Nova Terra: Titan

by WildCard

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi GameLit LitRPG Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Strong Lead

Nova Terra, a new world, a new reality. Nova Terra runs parallel to the real world and seeks to fulfill the fantasies and desires of those who dare plunge into its mysterious depths. Nova Terra, your dreams, your world.

Jump into the world of Nova Terra with Thorn, a giant young man seeking reprieve from his life of pain. Watch as he carves out a place for himself and discovers that there is much more to his life than he realizes.


Book #1 is finished.

Book #2 is finished.

Book #3 is being posted.

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My Experience So Far

Reviewed at: B1: Chapter #22

I've only red up to book 1, chapter 20 at this point. And so far I have to say I'm fairly disappointed. Nothing has happened since the protagonist entered the game world. At this point there are a number of unimportant side characters that have no impact on anything of note. The only notable characters are the protagonist himself and that's only because of his condition outside the game and apparent abilities inside the game, the protagonists Aunt and the four trainer and their vaguely irritating antics. 

my problem with the protagonist stems from the fact that they are a boring and uncreative person. The only thing notable about the protagonist is their size, and their handicaps outside of the game. Inside they game the protagonist is Hero Unit #4X92 who is so stupidly strong that he breaks every weapon he uses. But instead of mowing down everything in the starting area and exploring the world the protagonist, who is apparently as creative as a stone, goes on a quest to kill some wolves. Then they did it again, and again, and again. The introduction of more boring unimportants at this point in time and probably ever side characters that dragged the protagonist along to carry their luggage was almost a relief instead of an irritation. Because things were really boring and I thought things would get better.

Instead we get exactly what was stated on the tin when the group that recruited the protagonist to carry their luggage hired him. He carried their luggage and complained a bit about not getting to smash things with his fists. Because again, apparently weapons aren't a thing for him. Because reasons, of course. Because of course giving him a f-duck off big sword or a mallet and letting him crush things into oblivion would just be dumb. No, apparently we're too boring for the rule of cool in this story, so yeah. Then we get an entire chapter of the apparently elite players who recruited the protagonist to carry their luggage, where they explain the horrifically stupid game mechanics. Long story short it's like Legendary Moonlike Sculpter but with all the fun and interesting parts drained out of it. Also apparently the world is fine with a highly advanced AI controling the media and erasing information about the game that people try to share. Because that doesn't throw up a million red flags or anything, nope.

My experience so far has been thoroughly boring. The Protagonist is only interesting in so far as his condition makes him interesting. There are no meaningful character interactions and I want to scream at my computer monitor for something to happen, anything. Because nothing is happening. 

This was incredibly frustrating to read and if we ignored the wonderful lifelike graphics and stupidly advanced VR, then the game everything is based upon wouldn't be worth playing if it existed in real life. 

Nothing of note has happened and it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere. It might get better later on. But I'm just not invested enough to push through the trash and find the diamonds.


Starting out, the fiction holds great promise, however, quickly devolves into the main character simply running around doing boring errands.

There is no true emotional struggle, no point in rooting for Thorn, as he can solve most of his problems through application of his incredible strength. However when he does use his power, he rarely used it in an interesting way.

If Thorn were to wander from city to city, trying to avoid hatred for his monstrous size and strength, it would be interesting.

If Thorn went full weeaboo cliche revenge story, going on a terrible crusade to destroy those who wronged him, it would be really edgy, but still more interesting.

This is not the story of a giant among men, but the story of a tall bloke who makes friends, and does get betrayed, but doesn't mind that much after all.

If you like generally peaceful stories with no real struggle or emotional investment, this is the story for you.

While grammar and punctuation are on point, actual character depth and story are not.


Coming from Wattpad

Reviewed at: B1: Chapter #11

It's been a while since I read this story. I read it on Wattpad well before I even knew what RoyalRoad was (though skimming indicates that the versions are largely the same) and I put it down at around chapter 11.

I admit that this means I'm only familiar with a tiny poriton of the story, though if eleven chapters aren't enough to hook me even remotely, the rest probably isn't that good either.

I admit that I'm gonna sound a bit harsh, harsher than I would be to a less popular author, but given this story's success, it at least doesn't feel like punching down.

Nova Terra: Titan is a sci-fi LitRPG following the life of Xavier, a young man befallen by a condition that increases his size to uncomfortable degrees. Through a virtual reality, he can enter the world of Nova Terra, escaping the uncomfortable realities of the analog world.

I'm not too familiar with the LitRPG genre, so I'm not sure if this story was meant for me, but I have already seen such stories being executed much better.

