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Indefinite HIATUS.


Life on Earth was nearly eradicated in World War III, and since World War III, wars have been fought inside an MMORPG.

In the chaos following World War III, the Patriarch of the Church of the Resurrection rebuilt Earth's society into a collection of over 500 independent city-states. With alien technology that gave him complete control over the Earth's orbital space, the Patriarch outlawed war, and introduced the Constructed Reality MMORPG Primacy Online. He only allowed the city-states to engage in military conflicts with one another inside of the game. City-state leaders that attempted to ignore Church Canon were destroyed, along with their armies, by the Church's orbital particle cannons. For more than a thousand years, there have been no wars fought on the Earth's soil.

The release of Primacy Online VI: Legacy of Balor signals the beginning of World War IX. Each city-state will lock 50,000 draftees into cryogenic capsules and upload their minds into a character sheathe in the game. Until the armistice conditions have been reached, they will play Primacy Online in War Mode, with the death of the character sheathes meaning their real deaths, but this time there is a twist to the World War. Every still living perma-banned cheater from Primacy Online will be a special draftee for World War IX. They will be organized into a special contingent in the service of the Church of the Resurrection.

Patrick Armagh is terminally ill. Like a large number of other Primacy Online players, he is afflicted with an incurable nervous system disorder. He has less than five years to live and should be exempted from the draft, but five years ago, he was given a permanent ban from Primacy Online for cheating. Along with the other perma-banned cheaters, he will be forced to play Primacy Online VI: Legacy of Balor in War Mode, but Patrick's actual method of cheating was never discovered by the Church.

Morgan Danan, Speaker of the City of Mann, and the acknowledged number one player of Primacy Online has deal for Patrick. With her help and his undiscovered cheat, he has the chance to become a virtual God within Primacy Online. When you are already as good as dead, there is nothing better than the chance to spend your last days as a living god.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Soul of Goodness & Kindness

4th Anniversary
Word Smith (VI)
Toplist #1000
Village Head (IV)
I Am Ascending (VI)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Book 1: The Cheater's Return: Prologue ago
Book 1: Prologue 2 ago
Book 1: Prologue 3 ago
Book 1: Prologue 4 ago
Book 1: 1.1 - A New Start 1 ago
Book 1: 1.2 - A New Start 2 ago
Book 1: 1.3 - A New Start 3 ago
Book 1: 2.1 - Follow the Dolly 1 ago
Book 1: 2.2 - Follow the Dolly 2 ago
Book 1: 2.3 - Follow the Dolly 3 ago
Book 1: 2.4 - Follow the Dolly 4 ago
Book 1: 2.5 - Follow the Dolly 5 ago
Book 1: 3.1 - Tomb in the Mountain ago
Book 1: 3.2 - Tomb in the Mountain 2 ago
Book 1: 3.3 - Tomb in the Mountain 3 ago
Book 1: 3.4 - Tomb in the Mountain 4 ago
Book 1: 4.1 - Barrow Island ago
Book 1: 4.2 - Barrow Island 2 ago
Book 1: 4.3 - Barrow Island 3 ago
Book 1: 4.4 - Barrow Island 4 ago
Book 1: 5.1 - Inheritance of Crom Cruach ago
Book 1: 5.2 - Inheritance of Crom Cruach 2 ago
Book 1: 5.3 - Inheritance of Crom Cruach 3 ago
Book 1: 5.4 - Inheritance of Crom Cruach 4 ago
Book 1: 6.1 - Barrow Raiding ago
Book 1: 6.2 - Barrow Raiding 2 ago
Book 1: 6.3 - Barrow Raiding 3 ago
Book 1: 7.1 - Carrying a Noob ago
Book 1: 7.2 - Carrying a Noob 2 ago
Book 1: 7.3 - Carrying a Noob 3 ago
Book 1: 7.4 - Carrying a Noob 4 ago
Book 1: 7.5 - Carrying a Noob 5 ago
Book 1: 8.1 - Ruins of Games Past ago
Book 1: 8.2 - Ruins of Games Past 2 ago
Book 1: 8.3 - Ruins of Games Past 3 ago
Book 1: 8.4 - Ruins of Games Past 4 ago
Book 1: 8.5 - Ruins of Games Past 5 ago
Book 1: 9.1 - Holy Crusaders ago
Book 1: 9.2 - Holy Crusaders 2 ago
Book 1: 9.3 - Holy Crusaders 3 ago
Book 1:10 - Bounty Targets ago
Book 1: Notice ago

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A good start but needs some editing

The 2 main characters so far are rather refreshing with how different they are looks wise compared to most MC's. And the rather unique worlds have really given the story and the characters some depth.

First minor flaw is the mention of rolls (as in dice rolls) when deciding the outcomes of certain things doesn't really fit. Along with this is the mention of how he isn't doing enough damage to cut through certain things, which I would feel would be better off with just saying they have thicker skin or something. I also feel the numbers you are using for xp and health and stats are going up way too fast. They are only level 10 and already have stats in the hundreds and xp in the thousands. Tone it back a bit or you will be dealing with numbers in the millions by the time they are like level 40.

But the major flaw is the grammar. This book is in serious need of a proofreader/editor. Even a simple re-read by the author before posting should let them spot tons of glaring typos and mixed up words.

  • Overall Score
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The story's extremely interesting and so far the plot seems very unique. The characters are also extremely lifelike and believable. The only problem is that the grammer could be a lot better, nothing that couldn't be solved by an editor and still good for royalroad though. 

Burning Love
  • Overall Score

Great story so far. Looking forward to reading the rest. Really enjoyed the Path of Transcendence as well.

  • Overall Score
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The story is good so far. (I'm only at 2.3 at the moment.)

However it could use some editing. There are a few grammar issues, but the more frequent problem is the syntax issue. An attentive readthrough will help spot those issues.

if help yw
  • Overall Score

Great!!! I enjoy fantasy books that make me think about the world inside it, and this one is really interesting.