The Cassidia Saga

The Cassidia Saga

by Sigurd

Roric is the only son in a family of farmers. He dreams to leave his village and break free from its rules of life. When a tragic event shakes the roots of his life he is left alone, almost dead and forced to confront his childish powerlessness. With the help of a mercenary band and a kind priest, he will deal with the shadows of the past and find his true strength.

The Cassidia saga is a sword and sorcery styled adventure. It spans several books. Updated on Tuesday and Friday.

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Table of Contents
96 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Book One - Prologue ago
Book One, Chapter 1: Tolwin, the mercenary priest ago
Book One, Chapter 2: An inspiring commander ago
Book One, Chapter 3: The city of granaries ago
Book One, Chapter 4: A matter of choices ago
Book One, Chapter 5: Duties of a recruit ago
Book One, Chapter 6: A timely incident ago
Book One, Chapter 7: A letter from home ago
Book One, Chapter 8: The shadows in Lowan's past ago
Book One, Chapter 9: Allies from the Capital ago
Book One, Chapter 10: At the court of the countess ago
Book One, Chapter 11: Life in a war camp ago
Book One, Chapter 12: Sweat and pain ago
Book One, Chapter 13: The horrors of battle ago
Book One, Chapter 14: Dinner for two ago
Book One, Chapter 15: A game changer ago
Book One, Chapter 16: Roric the mercenary ago
Book One, Chapter 17: Battle on the Rien ago
Book One, Chapter 18: The will to survive ago
Book One, Chapter 19: A rude awakening ago
Book One, Chapter 20: Return to Sinen ago
Book One, Chapter 21: Brother and sister ago
Book One, Chapter 22: Ancient knowledge ago
Book One, Chapter 23: The Eye of Judgment ago
Book One, Chapter 24: Friendship and guilt ago
Book One, Chapter 25: Back to the basics ago
Book One, Chapter 26: Trials and rituals ago
Book One, Chapter 27: Dedication ago
Book One, Chapter 28: A creepy feeling ago
Book One, Chapter 29: The secret of the mansion ago
Book One, Chapter 30: Old friends, new friends ago
Book One, Chapter 31: The pursuit ago
Book One, Chapter 32: A dangerous foe ago
Book One, Chapter 33: Battle preparations ago
Book One, Chapter 34: Horror in the ruins ago
Book One, Chapter 35: The last stand of the mercenaries ago
Book One, Chapter 36: A sad farewell ago
Book One, Chapter 37: The Paladins ago
Book One, Chapter 38: The road ahead ago
Book One, Chapter 39: A chance meeting ago
Book One, Chapter 40: Dominic ago
Book One, Chapter 41: My dream ago
Book One, Chapter 42: The mountainside village ago
Book One, Chapter 43: Home is where you feel safe ago
Book One, Chapter 44: Birthday wish ago
Book One, Chapter 45: A sick man ago
Book One, Chapter 46: One last request ago
Book One, Chapter 47: Family pyre ago
Book One, Chapter 48: Plans for the future ago
Book One, Chapter 49: Dark clouds on the horizon ago
Book One, Chapter 50: Opposite views ago
Book One, Chapter 51: Parting ways ago
Book One, Chapter 52: A reason to fight ago
Book One, Chapter 53: The warrior orphan ago
Book One, Chapter 54: The aftermath ago
Book One - Epilogue ago
Book Two - Prologue ago
Book Two, Chapter 1: Sebastian, King of Cassidia ago
Book Two, Chapter 2: In the Capital ago
Book Two, Chapter 3: First impression ago
Book Two, Chapter 4: Honour guard ago
Book Two, Chapter 5: Token princess ago
Book Two, Chapter 6: Talk in the night ago
Book Two, Chapter 7: The tournament ago
Book Two, Chapter 8: The sand of the arena ago
Book Two, Chapter 9: Marianne, the prodigy ago
Book Two, Chapter 10: Daughter of the King ago
Book Two, Chapter 11: Ambitions ago
Book Two, Chapter 12: Private talk ago
Book Two, Chapter 13: A Mage and her staff ago
Book Two, Chapter 14: The power of the Arcane ago
Book Two, Chapter 15: Princess duties ago
Book Two, Chapter 16: Norburg ago
Book Two, Chapter 17: The enemy returns ago
Book Two, Chapter 18: Roric, the prisoner ago
Book Two, Chapter 19: The King's decision ago
Book Two, Chapter 20: Friendship and doubt ago
Book Two, Chapter 21: A master from the far North ago
Book Two, Chapter 22: Princess in training ago
Book Two, Chapter 23: The trail of evil ago
Book Two, Chapter 24: Barden ago
Book Two, Chapter 25: True nature ago
Book Two, Chapter 26: Meetings ago
Book Two, Chapter 27: Memories of a royal guard ago
Book Two, Chapter 28: Step by step ago
Book Two, Chapter 29: The beginning of the end ago
Book Two, Chapter 30: War council ago
Book Two, Chapter 31: Hidden power ago
Book Two, Chapter 32: Converging paths ago
Book Two, Chapter 33: The ancient stronghold ago
Book Two, Chapter 34: The battle begins ago
Book Two, Chapter 35: Death in the fog ago
Book Two, Chapter 36: Friends reunited ago
Book Two, Chapter 37: The enemy breaks in ago
Book Two, Chapter 38: The duel ago
Book Two, Chapter 39: After the victory ago

