Codex of creatures: Salvation



Chapter Thirty-four: A promise for vengeance


Rokah got out of Mr. Hendrickson's personal chamber intending to never comply with his plot. He didn't want the man to get what he desired. It was simply payback for what has happened with the crimson lord and his butler. If Mr. Hendrickson didn't stalk him, Rokah wouldn't have attracted the unwelcome attention of the magus. And his plan to kill the Aractanthrope using the authority of the Count would have been a success. He would have avenged Chewa and kept his promise to Madam Linda. He could even get the chance to enter the main house without selling himself and signing the slavery pact.
And about the quest to uncover the truth behind the isolation of this village and its mongrel residents, He will just search for another thread.
But, thinking back to that unfortunate accident of misunderstanding, the fact that the magus thought about Rokah working for Mr. Hendrickson, an idea that didn't appeal to later at all. There must be a lot of conflicts going on inside the manor, and after seeing a piece of the large picture, Rokah figured that the biggest conflict was between the Magus and Mr. Hendrickson.
How much he had wished that he got the chance to infiltrate the main house. If so, he will get more insight into what was going on. And maybe, he could ask Lady Savannah to get him a written permit for his efforts.
Reminiscing over this lost opportunity, Rokah found himself approaching the central narrow roads of the tiny village, his breath contacted this antique scent that he grew accustomed to it over his lodging in this place.
The warmth of nostalgia as he felt that he belonged to somewhere in this universe deceived his reality, and imprisoned him in its toxic illusion.
Tonight, unlike any other sentimental nights, there was a blend with a yearning touch, some cold fragrance, created from a clotted blood washed by the melting snow. Rokah had a fainted memory of it. He detected this smell of blood, last night when it was hot and fresh. This was the reason behind the hopeful visualization he had cultivated deep down in his wishful mind about the one who got his blood poured.
Rokah was way extra sure about the intersection between  Lady Savannah's road and that of the Aractanthrope.
Their fight must be quite a sight.
The incomplete moon's dim light concluded the harmony of the disturbed souls and it helped Rokah shun the hindrances in his way.
Did Lady Savannah already fulfill her promise to him?
Did she finish off the Aractanthrope?
He still remembers the conversation they had had when Lady Savannah gave him an unexpected visit like it was a few seconds ago:
<< "Excellent job you have done here, I wasn't wrong when I have chosen you for this mission. You really deserve a reward. What do you wish for?"
Savannah said while she was inspecting the detailed maps Rokah had drawn for the whole village and the main house, she also took all the data that he has collected about the residents, their number, age ranges, occupations, source of food… Even the birth and death rate… but what pleased her most was the notes Rokah made about the workers and the inhabitants of the manor.
In one of the papers, the name of Mr. Nicolai Hendrickson topped the page, beneath it a number of remarks were written about his physical state and personality. Savannah glanced over it ravenously:
" Anemic, his movements are slow and showed a muscular weakness, probably he was confined to a bed and unable to walk for a long period. His right leg deformation was caused by thigh bone fracture, he seemed that he didn't receive good medical care thus the deformity became permanent. He also has weak eyesight, maybe that's what made him sensitive to the light, especially bright light like sunlight."
He glanced at her face while she was reading his note, the look of it was pleasant, therefore he demanded with discrete confidence: " I have suffered a lot of because of the Aractanthrope, if you get rid of him, it will be my biggest reward."
She shifted her attention to him without moving her head and said: "Mmh! Do you know how much I detest this nomenclature? You must refrain from using it in front of me."
"I am sorry my Lady, but I am not sure about the true nature of his second form, it has been just a lousy guess from my side, using the description of the villagers and the examination of a mutilated body assumed to be one of his victims."
Lady Savannah's lips curved slightly before she asked: "Hmm, it must be a really a pain in the ass to deal with him to get you worked up this much?"
"Yes, my lady, I nearly got killed on multiple occasions."
"But you are not dead…"
The silence filled the room, and Rokah remembered that he couldn't answer her question. She was right, the Aractanthrope could have simply killed him and searched through his things to get the map and the data he wanted. But he was very tolerant of Rokah menacing actions toward his person.
It was a verity he had brushed up from his head because it was illogical compared to the aggressive and scorned behavior the Aractanthrope has shown toward mongrels.
"Don't you think that your hatred clouded your judgment? Didn't you ask yourself why you are not dead yet?"
Rokah mouth sealed with an invisible lock. He didn't have the right to protest, but his burning heart wished to see the Aractanthrope dead body eaten by maggots.
Lady Savannah appeared to understand the clash between his feeling and his logic. She moved and patted his head, then said in a semi-comforting way: "Don't worry, as long as he is trace-passing the Crocotta's territory, he is doomed to be eliminated whether you had asked me for it or not."
"And the corps?" He asked in anticipation, "Can I get his corpse."
"Ah, don't be greedy.">>
Rokah sighed in agony, he was physically and psychologically tired from the successive uncertain events that rolled without rest in those last days. Yet the outcome was unbelievably satisfying in his favor. He didn't have the courage or the power to wonder which bad root the events will have taken if Lady Savannah didn't appear in his room that night. It was so terrifying how a crushing power could change any situation with such ease.

Still, there was something he can't afford to neglect, and he didn't have any idea on how he was supposed to tackle it. If it happened that the lycanthrope presence will be discovered in the Crocotta territory, certainly the Lycanth will suffer the same fate of the Aractanthrope. But the big problem is how Rokah was going to explain the Lycanth survival and his presence in this village to Lady Savannah?
Then, certainly, his peaceful days under her shadow will surely be terminated and the pact of his freedom will be undoubtfully revoked. Thus, he needed to locate the whereabouts of this Lycanth before the worst will befall on him.
Since his body is recovering, the Lycanth still required a lot of care. But more than that he required nourishment so his regeneration ability won't slow down because of the cold or the starvation.
Rokah decided that the Lycanth death was better than his life, there is no benefit in keeping him alive after his action. He only had one regret, too bad that the regeneration research should be stopped at this semi-advanced stage.
That ungrateful bastard disregarded the countless hours Rokah spent caring for the injuries and wounds that lady Savannah inflicted on him.
That bastard sold him at the lowest price to the very person whom Rokah despised the most in this place.
However, at the end of the day, Rokah was just a doctor. And like any other average doctor, he doesn't give up on his patients, - no matter what- unless they die or recover.
He closed the door behind. Then proceeded to shut the window after the draft of air caused it to open, whereas he was vowing to the supreme being that he was going to give that Lycanth the most painful, cruel death ever. He will let the maggots feast on his tortured, shear flesh while he was still breathing. He will make him suffer to the degree that he will beg for his own death.
He swore that this will be his new mission for the next and last upcoming days of his stay in this village.

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