It's been a pretty wild ride, but thanks for sticking with me through it. When I started posting this book in September I could never have imagined the response. It has been rather overwhelming, to say the least. While not everyone has enjoyed the book as much as I would have liked, the positive reception it has received has encouraged and uplifted me. Thank you.

Because the response has been so positive overall, I've started (and almost finished) Book #2, which continues to follow Thorn's adventures in Nova Terra and I'm planning to write at least two more.

Thank you again for reading along with me and for all your encouraging comments and questions.

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Bio: My name is Seth Ring and I am a writer. I create worlds and tell the stories of those who inhabit them. I love exploring these new worlds with other people. I post a chapter every Friday around 12 pm EST. To get advanced access to chapters you can support me on Patreon at

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stads @stads ago

thx for the update looking forward to book two


Morridin @Morridin ago

Awesome! Seems a bit of a abrupt end to a book but I suppose it makes sense. Will you be publishing the story? I would bd willing to spend a few bucks to buy this.

Red Jon @Red Jon ago

Thanks for the awesome story and for following through and finishing it. Really looking forward to the next one.

Jangofet54 @Jangofet54 ago

SWEET looking forward to Thorn's many adventures happy new year

06rockstar @06rockstar ago

Thank you for writing. I am looking forward to seeing more!

lonely samurai @lonely samurai ago

just whant to make sure thorn becomes a king when he gets the land cuz techneicly if he is under no king he should at least be a duke or king rank

RyuNaga @RyuNaga ago

thanks for book 1 can't wait till you start posting book 2