Aunder’s castle…






The execution of Aunder’s plans for Satovia grew closer and he would not fail. Really, the plans were more for what was beyond Satovia than the realm itself. The world of the gods, the land of gold as they called it. Aunder wanted to crush it all.

He looked at his core Forgotten Party members, all wearing Reaper’s cloaks of different colors.
Aunder was dressed in his usual black. Dire the apprentice wore red, standing at his side. Facing him were the others. Terrance the strongest psychic wore dark green, Tiffia in purple, Kaymen the Devourer sported orange, Su Yang white, Julius had gray, and Momo was dressed in light blue.

“From now on, you will be known as my Reapers of the Forgotten Party,” Aunder said before pulling out a flask and taking a drink. “Now off you go in pairs to do as I planned.” He looked at Momo and Julius. “Remember, after this is all said and done, I’ll undo the bond. But if you cross me, I’ll ignite it. And you both will die. Don’t make me do such a terrible thing.” He addressed the party. “We’ll all have a meeting once a week in astral form, through Terrance. Make sure you find a decent place for an hour during that time.”

Aunder’s reapers were paired as the following: Dire and Su Yang, Terrance and Tiffia, Kaymen and Oliva, and Julius and Momo. Each of them was assigned a task and expected to carry it out flawlessly.

Aunder helped them with training; however, these handpicked reapers were already incredibly talented.


When Aunder entered his room, he found Su Yang there waiting for him. She kissed the man before he could get a word out. Love-making followed afterwards.

“You’d better not bring another girl here while I’m away,” Su Yang said after the climax.

Aunder laughed, caressing her head, pulling her closer to him. The woman had grown on the esper.

“And you’d better get back to me with not a scratch on you,” Aunder said to her.

Su Yang huffed. “Who do you think I am?”





Monday. Week 2. Month 3. Year 1. Season: Winter.


[Satovian Universal Calendar: Domino, 46389]


[School: Winter Break. Day 17 of 30.]


[Current declared fiancée(s): Melody, Alice, Tear, Harumi, Chika, Natalia, Kitome, Yuki, Tessa, Ruri.]


[Expecting: Harumi, Alice, Kitome. Time left: Harumi, kitsune- 5 months till due. Alice, half-demoness, half-angel: 5 months till due. Kitome, human: 9.3 months. Kitome: week 2, day 2. Harumi: week 3, day 4. Alice: week 3, day 2.]





Clyde just knew it was early in the morning. He could feel his fiancées passed out beside him, just as naked and snuggled beneath the covers. Today’s agenda would consist of grinding as much as possible and the meeting with Chiyo, her sisters, and Liru. Well that meeting would take place in the afternoon.


Clyde also had a bad habit of putting off things. Every time he had something planned, one of his many women would completely change his mind. It was time to put his foot down, be firm. Right now, no one and he mean absolutely no one could steal his newfound determination.


He opened his eyes to see Amina above him, eyes worried.

“We need to talk,” she said.

“If it’s about what happened yesterday, I’m sorry,” Clyde said. “When Team Stone parties, we party hard. Sometimes—”

“I don’t mean about that,” Amina snapped, blushing heavily.

“Ugh, who’s being so loud,” Alice groaned.

“How can you possibly have a hangover,” Amina said to the half-demoness. “You’ve only had like one sip of alcohol. Then Tear took it away, reminding you about the baby.”

“She’s really weak to it,” Harumi said, snuggling into Clyde, wrapping her fox tail around the young man. Ruri did the same on his left, grinding against his leg a little. Tear’s tail wrapped around his morning wood, stroking at a steady pace.

Amina pulled Clyde out of the nestle of bliss. “We don’t have time for this. Emergency meeting, now.”

The young man sighed. “Fine. You heard the woman. Shower, bath, meeting.” He saw his folded, ironed clothes of the day waiting on the dresser for him. Despite the previous night, Yuki still carried out her intentions without missing a beat. She walked into the room when Clyde finished bathing and brushing up, dressed in her usual maid outfit.

“Breakfast is waiting,” she said as she undressed then promptly crawled back into bed. “Give me the highlights on the meeting.”

“I wish I could join you,” Clyde said. Fortunately, the bath did take away most of the tiredness. Yuki’s breakfast would take care of the rest.

“Harumi,” Clyde said under his breath. “Do you mind making sure she’s okay?”

