The Suit-Maker

by Ghostman

Tobias Wong is a man with many secrets. 
He dreams of being a Battlesuit Designer. 
He does not hate the government. 
And his father is a supervillain. 
Then one day, his absent father left him another. A secret so big and powerful, it would change his life forever.

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Word Count (13)
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4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue- The Villain's Legacy ago
Part 1- The Letter ago
Part 2- The Dive ago
Part 3- The System ago
Part 4- The Steambot ago
Part 5- Frustration ago
Part 6- The Next Day ago
Part 7- Back To Work ago
Part 8- An Elementary Mistake ago
Part 9- Heat ago
Part 10- Lands of the Whistler ago
Part 11- Public Raid ago
Part 12- Match Start ago
Part 13- Match End ago
Part 14- Getting the Licenses ago
Part 15- My Life ago
Part 16- An Interesting Proposal ago
Part 17- SOFS Testing Center ago
Part 18- The Tests ago
Part 19- The Rewards ago
Part 20- Cards From A Postman ago
Part 21- The Maid of Orléans ago
Part 22- Future Plans ago
Part 23- Aiming For Orbit ago
Part 24- The Trackbot ago
Part 25- Pride and Fall ago
Part 26- Not A Bug ago
A Small Thank You ago
Part 27- Talent ago
Part 28- You’re A Magician? ago
Part 29- A Demonstration ago
Part 30- The Reveal ago
Part 31- A Wake-Up Call ago
Part 32- A Clash of Design Philosophy ago
Part 33- The New Normal ago
Part 34- Thoughts ago
Part 35- The Golden Boxer ago
Part 36- Certification Requirement ago
Part 37- The Propeller ago
Part 38- Food; Oh Glorious Food! ago
Part 39- Technical Malfunction ago
Part 40- CS Little Rascal ago
Part 41- Gaming the System ago
Part 42- Manufacturing License ago
Part 43- Uncovering the Missions ago
Part 44- A Designer Without Vision ago
Part 45- Mana Technology? ago
Part 46- Preparation ago
Part 47- Not Yet Ready ago
Part 48- The Aquatic Maid ago
Part 49- The Oriental Earth Group ago
Part 50- The Day Before ago
Part 51- Amphibious Battlesuits ago
Part 52- The Sealion ago
Part 53- Dreaded Festival ago
Part 54- I understand, I understand ago
Part 55- The End??? ago
Epilogue ago
Requesting Feedback ago
Volume 2 is Coming ago
V2P1- A New Day ago
V2P2- A Laser Gun ago
V2P3- Good To Be Home ago
'The Suit-Maker' is available on Amazon! ago
V2P4- Fossil Fuel Technology ago
V2P5- The Charging Battlesuit ago
V2P6- Laksa ago
V2P7- Business Meeting ago
V2P8- Mana Energy ago
V2P9- Turning the Age ago
V2P10- Evaluation ago
V2P11- Material Science ago
V2P12- Salma ago
V2P13- The Steambandit ago
V2P14- Johor Bahru ago
V2P15- Malaysia's National Dish ago
V2P16- Ultimatum ago
V2P17- The Prototype ago
V2P18- The Favorable Sky ago
V2P19- History ago
V2P20- Gathering Protection ago
V2P21- A Bodyguard ago
V2P22- Bureaucracy ago
V2P23- Poor Upgrades ago
V2P24- Gothenburg ago
V2P25- A Step Towards Immortality ago
V2P26- Forever Life ago
V2P27- Questions ago
V2P28- Progress ago
V2P29- Little Brother ago
V2P30- Anja Karlsson ago
V2P31- Two Systems ago
V2P32- Experiments ago
V2P33- Future Plans ago
V2P34- Checks ago
V2P35- The Day Before ago
V2P36- Mana: A New Form of Energy ago
V2P37- Back To The Familiar ago
V2P38- Raging Steam ago

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Frist 10 chapters are a rip off of The Mech Touch

Reviewed at: A Small Thank You

Honestly i came in because i enjoy sci-fi and system based stories, but as i was reading it i had deja vu. I couldn't place it at first, but after more reading it hit me. This is way to close to the opening chapters of The Mech Touch. I get it, stuff was changed and you put some work into making it your own story, but it still feels like you copied a little to much with your start.

