Sometimes things have a life of it's own. That’s what happening with my ‘little’ side-project titled 'The Suit-Maker'. I started the story because I was looking to have a little fun and I did not expect much from it.

I mean the story is about a middle-age guy who is trying to be a designer of battlesuits. He’s basically a low grade Tony Stark and the story is almost totally about the designing puzzles he need to overcome. There’s literally no fighting (though I am thinking of changing that) and totally no romance. Yet somehow it started to gain fans. Right now it has over 100 followers on Royal Road Legends and I’ll be honest; I did not expect this.

I’m still not sure why the story is gaining fans but I’m not complaining. In fact I wish to thank everyone following the story on Royal Road Legends and Webnovels. Hope everyone is enjoying the ride and thanks for the support.


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