Who Says This OL Can't Become A Splendid Slime!?

by Shinde

Original HIATUS Adventure Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead Female Lead High Fantasy LitRPG Magic Non-Human lead Portal Fantasy / Isekai Reincarnation
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

A journey that began with a simple wish, taken horribly out of context.

'Ah, I wish that I could change my life. I wish for something truly exciting to happen.'

Follow our heroine as she surmounts increasingly difficult odds! As she battles with heavy topics such as 'Is it really safe to eat this?', 'How am I supposed to slay a wyvern!?', and the ever popular 'Does this shade of pink make my slime look fat?'

"For the record, I've never asked that last question you bastard narrato—"

Follow her as she traverses the world and seeks out her destiny! Thrown into the wild with nary a leg to stand on, what will our gelatinous heroine do next? Will she become a savior? Or this world's very own Demon King!?

"Wouldn't you mean Queen? Aside from that, please stop talking like I'm not here."

But at the end of the day, there is one foe that she just may never slay. Despite all her efforts, will she be able to overcome the barrier that is ... her marital status!?

"Alright, I'm going to devour you too."

We hope you enjoy the thrilling conclusion!

"It really isn't that exciting. Please don't expect too much."

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Literal Cupcake

4th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Author Notice / Notes ago
Prologue - A Wish Gone Awry ago
Chapter 1 - Nightmare of a Cave Pt.1 ago
Chapter 2 - Nightmare of a Cave Pt.2 ago
Chapter 3 - Nightmare of a Cave Pt.3 ago
Chapter 4 - Nightmare of a Cave Pt.4 ago
Chapter 5 - The Paths We Weave Pt.1 ago
Chapter 6 - The Paths We Weave Pt.2 ago
Chapter 7 - The Paths We Weave Pt.3 ago
Chapter 8 - The Paths We Weave Pt.4 ago
Chapter 9 - The Paths We Weave Pt.5 ago
Interlude - Crossroads and Goblins ago
Chapter 10 - Cloudy with a Chance of Slime Pt.1 ago
Chapter 11 - Cloudy with a Chance of Slime Pt.2 ago
Chapter 12 - Cloudy with a Chance of Slime Pt.3 ago
Chapter 13 - Cloudy with a Chance of Slime Pt.4 ago
Interlude - Primus ago
Chapter 14 - How to Train Your Dogkin Pt.1 ago
Chapter 15 - How to Train Your Dogkin Pt.2 ago
Chapter 16 - How to Train Your Dogkin Pt.3 ago
Chapter 17 - How to Train Your Dogkin Pt.4 ago
Interlude - Primus // Iter ago
Chapter 18 - Capitalist Ventures Pt.1 ago
Chapter 19 - Capitalist Ventures Pt.2 ago
Chapter 20 - Capitalist Ventures Pt.3 ago
Chapter 21 - Capitalist Ventures Pt.4 ago
Chapter 22 - Outro // All In A Day's Work ago
Prelude - The Twin Seekers ago
Chapter 23 - To Catch a Thief Pt.1 ago
Chapter 24 - To Catch a Thief Pt.2 ago
Chapter 25 - To Catch a Thief Pt.3 ago
Chapter 26 - Untitled ago
Chapter 27 - Massacre Them All! Pt.2 ago
Chapter 28 - Massacre Them All! Pt.3 ago
Interlude - The Twin Seekers // Threads ago
Chapter 29 - Growing Pains Pt.1 ago
Chapter 30 - Growing Pains Pt.2 ago
Interlude - Primus // 418 Teacup Error ago
Chapter 31 - What's in a Knight? Pt.1 ago
Chapter 32 - What's in a Knight? Pt.2 ago
Chapter 33 - What's in a Knight? Pt.3 ago
Interlude - The Twin Seekers // Patterns ago
Chapter 34 - Null and Void Pt.1 ago
Chapter 35 - Null and Void Pt.2 ago

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Good story, good MC, and a solid plot and story advancement so far.

No grammar mistakes seen so far and the style of writting is agreable and flows nicely.

Really, the only thing is that it's missing more chapters.

Bookmarked, and followed.

  • Overall Score

Very Reminiscent of Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka?

If you like Kumo Desu ga, Nani ka? (I’m A Spider, So What?), then you'll very much enjoy this.

The only issues I have with this novel is the present/past tense switching laced throughout the chapters. 

This is somewhat minor because the average reader won't care, or won't even notice them. However, for the ones who do notice, it could be quite jarring.

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No reason to not favorite

This book is a small little gem that I was miraculously able to find a while back, and has continued to please me with each and every chapter.

The grammar is spot on; absoultely no mistakes have been made thus far, and the author knows what they're doing

The style is fantasticly deployed and the characters are enjoyable.

This story is going places and I'm happy to be on the ride

  • Overall Score

Great story, with interesting main character who acts like more than just a bunch of overused tropes like so many others.

Only a few chapters out currently, but from whats been released, the story seems to advance at a good pace without feeling like the MC is progressing too quickly, despite only a few days passing so far unlike many others which end up with an extremely OP protag almost immediatly without any effort.

Only 11 chapters out at the moment and I'm already looking forward to future chapters 


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rooting for a slime? this makes you do it

(as of chapter 12)

I just wanted to read the first 1-2 chapters before going to bed but then I had to binge everything until it was much too late at night, but it was worth it.

