Over the past couple of weeks I've been contemplating where to take the story. Trouble is, the story lost steam after the big bad boner was defeated. A new enemy needed to emerge but didn't.

I initially started writing this story as a little side exercise for my writing skills. I had never done comedy before, and I just went crazy. I am surprised it got this many readers. I would be content if even one person saw my story and smiled and I think I've more than accomplished this goal. There is also a ridiculous amount of references in the story, which was an exercise in itself. I doubt anyone, even if they applied themselves dilligently, could find all of the crazy random references I put in.

I learned a few things, such as just how important a central conflict or driving force is, at least for me personally. So that is something which I will take into consideration in my future stories. Another interesting thing about this experiment of mine was how many people got turned off the story at the Gate-kun chapter. Sure it's a bit cringey, but for me that was just more humor, yet some people read the story very seriously and just couldn't take the cringe in that chapter. I found that amusing.

In any case, I think I've successfully carried out my experiment in comedy writing, and although it's an unfortunate end to the story, I can't really justify continuing it. Honestly it should probably have ended after the Lich died but I made a promise to come back, and I really want to try and keep the promises I make, you know?

What's next for me?

Well, I'm probably going to work on something offline for a few months, hopefully turn out a rattling good screed, and then post it in spring/summer time. I need to refocus myself after this crazy journey into the rabbit hole of madness and I seek to write a more serious story next time round. If you enjoyed reading this story, that makes me very happy and I just wanted to let everyone know that I appreciate all of the comments you've left to me over these past months. They've often cheered me up, and even the few comments critical of my story, have taught me something about writing or human psychology, so I am overall happy that I embarked on this venture, even if the ending is lukewarm and less satisfactory than I would've desired. Can't always end with a bang, I guess, though that's how one should aim to end things, rather than just fizzling out quietly. Thus, I thought I should announce the end here and be done with it so I can refocus my mind on new projects.

Thanks for reading the crazy adventures of Alyce, Grom and Tie'sha! I hope you had a good time, and maybe in a few months, a new story from this author shall appear on this website. Until then, I bid you all adieu! By the way, I just randomly read a manga called Kengai princess and liked it so much I wanted to mention it to you. Some guy I am, enjoying shoujo romance manga, lul, but I really liked it so give it a try.

Anyway, it's really adieu for now. May life gift you with many scrolls of wisdom and may your loot proc good stats forever and ever. Ta-ta.


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Efgbog @Efgbog ago

Man, I'm sad to see our little crazy overloli end, but I hope that your next story is just as good. Maybe have her cameo in it?

Thanks for the story.

Ajax_flameborn @Ajax_flameborn ago

am sad, was good. Too bad we can't get an end where you zoom off far into the future to get a glimpse of what the world is like after it has come under the dominian of the overloli in a one off that takes a random person and walks through an average day that has become ludicrous under overloli politics *hinting intensifies* don't even know how that would work but I'm sure it would be brilliant.

Arkeus @Arkeus ago

Grats on knowing when to stop a story. Thanks for the story too!

shadowblah @shadowblah ago

Not a huge surprise, but still sad. I enjoyed the read and good luck on your future endeavours.

subject90 @subject90 ago

Thanks for the story, though I am sad to see it go.


Starchiller @Starchiller ago

Thanks for the story, looking forward to your next project! Very Happy

Inbetweenaction @Inbetweenaction ago

Well, I agree with you that you needed a new Big bad, but that could have been arranged. But if you don't feel it, it is right that you stop here and start a new preject.

Good luck and hope to see your next project soon ish

krus @krus ago




All the unanswered questions?

-is Tie'sha gay??

-is Grom beard going to take over the world??

-are the snacks tasty?

-how thus it taste a Grom sister cooked by Alice??

Well, loved reading the story and i am waiting to read your new story

    Seventus Almagar

    Seventus Almagar @Seventus Almagar ago

    Yes Tie'sha is gay but only for Alyce :)

    Grom's beard will become sentient and gain the ability to level up! He will get a new pet class, beardmancer where he can detach his beard and use it as a pet to fight with! A mini beard kraken tentacle thing, that might also be able to do other interesting things beside fighting!

    Snacks are very tasty, but only if you have a side of liver and fava beans.

    Groms sister doesn't taste very good. She tastes sour and her meat is stringy and tough to chew, a physical manifestation of her being a conniving backstabbing bitch.

Deaconsyre @Deaconsyre ago

Thanks for letting us know it's over. It was fun.