Myriad Life

by gdlizy

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Secret Identity Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Traumatising content

After destroying his peaceful life with his mistake, Forus Ander came to learn about the existence of the monsters who forfeited his wife's life and took his daughter.

As he died trying to find the whereabouts of his daughter, an unknown being bestowed him a second chance.

Having nothing except his fading memory, Forus desperately chased his final desire. However, unbeknownst to him, a greater scheme was moving behind his footsteps.

Wandering between reality and illusion, Forus found that every coincident might not be as it seemed.

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Lonely Scholar

2nd Anniversary
Word Count (12)
Group Leader (IV)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Broken Gift ago
Chapter 2 - Twisted Fate ago
Chapter 3 - Old Time ago
Chapter 4 - Final Farewell ago
Chapter 5 - Fulfilled Contract ago
Chapter 6 - Outside World ago
Chapter 7 - Greedy Human ago
Chapter 8 - Political Struggle ago
Chapter 9 - Apathy and Sympathy ago
Chapter 10 - Coming Together ago
Chapter 11 - Unforeseen Circumstances ago
Chapter 12 - Reality or Illusion? ago
Chapter 13 - Complicated Relationship ago
Chapter 14 - Untold Misery ago
Chapter 15 - Unexpected Guest ago
Chapter 16 - Unfortunate Bystander ago
Chapter 17 - Best Choices ago
Chapter 18 - Art of Alchemy ago
Chapter 19 - Hidden Conflict ago
Chapter 20 - Lingering Resentment ago
Chapter 21 - Profound Emotions ago
Chapter 22 - Crazy Gamble ago
Chapter 23 - Other's Plans ago
Chapter 24 - Forced Alliance ago
Chapter 25 - Pleasant Conversation ago
Chapter 26 - Before Departing ago
Chapter 27 - Solid Motivation ago
Chapter 28 - Precious Sentiments ago
Chapter 29 - Bond of Life and Death ago
Chapter 30 - Lurking Danger ago
Chapter 31 - Special One ago
Chapter 32 - Together, We Live ago
Chapter 33 - Laws Keeper ago
Chapter 34 - Unique Disposition ago
Chapter 35 - Come in Pair ago
Chapter 36 - Premature Event ago
Chapter 37 - Emerging Abyss ago
Chapter 38 - Transformation ago
Chapter 39 - Now and Then ago
Chapter 40 - Confession ago
Chapter 41 - Important One ago
Chapter 42 - No Return ago
Chapter 43 - In Motion ago
Chapter 44 - Commence the Test ago
Chapter 45 - Breaching Future ago
Chapter 46 - Hope and Regret ago
Chapter 47 - Unavoidable Outcome ago
Chapter 48 - Preparation Period ago
Chapter 49 - Progressing Further ago
Chapter 50 - Either Us or Them ago
Chapter 51 - Battle Rotation ago
Chapter 52 - Intertwined Thought ago
Chapter 53 - Two-front Battle ago
Chapter 54 - Decisive Ruthlessness ago
Chapter 55 - Two Fronts, Four Battles ago
Chapter 56 - Two Souls, One Mind ago
Chapter 57 - Grand Prospect ago
Chapter 58 - Last Chance ago
Chapter 59 - Desperate Attempt ago
Chapter 60 - Depth of History ago
Chapter 61 - Too Soon ago
Chapter 62 - For You, For Me ago
Chapter 63 - Behind the Curtain ago
Chapter 64 - Unforeseen Surprise ago
Chapter 65 - Not Meant to Be ago
Chapter 66 - Fulfillment ago
Chapter 67 - Surreal Vision ago
Chapter 68 - Obscure Knowledge ago
Chapter 69 - Chaotic Field ago
Chapter 70 - To the Limit ago
Chapter 71 - Crucial Point ago
Chapter 72 - Living Desire ago
Chapter 73 - Similarly Strange ago
Chapter 74 - Old Mystery ago
Chapter 75 - Behind the Scene ago
Chapter 76 - The Burden of The Oath ago
Chapter 77 - Clashing Truth ago
Chapter 78 - Converging Grievance ago
Chapter 79 - From the Past ago
Chapter 80 - Benefits and Desires ago
Chapter 81 - Old Wounds ago
Chapter 82 - Falling Down ago
Chapter 83 - Snowy Wilderness ago
Chapter 84 - Eccentric Fight ago
Chapter 85 - Depth of the Heart ago
Chapter 86 - Guest Arrival ago

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  • Overall Score

Bloody hell. The entire book has so far been chapter after exruciating chapter of extremely detailed powerups and ever escalating misery. It's a constant wave of brief ups and ever deeper downs, with him almost-but-not-quite dying only for him to once more get bitch slapped all over again, never allowed to even recover from the last one. This is, without a doubt, the most completely miserable book I've EVER read.

This poor MC never catches a break, it's just a ceaseless barrage of suffering, with him being kicked headfirst over metaphorical cliffs, one after the other. I kept reading up until ch43 just to see if it ever stops, but it doesn't. There is always another cliff to get kicked off.

I don't even know what to rate it. It's almost impressive how much pure fucking suffering the author puts this poor bastard through. The last ten chapters have been one giant mess of mind-numbingly detailed horror with brief glimpses of happiness, only for it to culminate in a giant FUCK YOU. Tits on a pogo stick, I can't even.

Fuck it, I'll give it 3 stars just for the pure malice the author seems to hold for this forsaken bastard.

  • Overall Score

Something kept me hooked

I dont know what it is about this story but something from it as just wriggled into my mind and sunk its hooks into it. I both love and hate this story which isnt something i can say about a lot of the things i read here. I love how it started and the way things were going for the first 2 or so arcs yet after the steel cauldron incident (chapter 22 or so) the way the story was going turned me off of it. Yet I still came back again and again to read another chapter and at this point I dont know how to feel. I still love most aspects of it yet every chapter just seems a bit off. I would recomend this to others to see what your opinions are because as of rn im in it for the long haul.

  • Overall Score

This is truly amazing, the more the plot move, the more the characters evolve

It's just a little bit confusing sometime

  • Overall Score

Has potential to be a great book but, in my opinion, needs an editor to reach that stage.

good things:

-the plot is well thought out.                         -the characters are interesting 

bad things

-SPaG isn’t that great. Tenses are occasionally mixed up. Words occasionally spelt wrong.

summary: has potential but could be improved