Lot City, Yaponiya…


Kitome’s mother was all over Kitome and Yusuke after dinner, asking them many motherly questions.

That aside, it turned out that Saki, the ex-dark priest recruited from Niyoto into Tear’s network, accidentally messaged some parents. A “silly” mistake like that would definitely not go well with his succubus fiancée. Team Stone couldn’t afford them.

Fortunately, everything seemed well. Figures like Professor Hinako of the number one college in the nation, famous Detective Tetra, Princess fucking Kaguya of Alon and her android servant Dera, kept the interest of Chika’s father. His manners remained humble. Of course with so many beautiful women around, maybe the old man didn’t want to stand out as the dinner’s asshat.

Eventually everyone left, although Misaka’s mother seemed to want to know everything about Clyde. Same for Kitome’s mom too.

Team Stone looked exhausted, many helping to clean up or offering their assistance to Yuki. Those who didn’t live in the house headed home for the night, except for Noona, who insisted on staying over. Clyde was relieved she didn’t invite the edge lord over, but the young man would probably hear from their group the next day. Just what were they doing in Yaponiya?

Clyde glanced at Chesire. In the living room, she seemed to be in a heated debate with Neko over…catnip brands. Ako, dressed in a shrine maiden outfit or the miko, sat seiza-style, watching them and sipping tea.

“How did I end up with so many women in here?” Clyde said softly. He checked his luck stat. Four twenty. Sure, it was a little high for his level, but so was pretty much everything else.

A knock on the door interrupted his thoughts. Oh please don’t be the edge lord, the young man thought.

It wasn’t.

“Clyde-sama!” Chiyo anime-dove into him. Behind her were Kimiko and Aimi, her sisters as well as Liru. The rose dragons paying a visit from the other side of the world…

The young man allowed the scent of delicious perfume and the feeling of large soft breasts smother him. He could never get tired of this. Okay, so maybe he was one horny motherfucker. Who could blame him, really?

“Pervy cheater nii!” Natalia forced her way in between the two. “Go get your own, you lizard.”

Chiyo’s Gin smile came as a surprise.

“Harumi,” Natalia said as she dove into Liru. “Chiyo’s bullying…Wait, you’re not Harumi. But you’re just as nice. And smell nice.” She snuggled into her breasts.

Liru smiled, petting the loli. “Sorry for imposing,” she said to Clyde.

“Yeah, sorry,” Chiyo said.

“You’re fine,” Clyde said. “You’re welcomed over here anytime.”

He gave a non at Kimiko and Aimi. Both blushed, although Kimiko being the tsundere that she was, turned her head in that familiar manner.

“Liru?” Harumi exited the hall to hug and greet her big sister.

“Where’s Naoko?” Chiyo said. “Oh there she is.” She left Clyde’s embrace to pick up the kuudere loli. “You’re so cute, I’ve missed you.”

Clyde expected Fuyoko to glare in jealousy, but the girl with blue-green hair only agreed with the dragon.

“She’s the cutest.”

Clyde needed to find a way to max out his stats to protect this peace. Everyone getting along, preparing for the upcoming semesters, eating together, and just enjoying what life had to offer. He did not want another group like the inquisition coming in to cause another tragedy. The sting of that would probably haunt him for the rest of his life.

He switched the territory system from “lite” alerts to full—something he learned recently. The lite mode tracked threats and powerful beings only. There were a few in the city that he personally kept tabs on and had both Tear and Noona’s networks monitor. He also kept tabs on the mayor, mostly through Tetra. However, knowing that Misaka was the daughter of the freaking Yakuza boss, he no longer knew what to think in that aspect. Maybe the mayor made the right call to work with the goons. Maybe he didn’t. Misaka was a kind phoenix girl. If her father actually planned something bad, the young man doubted she’d keep that secret.



[Current Lot City stats. Crime rate: 3%, low. Emergency: none. Citizen happiness: good. Current concern: none.]


[Congratulations. Citizen happiness has increased from decent to good. Increasing such a stat is incredibly difficult in the modern times.]


Clyde yawned, a little surprised at his tiredness. It was just a little past nine-thirty.

“We can talk about things in the morning,” Chiyo said. “That is, if you don’t mind us staying over.”

