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A chimera slowly regains memories of its past life as a human in a nonmagical world.  While he is in part James Borland, temp office worker who was on the verge of being converted to permanent, he is also a savage beast who gains strength by consuming flesh of various creatures.

The more he remembers, the larger the effect his old persona has on his actions, which is often at odds with his instincts as a beast that seeks only to consume prey to become stronger.


Updates: Chimera will updatetwo to three times each week.

Disord server: https://discord.gg/WT4J9hg

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Michael Dale

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  • Overall Score

interesting story with an main character who really is a monster and doesnt become a human after two chaps and everything is forgotten :P looking forward to it, the writing style is nice aswell~

  • Overall Score

Really unique story with more unique Mc

Well I've been looking for this kind of story for along time, it's just that others so called monsters Mc are 100% human and do human thinking and stuff. But this one is different, while we have beast that awekens some part of it's past memories it's still a beast just alot of smarter than rest of it's kind. I like the idea how his human past influences him on becoming more human like and smarter but it would be nice that his beast side would influence human side as well . Like now he can't eat humans because of human side, but I think that it would be better that he does eat them to increase understanding of their magic and techniques, it could be that mc does that unwillingly but point is that he still consume them for increasing his powers.

Well we will see how it develops latter on, just don't fuck it by making him human like, cause human in monster form is boring to read, beast who is in human form is much more interesting and unique to read.

Sorry for bad English.

  • Overall Score

So far its been a really enjoyable ride and the progress of the character has been something I can enjoy watching happen.

The lurking world beyond the MC's view is also slowly and slightly hinted at and so far I'm liking the other characters as well even though we haven't had much time with them but there is plenty of time for that.

Pale imitation
  • Overall Score

Quality read, oddly I can not find any real flaws

Sometimes I suspect that ESL teachers send their students here to learn english. However not with this story! Excellent grammar, syntax, and pacing. Characters are believable and interesting. There is also a different take on the 'MC in another world' which is most welcome.

  • Overall Score

A Decent (but still flawed) Story

To the credit of the author, as to the revision of the 1st two chapters, I have updated the review score...  that said however, the beginning is still flawed. A non sentient being isn't going to be info dumping in first person. It's better than it was, but if you are really insisting on info dumping in the first several chapters, use a third person narration to introduce the story.

If you insist on keeping 1st person only, let me give you an analogy with what I find wrong.  if i wrote a story about a great dane, in first person. And the scenario is that his owner brought home a chihuahua. The Great Dane wouldn't think "my owner brought home a chihuahua today, it's such an inferior breed of dog compared to I, a great dane!" Because it wouldn't even recognize it's a chihuahua, or that it's even a dog perhaps. Sure I could personify it with, "my owner brought home this... thing.. it's so small, and it wont shut up! It keeps yipping, at everything! I'm supposed to share my home with this barking rat?".

Generally you can "show" everything with a little nuance, show how the chimeras different with its interactions with other chimeras, show the intelligence of the being by showing scenarios in which his behavior is different from others. Since only humans really do the whole self reflection bit...

Anyways, hope this helps! Keep it up!

  • Overall Score

Really like your story 

It feels like something fresh and not like the same old story 

hope you continue with the story looking forward to reading more of it 

Keep up the good work 

human 000
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Unique story with unique monster(mc)

It is good novel and it has interesting story and mc but I believe the author will need to but a lot of effort so that he can great his own unique setting and he needs to plan for future  chapters by writing up 10 to 20 chepters so that he can know what will happen and make his chapter longer so one can feel like he ate full course meal 🥘 👌💯

  • Overall Score

Love and can't wait for more!! I hope you will continue to write more and don't drop it.

  • Overall Score

It good. I'ma write an actual review later cause I need to sleep but you did good mr.author, you did good.

  • Overall Score

Interesting Premise and a Solid Start

Love the premise and seems to be going in a interesting direction. I look forward to getting more and seeing how the chimera changes both physically and mentally.