“I can hear you,” Yuki said, “and I’m not sick if that’s what you’re thinking. I plan to relax a little. The Stone Maidens and my girls did all of the chores this morning. I’m also currently adding some magic to the barrier, so it will take me a few.”

Clyde nodded. “Take the rest of the day off.”

“You know I’m not,” she said. The kuudere demoness continued to stare back at him until he gave up.

“We’ll be at the meeting,” Clyde said then kissed Yuki. Caressing her face, the young man said, “I love you.”

Yuki fainted.

“Yuki?” Clyde said. “See, I knew she was tired.” Amina, Melody, and Kitome’s shocked expressions still took a bit of time to go away.

“Pervy husbando, I love you too,” Natalia said as she dashed into the room, anime-diving into the young man, snuggling her face into his chest.

“Natalia can’t be the only one stealing the love,” Melody suddenly said, then dove into Clyde, kissing him.

Amina cleared her throat. “Breakfast. Then meeting. Now. This is important.”

The urgency in her voice made them hop into action. Clyde gave Melody’s soft ass a squeeze before they crawled out of the bed to go to breakfast.


After breakfast, almost everyone gathered into the boardroom, including the Rose dragon sisters and Liru.

“We have a huge developing problem,” Amina said. “Who here has heard of the Thousand Year Dragon?”

“Me!” Natalia said cheerfully.

“The god of the dragons,” Liru said grudgingly.

“Not of the dragons,” Aimi said. “Just the cult and the Soulless family. “And that’s led by the Disciple.”

“I can feel the presence of the dragon god,” Amina said. “She’s close. At least two nations away. It’s faint, but I know Emyo’s flow of intense magic anywhere. She’s like a sun, radiating heat to the nearby planets. I’m not sure if she’s headed this way or preparing to pass by, but we DO NOT want to draw her attention. Liru and Harumi would surely be attacked.”

“Are you serious? The fucking Thousand Year’s that close? If she’s supposed to be a nexus of power, well, I don’t feel a thing,” Clyde said.

“You need to have a very specific ability to sense her wavelength of magic, especially from this far out,” Amina said. “Listen everyone. She’s not someone we can fight. If she gets too close, I highly urge us to go to Terravon until she leaves. Or not cast magic for the entire day. Not even accidentally.”

Clyde nodded, humoring the sorceress. “You got it. Thanks for the warning by the way.”

Amina simply sniffed. “You should express your gratitude by training in Stone-Tokken.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Clyde said. “Anyway, I’ve got a few things to do.”

He started out the door, feeling the curious women’s pursuit.

“Clyde,” Chika called. “Come check this out. Clyde?”

The young man closed the front door behind him. Must not get distracted!

“Pervy-nii!” Natalia cheered from a few yards away. The young man sighed. And then an evil grin emerged on his face. No, he wouldn’t run—fuck that. Clyde didn’t realize the Gin smile on his face as he looked at the loli.

She gulped. “Uhmm, I’ll just come back later.”

He snatched her and Naoko up before they could take off. Not that the kuudere loli resisted. She didn’t seem to care about the predicament, choosing to rest in his arms.

“You’re making this less evil by being adorable, kid,” Clyde said to Naoko.

When he opened the door with telekinesis, he presented Chika with the same evil smile. She gave him a sheepish smile.

“Naoko, dial up Toru,” Clyde said. “Team Stone, we’re going to do some hardcore training. I think Natalia and Naoko will think of something nice.”

“Yay!” chanted the lolis.


Airi flinched upon hearing Clyde call her name. She almost made it into the hall. Amina actually laughed, amused by the sudden playful military-like attitude the young man presented to his team. That and Airi had always been a bundle of humor.

Clyde continued. “Airi, go let our hornet friends know that we’re coming and that I expect a greeting from Ai Tel Nekta. That name’s too long—”

“She shall for now on be known as Ai-chan,” Natalia interrupted.

“Or you could just call her Ai,” Clyde deadpanned.

“I like Ai-chan, Onii-sama,” Naoko said, her calm kuudere voice, which lacked emotion, pulling his attention.

“Not you too. You guys can call her whatever you want, I’m just sticking with plain and simple,” Clyde said.

“Onii-sama, I believe that is called being a party pooper,” Naoko said. That silenced the entire room as everyone turned to look at her. She simply stared back with kuudere eyes.

Clyde sighed and let it go. She didn’t know better. Or maybe she did, but wasn’t quite good at expressing herself.

He looked at Kitome.

