Ghoulish insanity (incomplete/finished)

by Seventus Almagar

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Psychological Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Adventure, Excitement, a jedi craves not these things, but I do!

I was captured and kept in a basement by Frank, tortured and partially eaten, yet he somehow managed to keep me alive for a whole month. When he finally decided to off me for fresh meat, instead of dying properly I found myself waking up in the body of a rotting corpse on a battlefield with gamelike elements telling me that I'm an undead ghoul. Oh and there's also the little thing with the gods cursing me as my soul passed from earth to where-ever this place is. But earth gods rock, you know? They blessed me, you know?

Uhm... there's the small detail that I crave the flesh of the living.

Said flesh is really yummy by the way.... It's not weird to eat corpses when you're a corpse yourself, you know? Don't look at me like that! I'm not crazy, okay? Goddamn it!

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Seventus Almagar

Seventus Almagar

Mysteriously mental.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue. ago
Chapter 1 – Sucky slurp the goopy-goop. ago
Chapter 2 – Corpse homies and fresh meat. ago
Chapter 3 – My cliff-san can't be this steep. ago
Chapter 4 – Eat the children raw ago
Chapter 5 - ラノベ主人公病、直したほうがよさそうかな? ago
Chapter 6 – Escape from Lintball、バーニング! ago
Chapter 7 – Sand is coarse and rough and it gets everywhere. ago
Chapter 8 – I'm not a single mother, but I worked hard to put food on my family, okay? Goddamn it! ago
Chapter 9 – My Gate can't be this congested. ago
Chapter 10 – My first quest. ago
Chapter 11 – Battle of the honeycakes. ago
Chapter 11.5 Attack of the System-chan. ago
Chapter 12 - Maidly ministrations and the legend of the sentient beard. ago
Chapter 13 - My Dwarf-san can't be this shy, and becoming an adventurer ago
Chapter 14 – Tonight, boners are strictly forbidden. ago
Chapter 15 - ????????! ago
Chapter 15.5 ago
Chapter 16 - I want to requiescat in pace. ago
Chapter 17 - Something embarrasing and exploring a cave. ago
Chapter 18 - Being a dungeon mob is hard, you know? Let's become a necklace instead. ago
Chapter 19 - Rainstars. ago
Chapter 20 - The dagger of betrayal ago
Chapter 21 - Slaughterfield ago
Chapter 22 – Gromnir Redskull. ago
Chapter 23 - The very uncute Alyce-chan correction project ago
Chapter 24 – Out of the dungeon and into the fire. ago
Chapter 25 – 崖の上のアリスちゃん ago
Chapter 26 - Wish upon a honeycake. ago
Chapter 27 – The cacophonous caucus of boners. ago
Chapter 28 – The end and the beginning. ago
Chapter 29 - 旅の途中 ago
Chapter 30 – It seems I ordered Take-away ago
Chapter 31 – Take me to church. ago
Chapter 32 – Old man, don't steal my candy! ago
Chapter 32.5 – Alyce-chan In wunderland. ago
Project end. ago

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  • Overall Score

Job done as a comedy, lacks something as a story!

Sometimes cringe worthy but in a good way, this otherwise nice story really suffers from a lack of foresight in its structure, which is a shame because you got past the worst hurdles to create something worth it.

You want to end it after the climax against the other Necromancer, it's ok. More than ok, logical even, if you decide that your story won't be another unending epic. On the other hand, as it is, the story kind of peters out without a plot - that's not and ending!

It doesn't need much, just a little tightening of the last chapters: for example limiting the new characters and the travel to new places if there is no immediate use for them, maybe trying to resolve the last holes like the still empty witch coven (not necessarily a lot of details) etc.

And the story would definitely deserve a higher score.

Keep up the great work with your next story!

  • Overall Score

A beatiful unique novel!

Had an absolute blast reading this novel, the author has great skills and the transitions between comedy and light hearted to seriousness is great! I really liked the writing style it had something new and refreshing. All in all it is one of my fav novels :) I really hope seventus starts releasing new chapters in january!

Blue Crow
  • Overall Score

It hit the right buttons. While the style and genre may not be literary masterpiece materials, in the category it's one of the best.

Naju Silver
  • Overall Score

Probably one of the best stories currently on this site (small genre bias maybe)

Spent my evening reading this and kept a smile on my face the entire time. The MC is the best, I don't understand why some people don't like OP characters as this story needs the MC to be OP so we can enjoy her escapades throughout this story.

Altough there are many tags on this the main one is Comedy. And it succeeds, there isn't any real angst or anything like that, just pure enjoyment and I love it for that.

My only "gripe" about this story is the "slow" update of once a week. Classic I know haha.

No but seriously I need more...

asdf ghjk
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i just really love it. you could do some touch-ups here and there, but I can't wait for it's next chapter (chapter 22 due to the time i posted this) and is just too awesome. i have never seen a mind like alyces portrayed so vividly and such. one last thing: KEEP IT UP!

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Style: Great fusion in my honest opinion, of English and Japanese honorifics since it is supposed to portray "ghoulish insanity"


Character: BWAHAHAAHAHAA! Alyce is the best loli-of-death!  Her character is the best ok? Goddamn it!
Great portrait in my honest opinion of a character that has gone slightly insane from what happened before and after her introduction into her new world.                                                                                                 


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Maddeningly over the top

I like this fiction, but be warned: it is horrifying and vivid in its description of cannibalism and torture. Nothing gratuitous, but nothing for the faint or even only normal of heart. The style works create in portraying the twisted mind of the protagonist, which is a woman for once. It's not just men that undergo terrible tortures and get sent into a new world as a monstrosity of undead flesh, you know?

The storyline is great, but the buffs the MC gets seem a bit too OP, although we don't really have a framework for the strenght of this new world's inhabitajts yet.

The grammar is fine. There are still errors, mostly of the its/it's kind, but nothing that can't be buffed out by some light proofreading.

The main character is the main appeal of the story and fully lives up to expactations.