It already starts in chapter one where we have an untamed info-dumb by the doctor on what Xavier's condition is like (full with the "as you know") and how the nanites in his body work.  This was already a huge red flag right there, since the first chapter is extremely important in hooking the reader. The author even lampshaded how terrible the info-dump was by having the doctor take a breath.
However, I had already read stories where the author didn't know what to do with their exposition and just thus dumped all at the start. In these stories, the rest of the story was at least more readable.

This wasn't such a story. It takes about four chapters to get Xavier into Nova Terra (I've seen LitRPGs accomplish this in one chapter!). All the chapters before were nothing but exposition.

I thought the story would improve once we got to NovaTerra, that we would get some intriguing world worth exploring. Instead, we got a generic LitRPG fantasy setting with all the stock races (elves, halflings and what-have-you).

I don't even remember what happened after Xavier got into NovaTerra other than that he did a few quests whose points I didn't get.

So, yeah, the plot isn't very good (and neither is the world).

How about characterization and prose?

Xavier is, apart from his size, a very bland main character which is something I'm fine with. If the world, the plot and the supporting cast can make up for that. We already covered the world and the plot, so how about the supporting cast? Well, besides Xavier's sesquepedalian doctor, his oversexualized aunt and some mentor in Nova Terra, I honestly don't even remember any of them.

The prose is okay. There aren't any crimes against the English language comitted and it is fairly readable, but nothing too remarkable either. This bit from chapter ten is the only sentence of description that stuck in my mind:

"[T]he trees' long, dark shadows stretched into each other, creating a sinister atmosphere."

Honestly, I don't understand why this became so popular. I mean sure, we have a huge market for LitRPG here. It's just I've seen fics so much better both here and on Wattpad that barely got any reads at all. This certainly isn't the worst fic I've ever read, but one of the most overrated ones.

I agree with just about everything KORST said.

redman s trials at writting

So, I've read most of your fiction so far and I have to say, I'm disappointed.

[this review was originally posted on 4/11/2018]

BE WARNED SPOILERS!!! HARSH LANGUAGE! And a non existant fourth wall between review writer and reader.

 Please do know that it is important to look at WHAT I'm saying not HOW I'm saying it, and if that was  a given for you  then please do know that it isn't that much of a given for others.

(Also, for those wondering what COULD means it means that it's a tip to the author and one more thing, all of you who have read my review, just know that if I say descriptions are missing it isn't my personal opinion it's facts, afterall if a description is missing then it doesn't matter who you ask, it is simply missing.)

Really all I've seen here are skipped fighting scenes with little to no detail apart from the first one against the usual omni present 'arrogant' 'idiotic' warrior who wanted to make fun of the mc who was using TAIJIQUAN of all martial arts styles to fight.

And really, the fact that HEMA was not used felt disappointing, the instructor you could say used some form of Hema but even then it seemed made up as all that was said about the fight was 'the instructor was fast and despite the mc's GREAT reflexes, GREAT speed and STUPIDLY HIGH STRENGTH COMPARABLE TO THAT OF A CRAB THAT KILLS FISH BY SNAPPING ITS CLAWS AND CREATING AN AIR PROJECTILE, he lost'.

Okay I'm sorry I got a little lost there, since this would get confusing other wise I'll do my usual thing and split this review up into points and reasons why I really, really, really, do not like it.

So, since this is a review rampage fueled by disappointment do expect harsh language, extreme nitpickyness and comparisons you REALLY REALLY REALLY ought to have done on your own.

-Ego, the mc is played off as an ''''humble'''', kind and helpful soul, as shown by the fact that he took the hit for the nurse while in the hospital, and despite  the fact that the way he acts fits that the text doesn't, all he ever gets is praise upon praise, for example, to lessen the blow on his ego by losing against the instructor he first won against a more experienced fighter in a disappointigly poorly described fight scene that starrted because people made fun of his oh so mighty TAJIQUAN!! Not even the one meant for actual fighting, the one meant to be used as a medical exercise! Now, I know I seem like a know it all, but when I say that Taijiquan is not meant for fighting and is ridicoulosly poor when pitted against HEMA  you really have to trust me on that.

And then you also have a little 'underdog' or 'he looks weak but is actually strong' scene to make sure you don't forget who you are supposed to be routing for whereeveryone laughs at the mc's use of taijiquan, which I needn't remind you, truly is shitty when compared to their own stuff, and I, as the reader, find them to be right not because of the glaring weaknesses shown by the book, like, taking too long to actually work, but because the only reason he won was because he was stupidly strong! If he were an average joe the fucking thing would be just as useless.

