Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

Tree of Aeons (An isekai story)

by spaizzzer

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

This is a reincarnation/isekai story, about Matt (later TreeTree), an overpowered tree in a fantasy world that serves as the battlefield for an ongoing conflict between demons and the heroes summoned to oppose them.

At first a bystander, over a long period of time, TreeTree will learn all sorts of skills, gain levels, and in doing so, build up a forest, train young subordinates, protect a village, and more. 


warning :

Time skips happen a lot. 

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
The Tree's first years ago
Moving house ago
Another move? ago
Freeka, Elf Village ago
In the distance, a demon king ago
A Fiery Destruction ago
Recovery ago
Demon Boss Battle I (assisted) ago
Waking and more reincarnators? ago
Discovery & Adventurers? ago
An army passes by, again ago
Heroes and a surprise attack ago
Interlude - Level 100 & Soul realm ago
Interlude 2 : Alexis ago
The lab ago
The True Power of Heroes ago
Seeing heroes, and interlude 3 : Demon King Battle ago
Next generation ago
Customisation and crops ago
New habitants ago
More refugees and a baby ago
A meet, a gift, and a root ago
Snow, Wolf and Lab work ago
Mistress and the kingdom ago
Punishment & Soul Forge. ago
Bear and Beetle ago
A leyline and wines. ago
A line to the leyline ago
ThreeTree Defense Initiative ago
Tree uses Heal ago
T-ree-search ago
A valley burns ago
Hot water ago
Research Trees ago
Volcano Expeditions I ago
Starsoul ago
3rd skirmish of New Freeka ago
Extending vines ago
Side stories - Alexis & Meela ago
Side stories 2 - Lausanne ago
A New Order ago
Tree wants more trees ago
Three names too many ago
Naming deficiency ago
New Businesses ago
Looking out ago
Seedlings ago
Side Story - Lausanne 3 ago
Treetalks ago
Wasteland ago
Druidic Conflicts ago
Skillsets ago
Side Story - Akbar & the Demons ago
[SUSPENDED] Records of the Demon Castle Wars - Year 80 Month 8 ago
Tree Uses Heal, Round 2 ago
Savepoints ago
The path to hell ago
Escalation ago
TreeTree Vs Demon Walker ago
Post-battle assessment ago
Treelevator? ago
Treelecommunications ago
Volcano Defense ago
Stick it into the flame ago
Tree Uses Heal, Round 3 ago
P67 - Wintree ago
Side Story - The Heroes ago
P68- Host ago
Blessed Splinters ago
Chopped Off - p70 ago
Target Practice ago
Stories on WN are not by me ago
Dark Thoughts ago
Wallflower ago
Explore-a-tree ago
Side Story - Heroes ago
Treemeet ago
Pulp Fiction ago
Extratreerestials ago
Treending ago
Heroes and the Final Boss Fight ago
Calamitree ago
Side Story - The Fall ago
Passing Time ago
Side Story - Heroes and their new world ago
Rings on a tree ago
Treerapeutics ago
Eminent Domain ago
Putreed ago
Part Time ago
Multreetasking ago
Centreenial Plans ago
Tangled Webs ago
Expanding Frontier ago
Plant Fossils ago
Treepping ago
Weapons Log ago
Floating Log ago
Treeditions ago
Spring leaves ago
Tree of Runes and Rituals ago
Tree of Classes ago
Treevial Matters ago
Treeding water ago
Treemendous ago
Choose Your Tree Titans ago
Side Stories : Lausanne and the Priest of Aiva ago
Heretreecs of Aeon ago
Countree-Offensive ago
Varietree ago
Tree-expressway ago
Progeny and Peas ago
Tree Arch ago
Branching Thoughts ago
Matreemony ago
Treetiary Studies ago
Side story - Lausanne and the demons ago
Practreecal Experience ago
Facultree of the commons ago
Inception of the Matreex ago
Kindred Spirits ago
Popcorn ago
Lemon Tree ago
Contreegencies ago
Side Story - Lausanne's Return to the Central Continent ago
Seeds of a Lineage ago
Registree ago
Deep Roots ago
Gated Gardens ago
Ballistreecs ago
Subtreefuge 2 ago
Infiltreetion ago
Fractures ago
Hypocritreecal ago
Swaying grass ago
Entree Keys ago
Snatch Treeives ago
Those Who Fight For Tree ago
Bitter Treeiumph ago
Splicing Roots ago
Dutrees and taxes ago
Stem the tide ago
Journeys to the Centree of the World ago
Tech Tree Explorations ago
Getting to the Root of It ago
Streetching Boundaries ago
Labyrinth of Roots ago
One Root At a Time ago
Of Pest and Plagues ago
Dancing in Our Palms ago
Tree Uses Heal... Or Not? ago
The Claritree of Space ago
Ultreemate Power ago
Nutty Friends ago
Sacred Lotus ago
Arctreec Meetings ago
Tendrils Across Space ago

