The Suit-Maker

by Ghostman

Original ONGOING Action Sci-fi Cyberpunk Male Lead Slice of Life

Tobias Wong is a man with many secrets. 
He dreams of being a Battlesuit Designer. 
He does not hate the government. 
And his father is a supervillain. 
Then one day, his absent father left him another. A secret so big and powerful, it would change his life forever.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue- The Villain's Legacy ago
Part 1- The Letter ago
Part 2- The Dive ago
Part 3- The System ago
Part 4- The Steambot ago
Part 5- Frustration ago
Part 6- The Next Day ago
Part 7- Back To Work ago
Part 8- An Elementary Mistake ago
Part 9- Heat ago
Part 10- Lands of the Whistler ago
Part 11- Public Raid ago
Part 12- Match Start ago
Part 13- Match End ago
Part 14- Getting the Licenses ago
Part 15- My Life ago
Part 16- An Interesting Proposal ago
Part 17- SOFS Testing Center ago
Part 18- The Tests ago
Part 19- The Rewards ago
Part 20- Cards From A Postman ago
Part 21- The Maid of Orléans ago
Part 22- Future Plans ago
Part 23- Aiming For Orbit ago
Part 24- The Trackbot ago
Part 25- Pride and Fall ago
Part 26- Not A Bug ago
A Small Thank You ago
Part 27- Talent ago
Part 28- You’re A Magician? ago
Part 29- A Demonstration ago
Part 30- The Reveal ago
Part 31- A Wake-Up Call ago
Part 32- A Clash of Design Philosophy ago
Part 33- The New Normal ago
Part 34- Thoughts ago
Part 35- The Golden Boxer ago
Part 36- Certification Requirement ago
Part 37- The Propeller ago
Part 38- Food; Oh Glorious Food! ago
Part 39- Technical Malfunction ago

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Unique story about mech design.

The story is about mech building/engineering. MC wants to become mech designer he's got the ambition and drive, but he doesn't have the most important thing money. The story is well written and is mostly focused on the mech building. There is not too much fighting (like single chapter and it's mostly mech testing) and it's not action paced. Just a guy with a small factory, design software and a dream. It's nice to have a story like that it may not appeal to the larger audience, but i'd like to be read by some people that'll appreciate something new and unique.