The Other Side of the Bed - Half-Stuck in a Fantasy World

The Other Side of the Bed - Half-Stuck in a Fantasy World

by Natron77

Zach's friends like to tease him, just to watch his reactions. He always overreacts in entertaining ways. To surprises, to flirting, and to suddenly waking up in a fantasy version of Earth, butt naked and broke.

He used to worry about test scores and required credits, but now he's got more important things on his mind. Things like finding clothes, understanding the economy of this new magical kingdom, and figuring out why he keeps flipping back and forth between fantasy and reality.

His only clues are hidden in the strange dreams he's had since he was a child. Dreams of impossibly tall stone walls, monstrous beasts, a missing princess, and deadly Elven magic.

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Easy money and lesbian maids

This review is relevant up to chapter 30.

This is the story of a boy/man who one day finds himself in a blandly inoffensive fantasy world with nothing but the skin on his back. That is until he falls asleep and is returned to Earth only to be transported away again the following night.  Immediately after his first crossover Zach conveniently finds a clothesline at a cottage outside of a city with a gigantic wall but that’s a minor nitpick.  What isn’t minor is his acquisition of a small fortune on his first day in town for telling the amazing, off page, tale of a world with machines instead of magic.  How convenient for him.

What follows is a litany of knick knack and food purchases, sight seeing and very little struggle against an event which presumably has ruinous implications for his life.  This apart from his lackluster personality is what makes him so underwhelming; he mostly just rolls with everything and seems to have only the vaguest of connections with anything or anyone on Earth.  Even in this new, magical world his only interests seem to be economic; there’s no tragedy or escape, no moment of reinvention or the pursuit of a cause.  He finds his circumstances intriguing but his approach to the situation and his interactions with people are very mundane.

But still, at least the premise was interesting until the Princess and her anime, lesbian maid “harem” entered the picture.  Once that happened the problem of jumping worlds involuntarily is largely solved, to the novel's detriment. From there the protagonist is now free to devote himself to establishing his budding economic empire, via the sale of mocha frappuccino’s, until he can afford to setup a mining enterprise using Wikipedia knowledge. 

At this point I had largely lost any interest in the story and a few more chapters in nothing had improved. 


"How I went to another world only to get bossed around by the princess' harem"

Reviewed at: 35. Emergency Expedition

If you like to read a story about a spineless MC getting bossed around by lesbians in another world then this is the story for you.


The story is a slow one, and 17 chapters in not much has happened, hence why I'm only giving the story 4 stars, but it's been very good so far. I don't really have any criticism towards the story. 


Its an easy read but i love it.................mmm................


Akhil Sihra

A missing princess and an evil sorcerer?!? These things only happen in Disney's movies, this is the first time I've seen so blunt synopsis. No offence, it is good.