Airi popped into the room, Matsume at her side. She held up a bottle of booze. Harumi softly facepalmed.

“That’s my best friend everyone,” Harumi deadpanned. Tetra, who hadn’t left yet due to helping out Tear, emerged from the hall laughing.

“That Toru,” she said to Kitome. “Did the goat really...” she paused upon noticing everyone. “Oh hello, Chiyo, Liru, and her little sisters.”

Chiyo put Naoko down. “Hi Tetra. We were about to start a drinking party. Clyde-sama’s doing the honors.”

Clyde flinched.

“Unless you don’t want to,” Yuki surprisingly said, giving him a challenging pouty face.

“I’ll do it,” Alice said, but Clyde quickly snatched the bottle. “I think I was the one elected here.” He looked at the glass, noting that was in fact one of Yuki’s strongest. One they’d had before.

“I’m going upstairs to the library,” Natalia said. “I don’t feel like dealing with a bunch of drunks.”

Naoko followed her, Loli Saga manga in hand.

Clyde raised the bottle and looked at the Stone Maidens. “Everyone, welcome the lovely maidens to the team. Ichika, arc priestess, right? And the High maidens being Megu, Emi, Jae, and Yumi.” He allowed himself to be impressed at actually remembering their names. Well, he almost called Emi, Ina…She shall never know.

Yuki filled his cup to the brim, ignoring his blank glare. The smell of fruit and demonic alcohol licked the young man’s nostrils. Isn’t this a little too much? he thought.

Clyde boldly down the sweet nectar of death. Airi took the bottle from him.

“Don’t be stingy, everyone drink up,” she said. Matsume laughed.

“Tomorrow, we’ll—” he hiccupped. The alcohol seemed to be taking effect right away. Emerging from Ming’s room, Misaka and Ming joined everyone in the front, curious about all of the commotion. The poor phoenix girl didn’t see Airi coming, ticking the girl, and then pouring booze down her throat. She immediately flushed with drunkenness. The shy persona vanished, bringing everyone the angry side of her.

“Is this all you’ve got?” Misaka barked. “Such weak stuff!”

“I see someone can’t hold down her liquor,” Airi said, passing the phoenix girl another cup.

Clyde attempted to slip away for some water, but what he didn’t know was that the women anticipated that. Yuki, Maki, and Sophia stood in front of the kitchen path. He wouldn’t get around them no matter how much he tried.

Misaka lit the top of her drink on fire with just a thought. Before she could foolishly drink it, the fire snuffed out.

“She’s so adorable,” Airi said as she released her magic. She bent Misaka over on her knee. “Bad girl. We can’t have you burning down the house.”

“Let me go,” Misaka snapped. “And give me more to drink.”

Grinning widely, Tear smacked her ass. The phoenix yelped. Tear delivered the second smacking, succubus magic induced into the blow which caused Misaka to moan loudly.

Tessa peeked out from the hall, shook her head at the commotion, and then proceeded back to the room. Or at least she tried to. A drink Alice pulled her deep into the center of the party.

“Come on Tessa, don’t be left out,” she said, blushing. She giggled. “It’s nice, being with everyone.”

Clyde turned back to see Tear bent over this time and Misaka rubbing her own ass, eyes teary.

“Clyde,” Tear said, drunkenness oozing from her in waves. She clearly had something stronger. That or started as early as Airi and Matsume. “Punish me.”

Before the young man could do anything else, a drunken Ichika, teamed up with Chika, ripped his clothes off.

“Me too!” Alice chanted and stripped. Clyde, trying to gain a little control of the situation tripped over something, falling right onto Misaka. Misaka just happened to be on all fours, also naked after angrily joining in the half-demoness’s rave.

Attempting to get up, Clyde’s wood slipping inside the phoenix. Due to Tear’s succubus magic, she was already wet. And tight. The lights snuffed out and music turned on, drowning out Misaka’s moan.

“Sorry,” Clyde said, as he tried to get up.

“No, keep going,” she said. “It feels good.”

