Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

by spaizzzer

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead GameLit Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation Ruling Class Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

This is a reincarnation/isekai story, about Matt (later TreeTree), an overpowered tree in a fantasy world that serves as the battlefield for an ongoing conflict between demons and the heroes summoned to oppose them.

At first a bystander, over a long period of time, TreeTree will learn all sorts of skills, gain levels, and in doing so, build up a forest, train young subordinates, protect a village, and more. 


warning :

Time skips happen a lot. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Tree's first years ago
Moving house ago
Another move? ago
Freeka, Elf Village ago
In the distance, a demon king ago
A Fiery Destruction ago
Recovery ago
Demon Boss Battle I (assisted) ago
Waking and more reincarnators? ago
Discovery & Adventurers? ago
An army passes by, again ago
Heroes and a surprise attack ago
Interlude - Level 100 & Soul realm ago
Interlude 2 : Alexis ago
The lab ago
The True Power of Heroes ago
Seeing heroes, and interlude 3 : Demon King Battle ago
Next generation ago
Customisation and crops ago
New habitants ago
More refugees and a baby ago
A meet, a gift, and a root ago
Snow, Wolf and Lab work ago
Mistress and the kingdom ago
Punishment & Soul Forge. ago
Bear and Beetle ago
A leyline and wines. ago
A line to the leyline ago
ThreeTree Defense Initiative ago
Tree uses Heal ago
T-ree-search ago
A valley burns ago
Hot water ago
Research Trees ago
Volcano Expeditions I ago
Starsoul ago
3rd skirmish of New Freeka ago
Extending vines ago
Side stories - Alexis & Meela ago
Side stories 2 - Lausanne ago
A New Order ago
Tree wants more trees ago
Three names too many ago
Naming deficiency ago
New Businesses ago
Looking out ago
Seedlings ago
Side Story - Lausanne 3 ago
Treetalks ago
Wasteland ago
Druidic Conflicts ago
Skillsets ago
Side Story - Akbar & the Demons ago
[SUSPENDED] Records of the Demon Castle Wars - Year 80 Month 8 ago
Tree Uses Heal, Round 2 ago
Savepoints ago
The path to hell ago
Escalation ago
TreeTree Vs Demon Walker ago
Post-battle assessment ago
Treelevator? ago
Treelecommunications ago
Volcano Defense ago
Stick it into the flame ago
Tree Uses Heal, Round 3 ago
P67 - Wintree ago

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Creative and original

I like how original and creative the story is. The MC being a tree makes for an interesting point of view on the world and the conflicts therein.

It also makes the MC partly adventurer and partly dungeon core.

The writing makes it obvious the author is not a native English speaker as it contains quite a lot of errors, both in spelling and grammar. For example someone jumping 'out' of their horse instead of 'off', which made me chuckle.

The writing is also often a bit childish (or childlike?) or simplistic. The MC is also kind of strange in his thought processes, he kind of becomes almost like a monster or chaotic neutral. Or maybe he always was that way, I haven't read a lot about his previous life.

I love how creative the author is with his world and the story he's building. The MC being a tree is a first for me and a very interesting choice for a non-human MC. Being a tree makes for an interesting POV since he obviously can't move around and is very long-lived. This is why there are a lot of 'time skips', which is a bold move but works very well.

All in all I think if you're not as bothered as I am by grammar and spelling mistakes this is a good story and worth a read. If you are like me and struggle to keep reading a story with all the before mentioned flaws, I'd still recommend giving it a go. There is a lot to like here.

  • Overall Score

a really well done novel!

it impresses me that spaizer could form an really great novel from this kind of concept. i expect it to be kind of boring and generic, but it suprised me and im happy i found this one :) it brings new fresh air, the mc doesnt behave like your typical goody two shoes and has an actual character. All in all i enjoyed reading it so far and hoping for more !!

Iori Angel
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A reincarnation story into an actual tree

Not a tree that just learns magic straight away and starts moving around or a tree that turns humanoid straight away, literally, a tree in a magic world, slowly growing from a standard tree into more and more.

The beginning is a bit icky, but you can ignore the reincarnation part completely as it barely has any play in the series.

This one is decent, it grows itself and area around it, gains some limited combat options later on and expands its influence within the limitations of what a tree would do.

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I'm pretty tired while writing this so I want to be shorter. 

Totally, I would rate this OVERALL a 4.5. Really close to a 5 and I might change it to a 5. Also, this is with me being picky so :<

okay here are the scores and why.

style: Rating:5

Most people do not go with a tree as MC. Some do, but I personally think that using time skips like he did enhanced the story. Along with the jabs of humor and how he made the forest more like a base, I rated it a 5. Also, I am bias because I LOVE these type of stories so it hit my soft spot.

Story: Rating-5

Really tempted to give this a 5. The reason it was given a 4.5 is because I feel like it is too Limited.

Some plots have been missed and that is why it deserves a 4.5. For exact reasons read the spoiler. DO NOT READ if you are starting to read.
Spoiler: Spoiler

Grammar: Rating-5

A few errors once in a while, but compared to a story I read previously, (a couple) I decided to almost give this a 10 if I could. As I see it, If grammar doesn't affect the story by doing wrong words or confusing paragraphs, it's a 5 in my book. 

Character: Rating-5 

This is Bias. The story is great, absolutely loved it. I would like I better if you make it so the MC somehow seems less powerful, mostly because it seemed like he could take on a demon king. Just seems like it, I know it isn't the case. Also, he doesn't have a need to grow more treees from different forests? Weird. Didnt really spoil anything, but keep up the good work! 

