Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

by spaizzzer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

This is a reincarnation/isekai story, about Matt (later TreeTree), an overpowered tree in a fantasy world that serves as the battlefield for an ongoing conflict between demons and the heroes summoned to oppose them.

At first a bystander, over a long period of time, TreeTree will learn all sorts of skills, gain levels, and in doing so, build up a forest, train young subordinates, protect a village, and more. 


warning :

Time skips happen a lot. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Tree's first years ago
Moving house ago
Another move? ago
Freeka, Elf Village ago
In the distance, a demon king ago
A Fiery Destruction ago
Recovery ago
Demon Boss Battle I (assisted) ago
Waking and more reincarnators? ago
Discovery & Adventurers? ago
An army passes by, again ago
Heroes and a surprise attack ago
Interlude - Level 100 & Soul realm ago
Interlude 2 : Alexis ago
The lab ago
The True Power of Heroes ago
Seeing heroes, and interlude 3 : Demon King Battle ago
Next generation ago
Customisation and crops ago
New habitants ago
More refugees and a baby ago
A meet, a gift, and a root ago
Snow, Wolf and Lab work ago
Mistress and the kingdom ago
Punishment & Soul Forge. ago
Bear and Beetle ago
A leyline and wines. ago
A line to the leyline ago
ThreeTree Defense Initiative ago
Tree uses Heal ago
T-ree-search ago
A valley burns ago
Hot water ago
Research Trees ago
Volcano Expeditions I ago
Starsoul ago
3rd skirmish of New Freeka ago
Extending vines ago
Side stories - Alexis & Meela ago
Side stories 2 - Lausanne ago
A New Order ago
Tree wants more trees ago
Three names too many ago
Naming deficiency ago
New Businesses ago
Looking out ago
Seedlings ago
Side Story - Lausanne 3 ago
Treetalks ago
Wasteland ago
Druidic Conflicts ago
Skillsets ago
Side Story - Akbar & the Demons ago
[SUSPENDED] Records of the Demon Castle Wars - Year 80 Month 8 ago
Tree Uses Heal, Round 2 ago
Savepoints ago
The path to hell ago
Escalation ago
TreeTree Vs Demon Walker ago
Post-battle assessment ago
Treelevator? ago
Treelecommunications ago
Volcano Defense ago
Stick it into the flame ago
Tree Uses Heal, Round 3 ago
P67 - Wintree ago
Side Story - The Heroes ago
P68- Host ago
Blessed Splinters ago
Chopped Off - p70 ago
Target Practice ago
Stories on WN are not by me ago
Dark Thoughts ago
Wallflower ago
Explore-a-tree ago
Side Story - Heroes ago
Treemeet ago
Pulp Fiction ago
Extratreerestials ago
Treending ago
Heroes and the Final Boss Fight ago
Calamitree ago
Side Story - The Fall ago
Passing Time ago
Side Story - Heroes and their new world ago
Rings on a tree ago
Treerapeutics ago
Eminent Domain ago
Putreed ago
Part Time ago
Multreetasking ago
Centreenial Plans ago
Tangled Webs ago
Expanding Frontier ago
Plant Fossils ago
Treepping ago
Weapons Log ago
Floating Log ago
Treeditions ago
Spring leaves ago
Tree of Runes and Rituals ago
Tree of Classes ago
Treevial Matters ago
Treeding water ago
Treemendous ago
Choose Your Tree Titans ago
Side Stories : Lausanne and the Priest of Aiva ago
Heretreecs of Aeon ago
Countree-Offensive ago
Varietree ago
Tree-expressway ago
Progeny and Peas ago
Tree Arch ago
Branching Thoughts ago
Matreemony ago
Treetiary Studies ago
Side story - Lausanne and the demons ago
Practreecal Experience ago
Facultree of the commons ago
Inception of the Matreex ago
Kindred Spirits ago
Popcorn ago
Lemon Tree ago
Contreegencies ago
Side Story - Lausanne's Return to the Central Continent ago
Seeds of a Lineage ago
Registree ago
Deep Roots ago
Gated Gardens ago
Ballistreecs ago
Subtreefuge 2 ago
Infiltreetion ago
Fractures ago
Hypocritreecal ago
Swaying grass ago
Entree Keys ago
Snatch Treeives ago
Those Who Fight For Tree ago
Bitter Treeiumph ago
Splicing Roots ago
Dutrees and taxes ago
Stem the tide ago
Journeys to the Centree of the World ago
Tech Tree Explorations ago
Getting to the Root of It ago
Streetching Boundaries ago
Labyrinth of Roots ago
One Root At a Time ago
Of Pest and Plagues ago
Dancing in Our Palms ago
Tree Uses Heal... Or Not? ago
The Claritree of Space ago
Ultreemate Power ago
Nutty Friends ago
Sacred Lotus ago
Arctreec Meetings ago
Tendrils Across Space ago
Torches through the Forest ago
Disruptreeve Incidents ago
New Buds ago
Psychiatree ago
Timeless Trees ago
Barking up the wrong tree? ago
Leaves out of a magical book ago

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Good story shame the grammar ruins all immersion. 


Hated "Tree of Aeons".. MC is a Total Retard..