Clyde was not about to take advantage of a drunk girl. Fuck that. And what would literally everyone watching him think. However, that didn’t stop Misaka from going all phoenix on him. He tried to stand, hoping to offer her a hand, show her that he was a team leader worth trusting and not some scumbag desperate for sex. Tear’s nice ass had his attention for that.

Fiery wings burst from Misaka’s back. She had…became some kind of phoenix hybrid, like an angel infused with the sunset.

In a flash she tackled Clyde to his back, kissing him while attempting to mount. The lights flickered back on in time, distracting her long enough for the young man to slip away from her. She’d wake up the next morning full of shame. And Clyde’s chance to build a relationship with her would be lost forever.

`Tetra, pulled him into her. “I saw the whole thing.” She licked her lips. “You’re a good man, Clyde.” She wasn’t naked, but dressed in a short gray dress. Clyde’s wood was right on her stomach.

“What’s this, willingly joining the harem?” Tear said. Before Tetra could say anything, the succubus’s tail shoved inside her. The dark elf let out a moan as she clenched her fists and made a pleasurable expression. Which turned into embarrassment, then a glare as Tear removed her tail. “I can allow Clyde to finish you off.”

“I will not let you run this, succubus,” Tetra said as she got up, juices leaking down her leg. Her haste to the restroom made Tear laugh.

Clyde turned around to see more of the women stripping. Good thing the loli’s left the party before it truly began. Did they anticipate this?

Melody anime-dove into Clyde, sliding his wood into her, and riding while yelling, “ride me, my knight in shining armor.”

“Melody! Melody!” Tear and Airi chanted.

Clyde shrugged and just enjoyed himself. He almost released inside of Melody, but Ruri pulled her away just in time.

“My turn! And I want head pats later.”

“This isn’t a sex party you know,” Tessa said.

“I’ve should’ve invited Sazuki and Kiko,” Tear said. “Sazuki’s cuteness will be amazing to watch as she gets embarrassed. Kiko will probably drain our Clyde dry.”

The music suddenly shut off. Clyde still rode Ruri and then immediately gunned for Tear afterward.

The sex with her was so intense that everyone paused to watch. He considered giving in and just blasting into the succubus. In the end, the young man decided that he’d leave that to one-on-one sex. He already had her consent. Yuki’s too. Not that he’s try to have a million children or anything… But he loved his women. He also admired their hopes and wishes, respected them. That which being a mother included. Goddammit anime.

“Dog pile on Clyde,” Matsume shouted. And in the commotion, the young man felt his shaft slip inside her. Shrugging, he happily satisfied the hellhound while sucking the breasts of a random woman above.

“Will we be okay to work in the morning, Clyde-sama?” Chiyo said after the dog pile cleared up half an hour later. He was sure he satisfied most of them with his fingers, tongue, and hell, maybe even toes.

“Maybe the afternoon,” Clyde laughed. He’d for sure do a little grinding for his skills.


[Ki increased. Tear, Matsume, Yuki, Harumi, Ruri, Ming, Airi, Chika, Melody, Neko.]


Kanako lazily floated into the living room, asleep.

“She’s…sleeping in midair,” he deadpanned.

Ako, Princess Kaguya, Dera, and Amina only stayed for the opening half of the party before exiting; however, Clyde knew they had to have heard all of the commotion. He’d talk to his deck leader in the morning, hopefully clear up some of the embarrassment, get her forgiveness, blame it on the alcohol.


Amina’s room…

Amina removed her fingers from herself, flushed, and finishing. She got a good glimpse of Clyde making love to the women. That sparked something within. A longing.

How could she call herself the wisest sorceress if she couldn’t contain something like desire? But Clyde…courted her and in his eyes were hope. She didn’t know what for until this moment. Or at least…maybe that was her own hope reflected back at her.

A hope to no longer be stuck as a lonely sorceress… A lonely woman.

She flinched, pulling herself together. Now was not a time to be like this. The energy of the outside world tickled her personal barrier.

It was then that she felt…the faint lure of Emyo. Or what the people of this realm called the Thousand Year Dragon.

A being powerful enough to trouble the gods in Celestial. And…she walked the planes of Satovia, under the Supreme Demon Lord’s influence.

That was someone that not even Clyde should encounter. That lure…so close. Less than two nations away.

Amina paled. Oh no.


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