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Elliot Moors

This review applies up to chapter 15.

STYLE - The story moves along fairly briskly, and the prose reads smoothly. The only question mark for me is the use of dialogue tags in the way the author uses them, which I've never seen before.

GRAMMAR - The grammar and syntax are clean for the most part, marred by some occasional mistakes. It reads better than most stories on the site in this regard.

STORY - From what I can tell, this is low fantasy military fiction set in a medieval setting, and I thought it was really well realized, considering the politics of the different nations which are often referred to throughout the story. It gives me big Black Company vibes, except without the magic.

CHARACTERS - I enjoy many of the characters introduced, but I think for my taste the intentions and motivations are spelled out a little too clearly. I think the characters could be very engaging if the authors let their traits come across more naturally. In my view, there's no need to tell the reader whether a character is good or bad or in between--that will come across through the dialogue and the actions the character takes. 

OVERALL - So far, the story seems to be shaping up into a sweeping adventure, reminiscent of many older fantasy stories, with a dark tone and a gritty realism when it comes to the depiction of war. If that sounds like something up your alley, check this one out. 


Low fantasy masterpiece in the making.

I still don't know what style means for the review system here so i just put it at 5.


The occasional grammatical error, though much better than most series on this site. I look forward to future chapters.


Storywise it is moving forward at a pace that I quite like, not cutting any corners.


The characters so far seem to have depth, and I look forward to seeing the seeds planted with the different character motives sprout in the future.


Review as of chapter 14.

Sam Williams

Book 1 was incredible, the same can't be said for book 2

Reviewed at: Book Two, Chapter 32: Converging paths

Book one was excellent, it was gritty without being edgy, the characters were well written, and the low magic setting really worked. Unfortunately book 2 undid all of this. It honestly felt like it had been written by a different author. My 3 star rating is the average of what I'd rate both books, book 1 being a four star novel, book 2 being a 2 star mess.


I've followed this story almost since the start and I've watched as it changed and grew. What started as a simple fantasy story became one of my all time favorites.

Style: not many on RR write like this. Thr author knows how to be elegant and emotions find their way into the reader easily

Story: patience is a virtue. Give it to this book and it will reward you. I've yet to meet a story on this site that gives me the same feelings, and explores fantasy in such an adult way. One of the most coherent worlds around here also

Grammar: almost on publish level. It's a joy to read

Characters: here's the shiny part. For what I've been able to know (I asked the author) all the characters have some sort of flaw, of weak point, that they'll need to come to terms with in order to progress. The fact that they look simple doesn't mean they are. In fact, I believe the main characters of this book to be between the best I've seen in any web fiction

Read this, seriously. You will thank me later.


I'm less than halfway done (Ch 6 only) but I am already going to give this five stars, my first and only five star review on this site, and I will explain why:

I have a methodical way of reviewing for the "overall score" and I typically look for these things:

1. Is there a description of the world? If I can have a picture of what things and surroundings look like, that's plus one for me.

2. Do the characters talk like how people actually speak vs how they think? Too often you get dialog that is the way people think rather than how normal people actually talk. Even worse, sometimes authors will just spill background knowledge into the dialog, making the exchanges very awkward. The author of this novel does not have this problem, so plus one for me.