So overall a 4.5. I would recommend anyone to read this. Content is great, and I love the direction that the novel is going in.

Keep up the good work author!

  • Overall Score

A unique isekai story

Good read, a tad bit boring but that makes it all the better. The characters are a bit lacking in depth, except for the MC, who is the only one with a half-decent backstory. The story is unique, lacks action. Grammar has little to no errors, easy to read. 

  • Overall Score

Chapter 3 and I love it. Absolutely astonishing wonderful. Usually, I can't be bothered to write something as troublesome as a review, but sometimes authors deserve it.

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okay grammar, great start, bad execution

Reviewed at: Post-battle assessment

While it is an isekai story, the isekai doesn't really matter for Matt(aka treetree). With his unique growth and all the powerups early on, the story was looking good and original. However, even though the start was fresh and new, the story quickly became the generic city-building story, and not even a good one at that. It's clear that the author is not writing off of a pre-established plot. He/She has no idea what is going to happen next and every chapter is written for a linear progression to some small powerup with a generic and boring overall goal of "let's get more powerful somehow". Anyhow, griping more here wouldn't make much sense. let's jump into the advanced review.

I must give the story a high review because the world, while cliche, is actually pretty unique and well developed. I like especially the establishment early on of the power differences between regular people and reincarnators. However, later on, the tree's powers don't make sense. A root-strike ability having limited uses doesn't make sense. Maybe having an empowered root-strike limited by mana costs would make sense, but having the system just limit the root-strike to a few uses per day without any established reasoning other than because the system says so is a big plothole.

The grammar. Oh god the grammar. It's like a kid wrote this. This falls directly in line with the author's style. The style is terrible. Using formal language with a tree, then informal language with basically everyone else doesn't make sense. If there was a ranking system, heros, commanders, and even soldiers would all be treated with formal language by commoners. And that's just the start of the style problems. The tree uses informal language with everyone else he's talking to. Do people do that? Do random strangers just talk to others like, "Hey bro, what's hanging?" Nah. They are more formal because they don't know them.

This leads directly into the character score. Matt is dumber than a rock when it comes to identifying skills and such. He had read litrpg before he died. So how does he not know these elements? Why does he need them explained? You, the author, know how to use textboxes. Have it explained there when he unlocks it. Access information, whatever. Just no more banter with wisps. Also, Matt's character is all over the place. He's a human. He longs for people to interact with. If people were worshiping him, he would enjoy it. It doesn't make sense that he treats them with suspicion, hostility, and sometimes indifference. His "punishments" don't make sense because they are based off of nothing but his whim. He could have torn everyone apart. Why not? Why let them in? These are basic questions that must be answered. For every action, a question of why must be asked. Why would Matt not help them just to then help them later when they are on the verge of death? If he's benevolent to some, then why is he so hostile to others he has just met? If he can kill anyone in his forest, then why does he allow anyone in there to badmouth him?

Because Matt is so central to the story, he needs to have a centered morality. He needs to have an organised way of thinking. Even the most scatter-brained people have a process to their thoughts. Matt at the moment is what drags this story down. He forgets about things in previous chapters, only to remember in later chapters, then a quick solution is formed that satisfies neither the plot of the story nor the reader.

I won't even go into the overarching plot. I'll just say that there needs to be one other than "let's get more powerful" Even something as simple as "I need to prepare for the next demon attack" would be a more engaging plot than "I want more power".

  • Overall Score

 I have been enjoying the story so far and I am looking forward to reading some more.

Although he is rather passive, I don't mind. 

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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Unique Protagonist Handled Well

Reviewed at: A New Order

Tree of Aeons is an isekai story featuring a protagonist who is a tree, and portrays that protagonist very well.

The basic premise is that a group of humans who died in a bus accident are summoned to a fantasy world to fight a demon king as heroes, but one of them doesn't make the cut to be a hero and is thus reincarnated as a tree instead. 

The tree MC is handled in a satisfying way, with its early development not being rushed, and instead slowly described in a manner effectively utilizing time skips. The author fully commits to the tree MC, not changing him into a mobile treant, giving him an avatar, etc. The unique MC and his abilities and progression path are a highlight of this story.

The grammar is something this story could definitely stand to improve. A bit more editing and some slightly better formatting would go a long way.

The characterization of the MC and supporting characters has been pretty good, but there have been some minor inconsistencies with the MC's personality. While he's generally quite intelligent and cautious, on a few occasions he's randomly been dense or reckless, but this has been very rare.

Regarding the story, it has been good so far, balancing pacing with time-skips and slice-of-life segments. The story choices have largely been satisfying and well-portrayed. The segments of the story in wartime or crisis periods are slightly better written that the city-building segments in my opinion, but both types of chapters are enjoyable.

Overall, despite some issues that are fairly minor and easily improved, the unique tree MC leads me to strongly recommend giving this story a shot.

(As of Chapter 54)


  • Overall Score

Give the tree some agency

Not gonna use the review format just gonna talk about my main gripe at present. After his pivotal moment when he decides to get stronger he still doesn't really actively do anything. Wiggling roots for root manipulation bonuses. Expanding roots for a larger area of effect. Growing deeper looking for interesting minerals. Using wood manipulation to build houses. Creating potions and items for his elves/bugs. Also he seems real dumb sometimes if he was familiar with litrpg stories before death he should definitely be trying to game the system more. Like he had literally accepted everything that's happened to him in the most passive way without once questioning why a status or skill popped up, and has shown zero creativity so far. If he's a human in a trees body make him act like it