Three Hundred Years After The End Of The World

by Egathentale

Original HIATUS Action Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Multiple Lead Characters Post Apocalyptic Reincarnation Supernatural

Three hundred years after the end of the world as humanity knew it, the gears of an old plan slowly begin to move again, as a group of self-imposed reincarnators, along with their equally unlikely companions, gather once again to set things right... but does the world they plan to restore need, or even want, their help? Follow the misadventures of an eclectic bunch of genius misfits as they attempt to assemble and fix the world they accidentally devastated in the past.


Author's note: This is actually the first volume of a novel I wrote nearly a decade ago for the VNDB discussion boards, taking inspiration from the random off-topic ramblings that characterized the golden age of the community. After sevear years and countless rewrites, it is pretty much unrecognizable, but while it is not fit for professional publishing (due to the fact that several fragments and older versions are still out there on various forums and blogs), I decided it is a waste to just let it sit idly on my hard drive forever. As such, I decided to share it somewhere where people could maybe appreciate it, so here it is.

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Weird, but not necessarily bad

I read this story because of the author's other story on RR, The Simulacrum is one of my favorite web novels ever. This one is very different, and kind of rough around the edges, but the way the characters interact is very familiar. 

The premise is that the four protagonists invented reality hacking magitech, and during an experiment they accidentally ushered in the end of human civilization, so they used the same magitech to reincarnate themselves 300 years later to redo the experiment and fix the world. In the meantime, civilization is already being rebuilt by a pseudo-theocracy.

The setting is decently interesting. Because of the cataclysmic events in the past, humanity cannot use electricity, so the new civilization seen to be steampunkish with some magitech sprinkled on top.

I would say this is where the biggest flaw of the story lies, as the world building is too sporadic. I get the feeling that there is a really interesting setting out there. We have a post-apocalyptic Africa being rebuilt by a pseudo-religious government who are not mustache twirling evil, we have a giant, underground city of fairies with their own artificial sky, but we get to see too little of it all to really care.

What I do care about are the characters. They are a little off putting at first, but their banter quickly grew on me, and I especially like the constant back and forth between our four male leads.

The female leads are a little less interesting, but even they are more three dimensional than I first expected. Some of the side characters are a little too over the top, but I found them mostly amusing. 

The actual writing is good, but with some questionable stylistic choices, such as the speaker tags. The combat scenes, on the other hand, are some of the best written I have ever read, bordering on overwritten even. The comedy is hit or miss, but it got me chuckling a few times when I was reading. 

Overall, I'd say this story is more than worth a read. It's not of the same quality as The Simulacrum, but it's still really enjoyable.