple scenes. The prologue isn't just some tacked on is the story! The MC is crazy OP but the world is so large it seems there are enemies and other "blessed beings" equally as cheat like as our troubled MC is. I however love reading through the MC's struggles, he's such an interesting character to read about as he's been through so much in his life and finally being transported to another world is just so much fun to read about.


Only tid bit I can say is some of the grammar and spelling isn't perfect but it doesn't take away from the amazing story here! The content is just so rich and good. 5 / 5 Stars and will be eagerly awaiting more!


Your story is very well made. A significant amount of background information for the characters (minus the teasers),  a well-made style structure with a solid foundation, and a story with a careful planning. I can see you put a lot of work into this, though the grammar needs work.


Some of the dialogues from the story is poorly organized. There are no commas placed when needed and there is no effective use of vocabulary like using adjectives like ‘similar’, ‘Not only…,but also…’, ‘ponder(ing)’, ‘presence’, ‘their’, ”equipped’, ‘decapitated’, ‘behead’, ‘punish’, ‘determine’, ‘as’, and etc.


Also there is are mix-ups between past tense, present tense, and present-past tense involving verbs and adverbs and some trouble indicating and connecting nouns; for example, in chapter 10, in the start of the last section you used “I can sense someone nearby and hear a faint heartbeat.” instead of “I sensed a couple of human presences nearby from hearing their faint heat-beats. “, “I cracked a smile at reminding myself at my-” instead of “I cracked a smile as I remind myself of my-“, ’..hmm…..It seems to be like I’m being hunted.’ instead of “…Hmm… …Seems like I’m being hunted.” using ‘be’ twice making he sentence needlessly long and repetitive which delays your writing speed,  “-It seems like-” instead of “-It seems-” since ‘seem’ and ‘like’ are synonyms making the sentence repetitive, and more.

You’re only problem is your grammar. You keep making your sentences repetitive by mistake and overuse the words ‘have’ and ‘had’ to the point that cause the story to lose its appeal. As long as you can properly use your vocabulary when it’s needed, along with a few minor grammatical errors, you’ll be good in the future.





Try it out its free after all ~3~

This is a pretty good story so far. It's very colorful, very dark, dramatic with some good action from what I've read.  Every now and  then there may be the wrong spelling but its not that bad we all make mistakes every now and then so not a big deal for me but just make sure to keep an eye on that or get a PR. But in all so far a pretty good read so far if any of you out there looking for something pretty good and fresh read this guys work(or gal idk its the internet LOL) The feels get to you in the later parts of the story. Anyway keep up the good work looking forward to new chapters!