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How Did I Not See This Sooner

Reviewed at: Treelevator?

It's crazy to me that a story like this is rated so low. For what is it, a litrpg about a tree, it's phenomenal. 

There's a lot of creative systems in place and the chapter length is quite long. My main criticism of the story is that character development is average at best, but that's not really the focus for these types of stories. Also having an editor would really help polish a lot of the chapters.

It's definitely worth a read if you enjoy these types of stories. 


I binged it in 2 days and it's one of the better stories i've read. there are some small errors but it's still perfectly readable.

Stille Willem De Zwijger

Tree of aeons an isekai story is an interesting take on the iseakai but the MC is now an x genre. It stands apart in the lack of tangible benefits the MC gets: rather than getting some bonusses or a lucky break that coincidentally their unique nature allows them to make exceptional use of the MC here is just a tree, with a soul, but still a tree.

Because of this and the nature of the world in which the story is set, there is a different perception of time: trees don't do anything for years on end, nor do they see what's going on outside, and as such a large part of the story early on is just the MC talking to the select few who can speak with him and then trying to help, getting attached and experiencing the world through others, a experience the reader shares.

I won't go into later sections, read it yourself if you want to read those.


Generally acceptable, though nothing outstanding. Some odd word choices every once in a while.

Story: There isn't a lot of plot early on, because the MC is a tree and therefore can't really do much, but as the MC gets more competent and slowly starts to influence its direct surroundings it starts having issues which it deals with. There isn't a big bad evil out there to fight, at least for the MC, and so the story is pretty slice-of-lifey with growth inserted to show progress,

Characters: Pretty good as well. People are affected by things happening around them, do introspection, strive towards their goals etc. There's nothing earthshattering here, but there also isn't anything to complain about.  Watching the MC think about how being a tree has changed his perspective is something not every story of this kind does either.

Grammar: All the points for placing the words in the correct order with the correct letters.


Review as of Chapter 49.


At the start of the first chapter I found the descriptions very bare and the writing lacking, but the writing style works really well with the timeskips and overall point of view. However, the writing style isn't as good when it comes to focus on conversations. The author seems to understand this and keeps those to a minimum.

I really like the plot, it seems that the main character won't achieve a humanoid body for a long time (if ever), which is good. I dislike when 'monster' or inhuman stories have the monsters achieve a human form halfway through and lose the entire point of the story.

There have only been a few interludes so far, so the story isn't bogged down by too many POV changes. I would appreciate an interlude or two about someone who doesn't directly interact with the MC's reaction to the MC, though.

Grammar isn't outstanding, but it isn't bad - I've also only noticed a few spelling mistakes but nothing big.

Characters... So far, most of the characters, while lacking a bit of depth, have felt realisti. The human enemies not acting like complete idiots, also not being complete evil and actually having motives and be willing to compromise. The MC's and his allies have also remained in character and not acted oddly for no reason. Much better than most stories on this website.