And so he wins against the first guy and this is a wasted opportunity.


Because if he had lost his first match then he would have had a lesson in humility and mabe lost the bravado his knowledge of taijiquan gave him, maybe realize that despite how strong he is he is still weaker than most, give him a goal or something.

You could have very well skipped the encounter with the stupidly 2d warrior/bully and simply settled for completely removing his knowledge of taijiquan, maybe write some more training scenes to give him more character.

Really there were many things you COULD have done, sadly, you settled for  the 'let's show off our mc's prowess and humility and friendlyness and blah blah great blah' option wich made the mc and everyone else just as flat as the 2d bully villain.


-The game itself.

Despite the world being very clearly set in medieval times the developers were too retarded to make some very basic research.

Because really, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that if you want to put a world in a european setting you should, I dunno, pick up some medieval history experts?

Okay, I get it, it is highly irrealistic to expect you, as in the author, to be an expert in everything present in your story.

But to know that HEMA exists it takes no expert.

And this makes me wonder, how is it that the basics he knew of from learning taijiquan of all things applied to the teachings that were to be given to him by his instructor?

But fine, this is your own world, there doesn't have to be HEMA in it, but how do people fight then? As I'm sure you know, people, digital or not, at least if digital people are anywhere near as realsitic as you make them out to be, will not just swing their swords around if you don't give them a specific set of skills, they will fight how they are taught to fight either by themselves or by their parents or in this world by an instructor who would in turn have had at least SOME expereince in an actual fight, point is, if it ain't HEMA then it's this world's equivalent of it.

Again, another little thing to note is that during the 'training' scene there is a little 'OMG yew R so stwong!!' scene that once more boasts about how POWERFULL and GREAT AT USING HIS MUSCLES the mc is.

Then there is the fact that the game itself is shitty and unoriginal, you have all the standard boring ass races that are not even once described in any way so we are meant to already know what a tiger kin looks like, guess why? Because the author himself didn't even think for one second that there could be variations to the stadard format he envisioned.

Because whenimagine a tiger kin, I imagine an horrendous hybrid resulting from either, unexpected crossbreeding, magical crossbreeding or some other magical buttfuckery, because when different animals mix you don't get what you want you get what nature gives you, and in most cases of forced or magical or however you want it to work, creation of hybrids, nature gives you a wildly deformed carcass that could range from 'a nearly completed fetus' to 'MY GOD! The bloody thing didn't even stand a chance! 

But alas I have my doubts on the looks of anything really, a major mistake the authr consistently does is give way too little description in favour of, well, nothing really, most chapters are short collections of 'mc does thing and everyone is awed' 'mc meets person and the person comments on his large size and or is 'horrified' 'appaled' or simply intimidated by him'  'thing happens  to the mc and hte person who did it is scared, or, like the instructor, for some reason is driven to think taijiquan is actually halfway decent when compared to HEMA'. 

Again sorry for drifitng away from the topic at hand.

 Another thing is the poorly thought out enemies like 'corrupted wolves' that are really just boring old wolves but 'OMG they are so scawyyy! They have like long claws and fangs and like really red glowy eyes and they are like so ORIGINAL!1!' and again, the lack of details and missed opportunities for fight scenes shine through, there is no fight against the wolves.

Just him saying 'I met the wolves and I killed them'' but they surprised me' and that is a wasted opportunity to  make the mc lose and make him 'learn more about the world' ike is said in the synopsis.  

A side note, wolves normally travel in packs of ten to fifteen, only in the really cold climates do you find them in groups of two to three, again, this is something the game makers reall should have thought of researching.

And do remember this isn't something the mc already knows, it is something he notices and also something that is true because YOU, as in the author,  know it.

But if players have trouble against three corrupted wolves then what would they do against ten or fifteen? And that is the point you realize that if only the devs had more imagination they could have created a completely new creature to serve the role of 'first enemy ever'.

And again, if this is meant to be realistic then there should be cases where the players are allowed to pick the wrong fight against the wrong enemies.

And let's do some real talk for a second, no, gamers won't stay physically fit not for a game as bland and generic as this one the won't, there is no direct turning money there into real life money at least it isn't mentioned how this happens just that people CAN make money, really the whole game feels like a coverup operation for illegal money transactions.

All of these things combined make me wonder how this game got anywhere near as successfull as it did.

-The characters, do I really have to say anything? They are as flat as a surf board, the only other flaw the mc has  is ' his need to help other is TOO strong!' Like it is shwon in the first chapters when he '''''selflessly''''' saves a nurse and in turn feels ''''''tremendous'''' pain, butt don't worry because he is used to it, you see that is what I call 'cheap heroism' he can act heroically only because it doesn't truly cost him anything especially since the pain he felt was only mild at best.

