Remember the Abyss to the Blackness from book 1? You remember those tentacles >: D *ahem* Jk. [3 votes]
O_O hopefully it doesn't spawn (the abyss thing.) How in the hell are they supposed to fight it?
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Kind of terrifying actually. What happened to those harpies? Literally never heard from again.*shudders*
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^Just going to not think about that. Happy thoughts. Natalia! Ruri!
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Neko's back! Woo! Nya!
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Who wants the Stone and the Leaf to bond?
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^Get out. *Ahem* Sure hope Seth isn't trying to put the moves on the Stone's prophet.
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Only a matter of time before Natalia gets her dues. [Don't give me that blank stare, Author-sama XD]
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That sound purred in his ear, followed by a lick across the face, then someone nearly knocked him to the ground in an embrace.

“Neko?” Clyde said. “What are you doing here? I mean move, I’ve got to—”

“Oh this?” Neko held up Natalia with her tail.

“Let me go, you stupid cat! I should be making love with my Clyde, not—what are you doing? No, don’t tickle me there.”

While Neko distracted the loli, Clyde gathered his bearings. How did she know where he lived? The only possible answer was Ming and Tear—but wow what an embarrassing moment to catch him in. He observed the white-haired beauty. Cat ears, tail, and the “nya.” Same height as Harumi though mischievous to the bone. He wished the observer wasn’t bound to her clan’s rules—her immense power would make battles so much easier. The young man needed to figure out a way to convince her.

Abruptly, she was in his face.

“Nyaaa, I stopped by to talk,” Neko said. “I’ve missed you. And besides, Color-eyes told me you actually planned to visit. Nyaaa, you know that leaves many messages to a catgirl.” She caressed his chest.

Natalia barged in between the two.

“What do you want, you molester cat,” she said.

“Nya, so ungrateful. I cured you of that unwanted potion’s effects—”

“Oh that’s right,” Natalia interrupted then turned to Clyde. “Why do you have sex potions in your fridge? If you wanted to have sex, then you should’ve asked.”

“I had no idea—”

“I will not take no for an answer,” Natalia interrupted, grabbing his arm and pulling. “Let’s go to the bedroom and take care of your frustration, pervy-nii. Besides, you can’t keep a woman waiting. And regardless of form.”

Clyde yanked his arm away.

“She’s not cured,” he said. “It’s like she’s trying to get the FBI to spawn in my bedroom.”

Neko shrugged.

“I’m not sure if it’s the potion this time.”

Clyde started to pull Neko’s arm to escape but halted. The three minutes were up. He felt the loli charge a spell. An inescapable one. If caught, she’d rape him for sure.


[Warning: Natalia’s advances will continue to get much stronger each day. You are simply a fun challenge for her. Warning: continuingly denying the young woman will only increase your chances of being raped. She is a witch with many abilities, desu.]


“Onii-chan, I told you, I am a woman with needs,” she said. “Stop ignoring me. I am your right hand.”

“Yeah, yeah, kid, I heard you the twentieth time,” Clyde said while aiming a hand at Natalia. That prompt disturbed him. He noted that. He…fucking had a date with her the next day.


[You activated Binder’s hand.]


Blue tendrils of magic shot out of Clyde’s hand, wrapping around the loli like chains.

“Off to Alice you go,” Clyde said.

“She’s gunna be angry, nyaan,” Neko said.

“No! Let me go, pretty please,” Natalia said, giving him a look of loli innocence.

Blank stare in place, Clyde motioned for Neko to take control of the restrained loli witch. That tail!


Alice glared at Natalia. The loli grinned sheepishly, looking up at the twin-tailed girl, while in her lap. Ruri, Yuki, and Tear sat next to her in front of the large TV. Fancy large couch, giant TV: a magnet for the weary, Clyde thought.

“Well it’s true,” Natalia said. “I have—”

“Anyway Neko, what brings you here?” Clyde interrupted.

“As I’ve said, Color-eyes invited me,” she said then made a move toward the young man. Tear quickly hopped in his lap. She and the catgirl stared each other down for just a half-second, delivering a female-to-female secret message.

“Nya, naughty succubus,” Neko said, as she sat next to her. Tear chuckled.

“Just protecting him for my cousin,” she lied. Alice sighed.

“And this is why I ward the door at night,” the half-demoness said softly.

Tear leaned back, allowing Clyde’s erection to plunge through her silky black dress. She whispered to him.

“I’m your succubus. We both can take care of each other.”

Nya cleared her throat. Clyde coughed.

“Anyway, as I was saying,” the catgirl started. “I’m just visiting.”

“And?” Alice said. “We know your clan doesn’t give much room for social visits.”

