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Book 10 – Immortal, Chapter 13 – Spirits


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Book 10 – Immortal
Chapter 13 – Spirits
The breath felt mellowed, comfy, inconspicuous, but behind it was a presence that made Admiral Hamumni’s little heart pulsate. “We should not be the ones to disturb what’s down there, elder sister Beking”. She retreated from the Heavy Water Pool’s bank in both demeanor an steps.
Being able to read Admiral Hamumni for all her life, General Beking trusted her judgment and gave up the further exploration of this particular Heavy Water Pool. “Let’s go to the other pool. I want you to examine them, too”.
“What about Kikon and the others? They will arrive by then”.
General Beking mused before she answered. “I have an idea… Can you assess the strength of the thing inside the pool?”
Looking back at the Heavy Water Pool and finding her heartbeat getting higher again, Admiral Hamumni gnashed her teeth. “Even Kikon at his mightiest did not petrify me. That is to say, it should be at least as strong as a Heavenly Immortal. How is that factor in your idea?”
“In favor of it. However, if I’m correct then it will also put not just us but also Logan, Northstar, Kikon and Silternjan in a difficult position… Lieutenant General Hadida”.
“Yes, General”.
“We are leaving to check the other Heavy Water Pools. Put a halt to the excavation in the Down Ocean and return to the Fourth Base to wait for further orders”.
“Yes, General”. Lieutenant General Hadida exited the range of General Beking’s and Admiral Hamumni’s protective undulation and by unseen means, similar undulation began to spread around her from her body before the mercury like seawater could do harm.
“Well?” General Beking asked, waiting for Admiral Hamumni’s conclusions of the second Heavy Water Pool they arrived to.
“No… here I don’t sense a breath of anything, but the ice layer at the bottom of the pool is whitish. In my first inspection of them, I deduced that the ice layers of the Heavy Water Pools should be of the highest quality of icy attribute’s essence. Even in the Planetary Battalion it’d be a hard to obtain without proper connections. For its coloration to change from the crystalline blue to sickly white, something must be draining it bit by bit”. Admiral Hamumni contemplated with a frown.
“Was the ice layer in the previous pool the same?”
“No. Its essence seemed immaculate”.
A series of explosion interrupted General Beking. “They arrived”. She noted by the quantity of booms.
“What should we do?”
“Lead them to the next pool”. General Beking patted Admiral Hamumni’s delicate looking shoulder and with the same hand she brushed the water and directed her palm above.
In the Down Ocean no Soul Sense, of any kind, or communicator could properly function, hence General Beking shot a brown beam of mist energy that split the ocean like a beacon that would be dangerous to ignore.
“Come”. She told Admiral Hamumni and together they proceeded to the third Heavy Water Pool.
Almost a minute later…
Four figures plunged the periphery of the third Heavy Water Pool, greeted by the calm countenance of General Beking and Admiral Hamumni.
“The Godly Law Template verifies its existence for the first time since we found this planet and the two of you wondering in the opposite side of this tiny world…” Archbishop Silternjan’s aged mien studied the surrounding with a patent look. “Do you care to enlighten us four what discoveries have you made?” His gaze fell on the Heavy Water Pool and the blunt question came out naturally.
First of all, the four of them recalled the spot in which the brown beam of mist energy originated and knowing the layout of Golden Desert Fort’s territory in the Down Ocean, they realized that the pair drew them here from another Heavy Water Pool.
Secondly, since the subject related to their reason of being in this planet, they were bent on getting answers. From their perspective, General Beking and Admiral Hamumni had only their imprudent conduct to blame for making them come seek the two after the absence at the Earthly Crater.
“Of course, we won’t mind”. General Beking candidness caught the four unprepared and though their expression remained solid, a flicker of surprise in their eyes betrayed their thoughts. Not just they were stunned. Admiral Hamumni also did not expect General Beking to relay information, constructive or otherwise, so compliantly.
“You better not withhold or lie!” Horn Kikon grunted.
General Beking’s lips half stretched to a mocking smile before disregarding Horn Kikon and shifting to the other three. “Don’t be in a rush. In a moment all would be clear”. She turned to Admiral Hamumni. “Go on…”
Nodding, Admiral Hamumni approached the Heavy Water Pool’s bank and commenced the probing.
The four stood aside, without interfering. They all knew what Admiral Hamumni was doing. She was acknowledged as the cultivator with the highest understanding of the icy attribute on the planet. No one else could attempt the examination of the Heavy Water Pools to the same level of meticulousness.
Ten seconds later, Admiral Hamumni regrouped with the impatient posse. “It’s like the second pool”. She informed General Beking.
“Thought so…” General Beking said with a meaningful look that could not be deciphered as either happy or depressed. “Forget about the Godly Law Template”. She said coolly, despite being well aware of the contradictive responses the words will induce.
“Quickly elaborate”. General Logan snapped quick and for everyone, as for whatever more there was to say, not before they will have the full picture.