It is also true that the mc is the supreme special snow flake, he is smart, he is strong, he is attractive, he has a unique treatment just for him.

"As you know, your cells are more robust than the average person's which is why we are so confident that the treatment will work." 

See? He is not an average person! His voice is REALLY deep!

And then right after that little goof we have THIS!

At the end of this process, we expect four things. First, your body is going to increase in density. Much more so than the average person's.


"It wasn't as if he lacked for anything, no it was the opposite. There was no struggle, no effort needed. If he wanted something, and it wasn't bad for his health, then his doting aunt bought it for him. "

Then we have this shamless excuse of a remark to make him seem hubler and better as a person because despite the fact that he was grown in a place that COULd have spoiled him rotten he satyed humble.

Yeah right.

As if.

That is not how people wok you genius.

"You are countless times stronger than even the strongest player, you have an excellent reaction time, and you have no noticeable mental impairment. Just because you are different and fall outside the norm does not mean there is something wrong."

You see, this pisses me off, you are basically saying that it is only good because he is better than most people, what should the mc feel otherwise? Also he is even more of a special snowflake.

"Xavier was a gift from the gods as far as medical researchers were concerned."

WOW, LOOK HOW SPECIAL HE IS! As if all the specialness from before wasn't enough.

Ugh, again, all of this WOULD fall to the side if only every single other side character wasn't just a flat pile of cardboard that only existed to remark how cool he was, and how different he was, andhow they shouldn't get involved with him or how ALL the teachers want to teach him!

Then it often said that he was bright, more mature than other 16 year olds.

This whole thing feels like a massive jerking off of the EGO!

Well at least this didn't turn into haremville: another one.

Again, I hope you don't get demoralized, this isn't my objective, what my objective is, is to give you some tips, tell you where you are doing bad and how you could fix that.

Now then we have to get to the reason I gave th ratings that I did give.

Story:1.5/5, there is not much to be said of the story, stuff happens, the 'story' here is 'the mc needs treatment but since it takes a long time to do it or something he gets to fuck around in an alternative world for a few years', that is the premise, what he does in that world could be anything but so far the fact that he is the heir to the world's largest energy company doesn't change anything inside of the game, all of the things he does are described quickly and a lot of potential developments and chances to improve upon characters and actually, you know, describe stuff, are lost due to laziness and a poor if nearly non existant imagination from the author, because no matter how I look at it if you don't even bother to write four out of five fight scenes or even think about having the mc reflect on his personality, his thought processes and other such things when you have several chances to do so feels like a poor story, for example, the fight against the wolves, perfect chance to add an unexpected encounter, not even something big maybe justm eeting some other adventurers, maybe joining up with them instead of being a massive cunt and fighting WOLVES by himself, which done purposefully or not shows he is arrogant and over confident in his own abilities.

Character:1.5/5, The characters are cheap, mass produced, cardboard cutouts, the best most doting aunt who cares for her nephew despite being raised since a young age in a cold world where everything is business and no one truly means anything they say, the system who cna't calibrate the mc's strenght and keeps praising him and even goes on a retareded tangent about how being different doens't mean being wrong or bad, and that people should just accept themselves as they are and while true in some cases in some others it isn't, this is also coming from the same system who said that people are encouraged to keep themselves healthy IRL to have an advantage in-game, this meaning that people who have better physical dispositions than you have an easier time winning and people with physical handicaps cna't do what they came to play games for in the first place, escape from the sad reality that is being paralytic, then after the system we have three or four people he meets who all react with wide eyes or with fear or respect and keep going on an on and on about how big he is because it clearly wasn't funny or whatever the first five times this same reaction was given,  tehn we have instructor who is impressed by the great speed, reflexes, and strenght of the mc and can only seem tp get frustrated by his 'greatness' and by his quotes about softness or something, this is also the smae instructor who doesn't notice the massive difference between the was taijiquan works and how their own fighting style works and gives him passign marks anyways, then we have sly cold or whatever elf intructor who teaches ranged weapons because clichès are good, then we have a thief who gets his own POV scene because he clearly totally isn't going to be a recurring character who you are meant to like and or laugh at.

And lastly we have the elephant in the room, THE MC, he is perfect, he owuld be handsome were it not for his disorder, he is stupidly powerfull and DIFFERENT FROM AVERAGE PEOPLE, he is also very VERY bright, because it is better to say that instead of showing it, he is more mature than people his age once again becayuse telling is better than showing, his only real character flaw is that he wants to help people TOO much! He is special in every way! Just like the courrpted wolves are original and imaginative  in every way.