This is the story of a bored office lady that wishes for some excitement and is promptly transformed into a tiny slime dungeon monster in a fantasy world. After fighting for survival against tiny insects she encounters a more dangerous foe encroaching on her territory...

Style: Told in first-person internal/limited view, the narrative style is quite near to the spontaneous thoughts that buzz through the protagonist's head (sometimes a bit too trivial thoughts). The word choice is fine.

Story: It's a story with a non-humanoid (and non-dungeon-core) lead in a fantasy world and which while not groundbreakingly new is still uncommon. Some of the elements seen so far (starting as a weak monster, being uniquely able to absorb victims' abilities) are similar to ELLC. The flow of the story is good in matters of the maintenance of suspense and the (so far few) arcs, the pacing feels a bit quick (but not rushed, just lots of leveling in a few chapters).

Grammar: Very good, I noticed almost no errors.

Character: The protagonist thankfully reflects on her abilities and options in order to use them in the most beneficial way, although there are some short-sighted decisions. Acclimatization to her species change is unusually smooth, but then again she treats it as a welcome break from monotony. The jadedness that came with being stuck in her human job is alluded to but in total there has not been too much depth to her character (yet? this is just chapter 12).

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What can i say? it's brilliant!

Wait? thats not enough words for a review? well.... if you insist,

It's well written, well paced, uses the almighty status boxes this website was once famed for, the character has a lovely personally in a sociopathic kinda way.

Heck, if you would have asked me a year or 2 ago i would have said the reincarnate as a monster genre was stale, but you dont see too many of them nowdays ( or atleast too many good ones) so its a welcome breath of fresh air.

All in all i love it and to the author i hope you enjoy writing this as much as i enjoy reading it =)

  • Overall Score
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  • Character Score

Everything is great about this. Good world building, great character building and maps so you will easy understand whats where and what they look like.

Its easy to understand why the MC does what she does becouse she is fleshed out well and its funny how she interancs with the "blue" boxes wich are green in this case :) I can feel the effort put into the details of this story and its one of the best ive read so far.

Hope the pace keeps going in a nice slow rythem while allways progressing in some way or another, like the auther have been doing,  and not being an empty chapter with no progrestion and just empty whords(Not good at formulating that. Hope you get the meaning). This story is funny in so many ways that i like, from dark humor to less dark humor :)

Im very impressed and give it top score because of it. Hope for much more to come and Thank you author for an Fantastic story smile

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Excited to see where this goes!

**written as of chapter 12**
I will admit. I was skeptical, expecting a half-assed Re:Monster kinda situation in this story. 

When I actually started reading, I couldn't stop until I was caught up! The story so far has a proper balance of combat, growth and witty introspection. 

This book truly surprised me, if anyone had told me beforehand that I would enjoy an interlude chapter I would have scoffed at them in disbelief. But here I am.

I can't wait to see where this goes!

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Go and read the story already!

Great story,very enjoyable-highly recommend you check it out!
The writing and grammer are good-if there are mistakes i haven't noticed them.Certainly no spelling mistakes or grammatical messes that leave you scratching your head.
The premise has been done a thousand times before and the mc usually ends up OP by chapter 5.Not here though.By ch 10 MC is stronger than ordinary mindless slimes(probably,there are no other slimes in the story so far),but is still strugling with cannon fodder.I don't think i've seen that before.
Soooo a great story with lots of potential that i hope will get lots and lots of chapters and not get dropped.
Also advice to the author-DON'T turn characters retarded to advance the plot-it never ends well and is a huge turn off from the story.Keep writing i love it.

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Badass lady slime reduced to caretaker

Reviewed after chapter 20

Badass, driven office lady gets reincarnated into a slime in a fantasy world, and starts her leveling-spree by using all means necessary to kill her adversaries. Then in a couple chapters gets demoted to being a caretaker for a 14 year old, naive, mentally unstable half beastkin. Her duties now consists of cleaning off dirt from a dirty workshop and eating lice from her "Royal Guard's" hair. Seriously.
She hasn't leveled once since joining up with the girl, only hunting lvl 2 rabbits and doing tasks such as finding a lost cat. Even though she believes that might is right in this fantasy world, and tells her "Guard" to get stronger, they don't actually go off killing goblins, but rather fulfills mundane tasks in order to get more gold, which they don't really have much of a necessity of after the first dozen silvers (they are very self-reliant). Takes on risky endeavors, showing off healing prowess, even though they don't have anywhere near the power to back out should someone want to use them, all for the sake of gold (which our MC wants so she can buy stuff to earn more gold)
The style and grammer is good. A lack of grammatical mistakes, and I enjoy the author's style of writing. The story suddenly taking a large shift sadly brings the overall story down. I don't dislike Slice of Life, I even often enjoy them, but there's no justification for suddenly turning this story into one. In the MC's past life she was antisocial, so what suddenly makes her want to be with a child and join society now that most of them will want to kill her on sight? I can understand getting a human companion to talk to, travel and level up with together, but so far she's just taking care of her not unlike what a mother or butler would do.

If you come for yet another slice of life, although with a MC who's  more prone to actually killing humans (though she can't do that now because of her young, innocent Guard, who's still as trusting of humans as ever, even though she's been cheated of everything she owns by humans and put on the street during the last couple years, almost slaved and raped and refused entry into army due to rascism), then this may be up your ally. Just expect massive shift in tone of the story after the first 13 chapters