A grey ball of dust and stone was swirling through space in a silent never-ending motion. Red light from an almost extinguished star illuminated it and its smaller brethren. Even if sound were possible in space, none would have been heard. The surface of the rock was, from a distance, smooth on one side and jagged like a broken tooth on the other. It looked like it used to be part of something bigger but got ripped out by incredible forces. The jagged side had both shiny faces and puckered rock like parts. Nothing but dust clung to it.

On the other side of the ball hills and valleys could be seen with occasional craters where small meteors had impacted and a single, lonely, mountain at one of the edges. On closer inspection, small rocks could be seen sticking to the surface of the mountain, as if they were being held there by an invisible force. A single thing stood out amongst the utter chaos. It was a square hole that was carved out of the bottom of the mountain.

Time kept going and so did the rock, until, as it sometimes does, coincidence struck. Specifically, it struck towards the square hole at the bottom of the mountain by means of a smaller rock. This tiny rock, that had spent the better part of its unconscious existence flying through the void of space as part of an asteroid belt that orbited the center of this galaxy, had been knocked out of place by another asteroid and was now heading towards this grey dusty ball.

The rock flew through the entrance in the mountain and disappeared from immediate view. Inside a big square room, the rock hit a similar square transparent crystalline surface. The rock shattered into many parts but on the crystal square not a single scratch could be discerned. Instead, it started glowing ever so softly. It kept on glowing, becoming brighter and brighter until it bathed the entire room in a strong yellow light.

The light kept on growing stronger until the crystal surface could not be seen anymore. Outside yellow light started pouring from the cracks in the mountain. Starting out almost unnoticeable, but gradually increasing in strength, the dust on the grey ball started to tremble, then slightly move. It began rolling and skidding towards the mountain, entering the cracks and going inwards towards the light. Soon the smaller rocks also started moving and following the dust, while the light became brighter still.

The movement of the grey ball, now radiating a bright yellow light, started to slow down until it hung motionless in space. After a moment all of its smaller brethren started moving around the ball, closing in on it.

The light became paler and paler and when it was almost white, the first of the grey balls smaller brethren smashed into the mountain. Unable to resist the impact the mountain started cracking open and large chasms appeared everywhere on the ball. When the second, and largest of its brethren hit the summit of the mountain, the grey ball burst under the strain. However, instead of breaking apart and floating off as one would expect, the bigger chunks of rock started heading inward as if the ball of dust was eating itself.

Within a small window of time all the rocks had disappeared and in their place, a massive glowing orb of light could be seen. Had it been possible to look from a far enough distance, one would have seen that in a dark part of space amongst many fading red lights, a bright light starting to illuminate its surroundings.

The nearest of the red lights, so close that it almost looked like a speck on the bright yellow light, got swallowed soon and everything was still once more.

Far from the bright light, compared at least to the small rocks or the no longer existing red light, six massive planetoids, that had been still for eons, started shifting. It began with the smaller ones, closer to the new star, slowly moving in a circular pattern around it. But eventually even the most massive of planetoids, an enormous blue glistening ball, couldn't resist the pull and began orbiting the new sun. This unfamiliar movement created cracks on the blue planets surface and slowly, smidgens of gas started leaking from the cracks.

Sometime passed again, when, on one of the planetoids, second from the sun, strange irregular shapes could be seen. The shapes, although infinitely small compared to the size of both the planets and the star, were many times bigger than most of the rocks on any of the other planetoids. None of the irregular shapes could be seen on any of the other planets including the yellow one closest to the sun nor the red one that ranked third. If one would have scrutinized the irregular shapes very closely, small movements would have been seen between them...

Shambling, with uneven movements, numerous grey dusty silhouettes where moving between the blocky broken pieces of hole-filled rock that decorated this lifeless landscape. Although some of these rectangular shaped blocks remained upright, most lay collapsed into empty heaps. Long stretches of flat broken stone seemed to pave the areas between them, while rubble and debris lay loosely scattered everywhere.


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Bio: I am mainly a reader, but at some point, I found that I wanted to try my hand at writing something. As it goes with these ideas, it never really happened, that is until LitRPG's showed up. Something about the concept and idea greatly appealed to me, but I couldn't find that many stories I enjoyed. So back in 2018 I began writing my first novel, Nothing but Bones. I finished it half a year later and started on Minlings, which is still being written and is a GameLit. For the NaNoWriMo of 2019, I wrote a short story called Again and again, which is influenced by GameLit. For NaNoWriMo of 2020 I started writing a story called Kernstalion, a full on hard system LitRPG.

As I am not a native English speaker, I expect you will find many weird mistakes, especially the phonetic pronunciation mixups. Things like, 'Look up at the sealing!' might happen.


[Upcoming release 2022] "Nothing But Bones 3: The Lethargic

On 21-07-2021, "Nothing But Bones: Undead AI: Part 1", released on Amazon and Kindle unlimited!

On 16-04-2021, "Nothing But Bones 2: The Chaos Rifts", released on Amazon and Kindle unlimited!

On 14 May 2020, "Nothing But Bones 1: The Wasteland", released on Amazon and Kindle unlimited!

On 10 September 2020, "Again and Again", released on Amazon and Kindle unlimited!

Stories on RR- updated 25-02-2021
Kernstalion [One chapter per week]
Minglings [Hiatus - Currently being edited and releasing on my Patreon]
Nothing but bones [Book 3 being released on RR]

Currently, Nothing but bones book 2 and 3 , and The undead AI: Part 1, are free to read on my Patreon.

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