Well now that I think about it it was shown that he was indeed SMART he converted kilos into POUNDS! And treated it as simple mental maths, listne author, jsut whipping out your calculator once and saying the mc does the same thing but mentally does NOT make him smart, it just makes him a boring machine with computer knowledge, even my mc could be a genius! All he needs is a calculator inside his brain and wikipedia stored in his memory!

Style:2.5/5, it is only lsightly below average as in the transitions feel mechanical, nothing big is properly described and word choice is meh at best.

Grammar:4/5, nothing much ot be said, a couple of errors here and there but nothing I can objectively point out that would lower the score any further.

Overall:1.5/5, I can say that this was disappointing enough to fuel an entire review that is longer than one of your chapters.

It is just the same story again, Guy gets into Vr for reasons, guy does things, most of the time this is not a problem because the rest of the story makes up for the lack of creativity in the premise, but in your case nothing feels different except for the fact that your features 'generic mc with a quintuple portion of special snow flake powder gets into vr thanks to money and being spoiled'.

The VERY last thing I have to nitpick is the synopisis, because NO, he DOES NOT have to carve his way into the world, he is NOT some sort of underdog, he is a hulking beat of a monster with stupidly high strenght and even more stupidly good reflexes.

I thank anyone who read through this block of  nitpicky text that makes up my review till the end and hope that the author impoves thanks to my advice just like I improve by dissecting and reviewing other works.

Cheers and best of luck on your journey as an author.




Excellent writing and an interesting vrmmorpg world(More detailed review when there are more chapters)


Really like this but...

Reviewed at: Afterword



I really like the stuff you can read about till now and i only got one big problem.

That is that the mc is way to soft and acts like a big, dumb idiot all the time. I got the feeling he is kind of intelligent when he got shown in the beginning but after he got in the game he just lets others run over him and do what they want with him. He doesnt ask his aunt for help and thje reason that he wants to explore alone doesnt really stick for me.


The problem with him not really using his OPness can be explained by him not really knowing how it works in the game, which is said many times but i hope it gets explained fast. It gets kind of frustrating when you (as a reader) know that he can do so much more than just standing in the background and shooting arrows (the good parts were shown in parts).

well i will keep reading 

a drunken mistake

 Barely below mediocre, this novel held decent promise with an interesting main character-insofar as only his body be concerned, as when one considers how his his mind and character have been shown contrary to how it was told, one becomes disappointed with that aspect. Those initial good augurs were to become unfulfilled to my great regret, as of chapter 35, by limitation from pedantic exposition, a focus on side characters rather than the main character, contradictory and unrealistic events, as well as other issues.

Style: The author uses quite a lot of filler that often results in a huge chapter expressing only a few things of importance. Many times chapters are only meaningless info dumps with the occasional bland conversation between characters.

Story: It appears to be extremely cliche, not bad per se, but if the author can’t create more interesting characters and situations it will continue to be so. There is hope here for some interesting plot, but I presume that will be marred by a too-op mc.

Spoiler: Spoiler

 Grammar: Almost impeccable.

Characters: One dimensional cardboard characters, including the main character. Everyone is in awe of the main character, no one has shown great intelligence yet, including the main character who has been touted to be a genius. Will update review when I have time with examples.


This is a great story. The intro to the world is well done and detailed. The MC is unique and interesting, and I could not put it down for the first 20 chapters. The level of proof reading is better than some published works I've seen in recent years. Over all can't wait for the next chapter!


some parts good, some parts ehh.

all i can imagine when reading this novel is an 11ft giant bending over and trying to fight people half his size with martial arts. especially since some of the characters are small. for instance, imagine a midget and a 7 ft dude trying to fight with karate, sure it's entertaining but after a while you just feel sorry for the midget. I bet midgets percieve regular people as giants. anyways that's pretty much this novel Mc is a regular person and everyone else is a disabled midget in comparison, and there is nothing wrong with that, but if you are going to make your mc OP, make him really OP and don't try to nerf him near the end of the book, just let him wreck shit like the OP bitch he is.

i generally liked everything else. but the size difference still gets me.


The MC is powerful. Powerful to the point that the moment he enters the game, he is stronger and better at fighting than literally everyone. Powerful to the point that he doesn't even get a class (which everyone has), and can still one-shot everyone. Powerful to the point... that it's beyond boring.

One of those stories where the MC starts off with god-like power and most people are constantly telling him how amazing he is. Barring the people that are "bad guys" and needlessly, unrepentantly evil towards him.