“Fine, fine,” Neko snapped. “I’ve discovered a new giant Omen’s sphere. Sadly, it’s guarded by samurais. And they’re not the friendly sort, nya. Strong too.”

Clyde facepalmed.

“So you want us to charge into a samurai stronghold?”

“That’s just the gist of it,” the catgirl said. “Nyyyaaa, don’t pull my tail, you meany succubus.”

Tear moved a little, stimulating him. Clyde grunted.

“Anything else?” he quickly said. Alice turned her gaze to them. Tear froze, smiling innocently.

“Wellll,” Neko said. “They worship something called the Abyss to the Blackness. These particular sword freaks aren’t exactly human—and do the evil thing to the letter. I don’t know much about this abyss thing, but if I had to guess, maybe their god? Anyway, remember that first Omen’s sphere. How big it was, floating. This is another one of those, so you simply can’t ignore it.”

“And where is it located?” Tear said.

“In a dimensional rift six miles north of the city, nya,” Neko replied. “I’ll take you there whenever you’re ready. Call your party first, nyan!”

Clyde thought for a second.

“Let’s go on Sunday,” he said. “I’m going to tell Toru to get the training sessions started again.” He tapped Tear softly, indicating his need to stand. She didn’t move. When he increased pressure in an attempt to stand, she let out a gasp. Clyde froze, but to his luck, no one heard her. He tried to gently move her to the side, but the succubus held firm as if for dear life. “Hey Alice, could you demonstrate to Tear how you lifted Harumi into the air with your magic.”

“Sure, I guess, why?” Alice said.

“Don’t you dare—”

“Nya, should be interesting,” Neko said, interrupting Tear.

Alice used the force. Tear flailed as if desperately trying to swim back to Clyde.

“Put me down!” she said.

Clyde stood and started for the hall. Tear reached for him.

“You can’t leave me,” she said. Alice shook her head.

“Oh, lay off the dramatics,” Alice said. “Besides, he’s my Clyde.”

“He’s mine too,” Tear said in a defeated voice.

The young man managed to slip into the hall without being called out for his boner. He waited for it to settle down before knocking on Harumi’s door. She opened it, cheerful.

“I’ll be ready soon,” she said. “What’s taking you so long to get dressed? I thought men prided themselves about their dressing speed.”

Clyde laughed.

“Maybe. I’ve run into a little hiccup though. Oh, and Neko’s here.”

“Ah. What kind of bad news did she spill upon us,” Harumi said, pulling Clyde into the room and shutting the door. She leaned against him.

“Giant Omen’s sphere sighting guarded by deadly samurais,” he said in a deadpan voice. Harumi sighed.

“Please tell me you’re not here to cancel our date.”

“Nope,” he said, brightening her face. “We're tackling the samurai on Sunday. You don’t mind if your friend fights with us? If she’s strong, we could use her.”

He told her about the Abyss to the Blackness and the details of Sunday’s plan.

“A power level of four hundred sixty-four,” Harumi said, nearly breathless. “Clyde if that thing shows up, we’re dead.”

“You’re right, which is why I’m hoping Yuki will have a solution to keep it warded off,” Clyde said.

“To think something so scary lurks in our city,” the pink-haired girl said, clutching the young man’s shirt.

“It’s not as active as when the demon lord was around, you know, spawning monsters,” Clyde said.

“Maybe they were its source of food or something?” Harumi suggested.

“That’s a possibility,” Clyde said. “Anyway, I’ll talk with Yuki about it tomorrow. For now, let’s go enjoy ourselves.”

He kissed her then exited. Harumi flushed, smiling.



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Syr456 @Syr456 ago

: ( Tuesday/Thursday classes D:. After this semester though, I will be going FULL time, no college interference.


Syr456 @Syr456 ago

No lolis were lewded in the making of this chapter. Very Happy XD

white_rabbit @white_rabbit ago

FBI spawn-> spawning? not 100% sure there

Natalia will have her day! Probably after she gets forced out of loli mode by a curse or potion or something.


    Syr456 @Syr456 ago

    Fixed. "It's like she's trying to get the FBI to spawn in my bedroom" D: yep, going to proceed to get that dedicated editor haha.

    ~How far will Natalia's advances go...

Blargh The Orc @Blargh The Orc ago

Difference between loli-rape and rape by loli, one gets you in thrown in jail the other gets you laughed at by your friends and family.

Windborne @Windborne ago

Thanks for the chapter, am I the only one who thinks the Abyss might just be a really fucking powerful slime girl or something that is going to go after Toru? I mean that's one way of taking care of the problem >.> Just throw Toru at it.