I would also like to point out that your tech path is really weird. They had advanced eletronic systems and other things to control mech suits, but then they made one to run on steam power. You also added cloakwork legs. I get wanting to be inventive and making some neat story ideas, but it really makes it hard to be remotely believable when you are just mixing stuff together that just doesn't make sense.

Sorry for the bad review, i normally don't post reviews unless i love the story. But i love The Mech Touch and you copied way to heavily from it for me not to say anything. I probably would have enjoyed your story if you didn't copy so much, and made the tech tree more believable.


arc one :mods

Reviewed at: Epilogue

I really wanted to love it but the story doesn't exactly reach far enough. This novel is perhaps a perfect excuse for design porn. It's something of a shame that the author doesn't go there.

The most audacious madman in the solar system dies giving his estranged son the most outrageous of bequests a system forged of cutting edge magic and science to make what ever his life's goal is a foregone conclusion of greatness.(Epic start)

And he spends it thumbing a catalog and making kit bash mods.(not so epic arc)


Call it a lack of bravery, the author didn't have the MC "invent" any of the arc one source material. Not even one failed design in a flashback, no sketches, no notes...... makes for a shallow character instead of even a hobby designer to start with.



So much potential wasted in the past

Reviewed at: V2P16- Ultimatum

Made it to chapter 28 then dropped. Potential spoilers

Starting off with the good.

The grammer is great. I did not see any major issues while reading the story. Its easy to read and the author does a very good job explaining what is happening with the mc and what he is doing with the technology.

The best thing in the novel is the background of the main character. That is the interesting point that kept me reading up to 28.

The problem that I had with the novel was the goal and actions of the mc do not match. He wants to be a great battlesuit designer(think Ironman). He dreams of making it big in the industry so what does he do?

He focuses on battlesuit designs from the past. He goes to steam and clockwork powered battlesuits. Why? The explanation in the novel is that it was a quest from his system which is fine but then he stays with it. Instead of trying to create any modern day battlesuits he redesigns the past and then he actually tries to sell them. If he is trying to become a top of the line weapon maker why is he putting so much effort into it?

Now I understand it is a steampunk themed novel but there needs to be a reason why. A reason that explains why the mc thinks that steam and clockwork technology still has a place in the world outside of museums. If there was some eletro magnetic attack on the planet I could at least understand the need for all of this but everything is normal on the world.

I feel like the mc is stuck in the past for no reason in the story and the author is going to force the world into accepting his redesigns for plot armor reasons.

So much potential wasted in the past.

Anyway best of luck,



Unique story about mech design.

The story is about mech building/engineering. MC wants to become mech designer he's got the ambition and drive, but he doesn't have the most important thing money. The story is well written and is mostly focused on the mech building. There is not too much fighting (like single chapter and it's mostly mech testing) and it's not action paced. Just a guy with a small factory, design software and a dream. It's nice to have a story like that it may not appeal to the larger audience, but i'd like to be read by some people that'll appreciate something new and unique.


Chapter/part 48

I enjoyed this crafting stories are fun in my book 

I think it's worth a try 


this feels similar to the the mech tough but in a smaller scale with added magic and cultivation instead of mech touchs metaphysics

but this story doesnt get dragged aroud everywhere and doing what its good at and thats making mechs that are slightly better then other mechs allowing the mc to get smarter as he goes on but the storys good so far just hope it keeps going


I am loving this new take on Mech Novels! I've seen quite a few Mech/Battlesuit anime and novels where it's all so futuristic and action packed that I kind of lose sight of the novelty of the machines themselves and by extension my interest/understanding of the plot of the story. Like if they suddenly introduce or hint at the machines having a life, magic, influence, or consousness of their own to manipulate or effect the pilot/user or the world around them...

HOWEVER, this story is nothing like that and I am quite enjoying the situation the MC finds himself in where their are many futuristic battlesuits and corresponding high-tech companies designing them so he decides to build and redesign old timey (low tech) battle suits with the different modern ideas, inventions and education that he has access to since their time!

I find it a real joy to read because of the suprise and realistic factor provided by the scenario and concept of combining ideas and parts from different eras into a completely new and improved whole!