“What?” the tsundere said, turning away with her cheeks puffed into a pout.

“Nothing,” Clyde said. “Just thinking about how cute you were when you transf—”

Kitome anime-dove into him, covering his mouth, blushing heavily.

“Don’t bring up weird stuff,” she quickly said. “What’s the deal with the training? Are we going to beat up some hornets?”

“I’m pretty sure Natalia’s far more creative than that,” Clyde said. The loli-witch placed her hands on her tiny hips and gave Kitome a smug grin.

“Meanie girl, I hope you’re ready to feel the burn,” Natalia said.

“I’ll show you some burn,” Kitome said in a threatening voice, which made the loli instinctively launch herself into Harumi. She stuck her tongue out at the magical girl.

“Let’s not start the day getting on each other’s nerves,” Clyde said. “Anyway.” He paused as Misaka and Ming entered the front room. “Awesome. I take it Airi has spread the word.”

“Yeah,” Ming said. “Good thing Tear bought me these new running shoes.”

“I hope you’re all ready to get strong,” Clyde said. “Natalia’s not going to hold back.”

“I hope it’s running,” Ruri said, ears perked up, tail wagging.

“Nya, you guys have fun,” Chesire said, loafing about on the sofa with Neko and Ako.

“Ako, could you whack some sense into those two and bring them along,” Clyde said. “We could also use your samurai advice.”

“Sure thing, Lord Stone,” Ako said. She grabbed a newspaper.

“Nyya, wait, I yield,” Neko said. Her sister still whacked both she and Chesire on the heads with the rolled-up newspaper.

“We’d like to join too, if you don’t mind, Clyde-sama,” Chiyo said, entering his personal bubble. “Please take me.” The room froze. “As your pupil.”

“I won’t say no,” he said. His horny urges continued to stir, imploring him to get Chiyo into a room for a late-morning cookie. She was all over him until Ming pulled her back, cheeks puffed into a pout.

Chiyo seemed completely oblivious to her jealousy.

Eventually the rest of Team Stone arrived. Noona…brought guests. Well, technically they arrived a minute before the busty blonde demoness, but the young man needed to place the blame somewhere. Selkie, Myriad, and the edge lord had appeared.

“The great lord of the dark approves of your decision to train,” Dark said. “You never know when monsters will attack. But fear not for I will give you my protection and join you on this endeavor.”

Even Princess Kaguya shot Dark a blank stare, opinion of him dropping.

“Dummy blond, I think I’d rather be stuck with you on an island over that one,” Natalia said.

Seth sighed. “Please don’t lump me in with him, brat-dudedette.”

“It’s always a pleasure to see you, Selkie,” Clyde said. “Can I hope this is a normal visit?”

Selkie smothered Clyde with a nice breast-filled hug. “I wish things were that simple. We’ll talk at your training grounds.”

“We have guests waiting for us there,” Clyde said. “Assuming Airi contacted them.”

“Sure did,” Airi said. “Through Druidry. Man, they really are scrambling. I almost feel sorry for them.”

Clyde shrugged. “Pecking order. Besides, remember the good ole days of them always attacking on sight.”

“I know right,” Alice said. “I forgot how much of a stress reliever it is for my demon blood, beating them up from time to time.”

A drop of sweat fell from the back of Selkie’s head as she chuckled. Harumi softly facepalmed.

“And that’s why she’s cute,” Tear said. “Now let’s go. The temperatures are supposed to drop heavily late afternoon and I want to be done before then.”

“I’m with her,” Kanako agreed.

“Same,” Undine said. “Maybe we should go to the hot springs after training.”

“Not a bad idea,” Sazuki said. “I need to take my mind off the piles of student council work from the upcoming semester.”

Kiko sighed. “I sure hope you don’t end up like Professor Hinako.”

“What about me?” Hinako and Tetra stepped out of the dark elf’s car. Tetra waved.

“Sorry we’re late,” Tetra said.

Clyde gave them both a Gin smile. “Oh no, you’re right on time. And I’m confident Tear has everything magically prepared for those two, right? Training is going to be sweaty. The hot springs will be perfect to brace for the upcoming temperature drops.”

Hinako and Tetra both shot him a Toru-approved blank stare. Hell, even Toru joined them in on it.

“Sure hope Thousand Year Dragon talk doesn’t ruin this day,” Selkie said, causing Clyde to sigh.

“A little late on that aspect, I’m afraid,” he replied in a deadpan voice.


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