MC: Oh no, Met new people.. better show them everything..
MC: Oh no, New people distrust me after saving them.. Must be my fault..
MC: Oh no, Just got Scammed..
MC: Oh no, Scammers brought along their enemies..
MC: Oh no, enemies are blaming me.. better strengthen the Scammers to protect me..
MC: Oh no, Scammers Scammed me again.. better give free resources..
MC: Oh no, Scammers made more enemies.. better give them more resources..
MC: Oh no, Scammers turned against me.. give resources for truce..
MC: Oh no, Scammers want more resources.. better upgrade myself.. then tell them all my new abilities..
MC: Oh no, Scammers want more.. better give..
MC: Oh no, Scammers threaten me with children.. better give them Free land and rest of the resources..
MC: Oh no, Scammers want my Levels and Skills.. Better Listen to them..
MC: Oh no, Scammers wants to rule over me and take my soul for slave labour.. Better give it to them..
Plot Armour: MC's A TOTAL RETARD..
MC: Oh no.. All of this happened because I wasn't Kind enough.. I was too Evil to not just Surrender my Life straight away.. It's all my Fault..

DUMBEST MC EVER.. To build a Kingdom.. MC's don't just keep giving away everything for Free.. to Ingrates that Threaten you all the time.. Retard..

I've writen alittle because I kinda liked the concept.. but then the story was too much about making everybody Happy out of the MC's expense




Empire Building 30%

Mystery 30%

Taking care of people (like you would take care of your hamster) 30%

Trees and grass 10%


Really good story, little bit slow writing, but its ok.

In first 20 chapters my mind was blown. Later it gets a little slow and predictable but definitely still worth reading. First 20 chapters - 11/10, later - 10/10.


Casual read without any big depth

Reviewed at: Those Who Fight For Tree

Story is good, characters are interesting but without depth, city building is part of the story buy it's more of a background (it's more about the tree and his growth) MC seems sometimes immature but later in the story he is just more ,,like a tree,, 

If it comes to grammar... I'm not a native speaker so I couldn't care less unless I would see something... really bad

There are some interesting mysteries and thats definitly plus

My only issues are, hmmm... This story would be so much better if this wouldn't be isekai cos of his weird sometimes naive decisions at the start, and for some weird  reason characters are once formal with the tree and other time they are like ,,Yo, what's up?,, and that's meh

That's good casual read, if you don't have time to spare just don't read this (but if you work without having any time I don't think that you would choose story that have big depth so... This would be story for you? If you want drama, some big character development, and more complex characters and MC with great morals (hero or some shit) just don't read this)

New chapter ,,Those who fight for tree,, was weird tho, even if I read this mostly casualy, this was just meh (but should be otherwise) chapter and I would even take one star from the style and half from the story... but I will wait before I will do this 


I write this review, because of the stellar ones others have written and the following part is meant for my fellow readers.

I found this story due to its non human protagonist tag and was immediately hooked. The treeMC is something truly new for me and in my opinion very well done.

The story is a fairly common world-ravaged-by-demons-summon-help one, although the MC was just reincarnated in it.

What i liked the most is the development of TreeTree. He went from a bystander to a benevolent dictator of a multi-race city sitting in his valley.

English is my second language and i am not really capable of "judging" grammar, therefore i will skip over that. 

HOWEVER, the writing and word choice is atrocious for a novel of this length. Every chapter was a fight to read and its not getting better. By that i mean that theres no real reading flow(is that the correct translation?). The story skips between scenes without clear endings and in some parts it feels like reading my old math-textbooks.

Conclusion: Expect an interesting story, a very interesting MC-development presented in a hard-to-read format.

To the author: Your MC is awesome, the story interesting and i'm very thankful that you are still continuing this novel. However the writing as of 'Skillsets' needs work.

MfG bio1445


The concept of the story is interesting and somewhat unique but the execution is pretty meh.  The character are bland and dry and the MC seems somewhat sociopathic.  The grammar is bad, but not bad enough to be notewhile.  I stopped reading at about chapter 15 so I can't speak much for the plot but it feel like a slice of life, but one with only one passive character.  Overall I'd say this seems like someone was trying to make their story average in every regard.  It's a good imewaster but that's about it.

daytime damage

Couldn't make it through the first chapter

Reviewed at: The Tree's first years

The grammar errors within the first few....they aren't even just bad. The sentence structure and odd word choices also just threw me off. It's likely not a HUGE issue to most but I'm only at the beginning so I figure may as well quit while I'm ahead if it's irritating me this much.


For now not bad but i will wait before i said more,teh beginning was good,the middle meh and the later part is getting more interesting. A few unexpected plot and minor charather loss but still good. Though i waiting for the power progress and unravel of few mystery of the story.


It can be a bit slow sometimes, but when you get into it, you get into it. the slow parts are only for like 5 chapters before action picks up. Pretty good story, give it a try


words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words words 


Strong start, but changes direction

Reviewed at: Kindred Spirits

The past dozen or so chapters feel like they have entirely been Aeon talking about nobles, politics, or trade routes. It can be very bland, and there hasn't been much tension in terms of the demon attacks. It used to be Aeon fighting for survivial, but now it seems like a failure would mean next to nothing. His personal army or beetles fight all his battles for him. Even if he were to lose every last one of them it wouldn't matter. At the end of the day he is a tree who cares little for those around him. Great premise, but the tension slows down considerably for long stretches of time. The tension is why I began reading it, not the lacking socialisation aspect.