“When the Godly Law Template’s aura emerged from the Earthly Crater, my subordinates sighted a phenomenon by the Heavy Water Pool near the central zone of my excavation spot. My Lieutenant General could only briefly detect the aura of the Godly Law Template in the pool. I and Hamumni had been to the pool and two more afterwards, this being the third. The second and the third exhibited the same results… the layers of icy attribute’s essence at the bottom of the pools are being used to nourish something, things that aren’t yet sentient. If my assumption is accurate, the layers of icy attribute’s essence will recover after the things below them will gain sentience”.
“Do you suggest the conception of a Spirit?!” Cardinal Northstar exclaimed as one of the two listeners who suddenly caught up with General Beking’s oblique assumption.
“Kikon!” General Logan, who stood closest to the four armed, three meters tall golden man hastily fled ten or so meters.
Gripping and clenching, the monster above all Mortals strived to restrain, but the rage and its highness among its kind were the arduous to control, hence the regal aura of pride permeated.
Fizzing and hissing, the seawater just centimeters past Horn Kikon’s impeccable, impenetrable skin boiled to vapor that could give burns even to a careless fifth level Martial Mortal.
Archbishop Silternjan, Admiral Hamumni and most of all, General Logan vigilantly kept away, stupefied. Whilst, General Beking and Cardinal Northstar bit their tongue, for they knew what turmoil was inside the Horn Kikon’s head and that an attempt to abate might further infuriate.
Minutes passed and the boiling ceased and the vapor dissipated to the currents. No change in Horn Kikon’s seethed mien was apparent, but his aura withdrew and that was enough as a sign of peacefulness.
“Humph!” Horn Kikon snorted, glaring at General Beking as he comprehended her earlier sneer.
General Logan solemnly and cleverly avoided his brethren from Voltic Star. Familiar with his fickle temperament he rather inquire an enemy than recklessly touch a cooling furnace. “What do you mean by ‘Spirit’?” He gave voice to the question that similarly was on Archbishop Silternjan’s and Admiral Hamumni’s minds.
“Elder sister Beking, what is the meaning of ‘conception of a Spirit’?”
“Quiet for a moment!” Archbishop Silternjan ordered. “Northstar, are the rumors true?!”
“Hamumni doesn’t know and it seems that Logan neither. If you are answering Silternjan, then explain all of them”. General Beking told Cardinal Northstar.
“They are real”. Cardinal Northstar replied Archbishop Silternjan first before following General Beking’s request. “I don’t know much about the conception of Spirits since even Immortals won’t discuss the subject among themselves, much less with a Mortal, only that they are very unique beings among the myriad of beings in the three Valleys, as they are born from the worldly elemental energies. A scripture in the Holy Palace’s Capacity Study hall summarize in short the menace of Spirits and their sole vulnerability. It says that the weakest Spirt is already beyond the capabilities of a normal Heavenly Immortal and the strongest can only be challenged by a Neonate Immortal who attained minor accomplishments in the formulation of his Natural Law”.
“An entity at the caliber of at least a Heavenly Immortal!” Both General Logan and Admiral Hamumni glanced scandalized at the Heavy Water Pool behind, while Archbishop Silternjan’s complexion turned ashen with an akin demeanor to Horn Kikon’s current one.
“Neither physical attacks nor mist attack can harm Spirits. They can only be vanquished by soul assaults or elemental energy suppression; although for the latter option, an Immortal has to be a level above the Spirit to intimidate it”.
With Cardinal Northstar’s voice settling down, a silence ensued.
A threat on the Immortal level, one which can even deter a Heavenly Immortal… how are they supposed to deal with it?
“Are you certain, elder sister Beking? The Heavy Water Pools accumulate only icy attribute energy through the instigation of the Heavy and Smooth properties at their bottom. As rich as a resource their ice layer may be, they are still far from the exquisite icy element energy”. Admiral Hamumni argued.
“The Heavy Water Pools exists for thousands of years if not longer, just think about how old this planet is”. General Beking retorted.
“I’ve seen deposits of icy attribute energy much older, who fluctuate with all three of its properties, with a dominant Flow and a strong sense of its Cold nature”. Admiral Hamumni insisted, partly because she could not accept the circumstances imposed on their plans by the existence of one Spirit or more.
“So have I”. General Logan corresponded. “Including deposits of other attributes. I could not approach them with my status, but I gathered enough to learn that they were much more precious than these Heavy Water Pools and that the conception of anything never occurred in them”.
He had to remain composed and scrap for a sliver of chance that General Beking is wrong. Should he be deemed inadequate to fulfill the duty given to him by the holder of the three titles: General of the Armies, Violet Star Commander and Fiend Immortal, he would lose the extraordinary, rare opportunity to study the Godly Law Template. To him and everyone else here with a similar chance presented by their superiors this would be an immense loss, but to one among them in particular… Horn Kikon, it would be devastating!

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