by Apellon

Original ONGOING Drama Fantasy Mystery Psychological Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Non-Human lead Ruling Class Strategy

Under the desert hot sun to the tangled branches of green forests.
From the cold peaks of mountains to the dark depths of oceans.

What an extraordinary our world is, full of mysteries and wonders, Yet brutal and merciless.

This is the codex of creatures, loaded with spectacles and allures. It contains epic tales of exotic beings,
cruel and savage, sometimes tender and merciful, but never careless.
This is the saga of their struggle in this never-ending cycle of life and death.

Innyana range, commonly known as the cold belt of Innyana.
It includes over sixty mountains. It is a home and a hunting ground for more than a thousand creatures.
However, it is a place for predators and weak can only be prey.
What's going on inside this tiny village near the deadly Crocotta's cliff?
Who is this young healer who enchanted the inhabitants by his arrival?
And why some people can never get out of this place?

Author's notes :
1- English is not my first language neither it is the second.
2- I am a student and full-time worker that's why updates will be slow.
3- This is a first draft (I will try to revise as often as I could) hence there will be a lot of typos and mistakes, forgive me for this. I am working hard to make it better.
4- This is a high and dark fantasy novel read on your own risk.
5- Enjoy.


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Word Smith (IV)
1st Anniversary
Group Leader (II)
I Am Taking Off (III)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter One : A brief reflection on life ago
Chapter Two : A tiny slice of reality ago
Chapter Three : A ceremony of farewell ago
Chapter Four : A predator and preys ago
Chapter Five : A bitter taste of fear ago
Chapter Six : A heartfelt conversation ago
Chapter Seven : A moment of reflection ago
Chapter Eight : A pact of slavery ago
Chapter Nine : A lettre from the devil ago
Chapter Ten : A forlon melody to foes ago
Chapter Eleven: A shadow from the past ago
Chapter Twelve : A long wait for death ago
Chapter Thirteen: A coping wicked desire ago
Chapter Fourteen : A slight change of heart ago
Chapter Fiveteen : A confused state of logic ago
Chapter Sixteen: A case of true misfotune ago
Chapter Seventeen : A step to the truth ago
Chapter Eighteen : A crossed ulterior motives ago
Chapter Nineteen : A life and death matter ago
Chapter Twenty : A walk between graves ago
Chapter Twenty-one: A daunting visitors ago
Chapter Twenty-two: A long history of clash ago
Chapter Twenty-three: A tour in the hall ago
Chapter Twenty-four: A transgression against laws ago
Chapter Twenty-five: A meeting and alliance ago
Chapter Twenty-six: A guide to dinner etiquettes ago
Chapter Twenty-seven: A glimpse at distinct motives ago
Chapter Twenty-eight: A feeble smell of blood ago
Chapter Twenty-nine: A siblings hidden plot ago
Chapter Thirty: A shrewd game of influence ago
Chapter Thirty-one: A wavering self solace ago
Chapter Thirty-two : As you sow, shall you reap ago
Chapter Thirty-Three : A honest self-confession ago
Chapter Thirty-four: A promise for vengeance ago
Chapter Thirty-five : A shocking discovery ago
Chapter Thirty-six : A conflict of interest ago

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  • Overall Score

A big chunk of the novel is nicely written, and offers quite a lot of insight into this unique fantasy world. 

Unfortunately, the chapters tend to be rather confusing, the changes in perspectives abrupt and unannounced, and weirdly enough some even feel like a single person thinking from different points of view.

Additionally, the MC is very preachy about simple life truths, which is rather... off-putting. 

I didn't get far into the novel because of the aforementioned faults, but can only give it 3 stars at best for what is already there.

  • Overall Score

I like your choice of words.