Finally, the author also recognises criticism, which is always a massive plus.


a really well done novel!

it impresses me that spaizer could form an really great novel from this kind of concept. i expect it to be kind of boring and generic, but it suprised me and im happy i found this one :) it brings new fresh air, the mc doesnt behave like your typical goody two shoes and has an actual character. All in all i enjoyed reading it so far and hoping for more !!


Creative and original

I like how original and creative the story is. The MC being a tree makes for an interesting point of view on the world and the conflicts therein.

It also makes the MC partly adventurer and partly dungeon core.

The writing makes it obvious the author is not a native English speaker as it contains quite a lot of errors, both in spelling and grammar. For example someone jumping 'out' of their horse instead of 'off', which made me chuckle.

The writing is also often a bit childish (or childlike?) or simplistic. The MC is also kind of strange in his thought processes, he kind of becomes almost like a monster or chaotic neutral. Or maybe he always was that way, I haven't read a lot about his previous life.

I love how creative the author is with his world and the story he's building. The MC being a tree is a first for me and a very interesting choice for a non-human MC. Being a tree makes for an interesting POV since he obviously can't move around and is very long-lived. This is why there are a lot of 'time skips', which is a bold move but works very well.

All in all I think if you're not as bothered as I am by grammar and spelling mistakes this is a good story and worth a read. If you are like me and struggle to keep reading a story with all the before mentioned flaws, I'd still recommend giving it a go. There is a lot to like here.


The story is unique, which is somewhat rare, and I thouroghly enjoy the main character. His priorities seem somewhat contradictory until his full development is revealed. Many fictions allude to drawing power from nature, but here, the nature theme has actual depth and motivation.

The writing and character development both start out a little shaky, but they improve as the story progresses.

Grammar-wise, the mistakes usually aren't bad enough to detract from the story, though a few sections overuse single quotes and commas.

Though it receives some mixed opinions, I approve strongly of TreeTree's self-centered, aloof mindset, but I fail to understand why that neutral attitude leads him to dote on certain people while casually contemplating killing others. It's one thing to have a pet you enjoy, but it's another thing entirely to re-structure your progression to accommodate creatures whose lives will be over shortly from TreeTree's perspective. Then again, I do tend to be overly critical about shifting focus away from the main character.

All in all, however, I am enjoying the story, and it definitely deserves a read. Have fun with the puns and plot twists :)

Iori Angel

A reincarnation story into an actual tree

Not a tree that just learns magic straight away and starts moving around or a tree that turns humanoid straight away, literally, a tree in a magic world, slowly growing from a standard tree into more and more.

The beginning is a bit icky, but you can ignore the reincarnation part completely as it barely has any play in the series.

This one is decent, it grows itself and area around it, gains some limited combat options later on and expands its influence within the limitations of what a tree would do.


This fiction is a piece of gold. Let's start by the fact that the MC is a tree as you read the story. It gives a different progression, atmosphere, and writing style from your usual System story. It is also very engaging. You'll probably find yourself "rooting" to know what happens next as you read. I recommend reading it.


My Favorite Grind Fic

Reviewed at: Lemon Tree

A grind fic is what I call any story where the main character reincarnates into a litrpg world as an animal or plant (snakes, trees, and bugs tend to be the most common as far as I can tell). These stories are kind of a guilty pleasure for me since they tend not to have much substance and a lot of the time the most hyped moments are just when the MC is choosing their evolution path. That said this story stands out a lot from the standard grind fics I've read on this site because it also amplifies that with a well executed city building subplot and some very interesting worldbuilding. We've slowly gained more information about the gods, demons, and heroes though a lot is still a mystery. The story also has plenty of interesting side characters and a surprising amount of genuine tension.

edit: I'm not sure if I'd even classify this as a grind fic anymore, even though that's an arbitrary classification that I kind of made up. The MC's growing powers are still an interesting part of the story but there's definately a lot more to the story. It can't really be compared to the simple yet pleasant stories that center almost entirely on the MCs growth anymore. I guess the city/empire building and mysterious world lore aspects of the story have surpassed that one at this point. That being said my favorite chapters are still often the ones where the MC gains new powers.