3. Grammar? Self explanatory. Plus one.

4. Supernatural/magic system makes sense. Plus one.

5. Characterization - are the characters being developed in an understandable way? Plus one.

This novel clearly meets all of the criteria, and so has well earned its five stars.

A few comments, because I always have them:

1. There are some of your "typical fantasy tropes" that you've seen in other stories. Without spoiling too much of the story, you will see within the first few chapters what I'm talking about. As you can see I didn't allow this to change my overall score, because I think "we have seen this before" is not a good reason to lower the rating of a story. That's a more subjective metric. It doesn't make the story bad, but just some interactions predictable, at least in the beginning.

2. I would like a little more depth in the thoughts and feelings of Roric. I'm sure this will come later, but the main character seems a little bit simple. This could be on account of him being so young, and so I don't think it's a major detractor.


This is definitely a story worth reading and I will continue to do so. A five star and must read for anyone into the fantasy genre.



I decided to edit the rating and give the full stars for characters after reading up to Chapter 12. While the main character, being young, has some room to grow, you can see the other characters and their personalities quite well in the later chapters. I think it's worth five stars.

Avery Light

This review is written after reading up to chapter 17.

Firstly English is not my first language so please excuse my grammar.

Style - Descriptive, believable, and no jarring info dumps. My only complaint is the point of view indicator, frankly, you don't need it and it sometimes breaks the immersion while reading it.

Grammar - There are very rarely occasional mistakes but it did not interfere with the enjoyment of the story. In my humble opinion.

Story - Medieval setting, disaster struck the MC, thrown out from his little known world to the outside. Classic, but the way the author builds the world and interactions between characters fits like a glove in said setting, a bit slow for my taste and maybe it seems familiar for some people but interesting nevertheless.

Character - I think the MC needs to stand out more, the secondary characters feel like having the same amount of attention as the MC. With that being said, the chars are believable and some of the important ones were given great backstories like Lowan and the recruits so they kind of grow on me. The boy MC has the x-factor of heroes but it will take time to develop until becoming the wow-factor.

Overall - The stories shows the difficulty and struggle of a kid, as it depicts in the title, grim war circumstances seem to be the centerpiece here. All in all, recommended for those that savor reality with a touch of grimness stories.

B. A. Baker (Thedude3445)

I was legitimately very surprised by the emotions within the opening chapters of The Cassidia Saga. The first chapter itself is a quite long, quite detailed look at a young child whose village is destroyed before his eyes, and it does not shy away from giving readers a glimpse at the terror and horror going on. Afterwards, the story introduces some likeable characters, actually fleshing them out enough for you to care about their plights, and then finally throws you into an adventure.

Now, this review only covers the introductory chapters of the story, the first seven chapters which constitute about seventy pages, less than ten percent of the story so far. The Cassidia Saga is a LONG story, and I am sure that this review barely scratches the surface of the overall plot and characters, but in terms of what readers might expect from the story when they first get in, I can tell you all about that.

The first seventy or so pages, because of the quite long first chapter, don’t progress very much. The main character is still just a boy stricken by pain and almost nothing has happened in the story. But luckily, the characters are engaging and the prose is relatively well-written, so it’s all good enough to recommend on that basis alone. I like the main character, just a young boy but one who is eager to learn and grow.

Though... It’s definitely not anything new. By that I mean, the beats in the story up to now are all very well-trodden; a boy’s village is destroyed, he’s found by some mercenaries, and he begins training with those mercenaries. There’s dozens, maybe hundreds of fantasy web novels that start in exactly this same way. It’s all well-crafted, but it doesn’t deviate from the path at all.

The hope must be that the fact that the introduction has been handled well means that the rest of the story will deliver just as strongly. But that’s not a question my weekly review can answer. The introduction is solid but not original, and if readers are still interested in what the story might come, then I have a feeling that they’ll be pretty pleased with the rest of this (very long) story.



The authors good at making you give a damn about the characters, he or she is also good at turning the ones you find an annoyance into someone worth not getting annoyed by.


Most the other reviews at this time are early chapter reviews, but I've read to the end and I say jump in and if even after the story picks up from the start into more... stuff. trying not to outright spoil stuff, but yeah, if you read till the last chapter of this book/ first installment of his/her series and find it lacking or not of your tastes then I'm not sure its for you, but Roric is definitely the star of the show and don't worry he gets better and book 2 has just begun at the time of this review and I'm hungry for more. 


Don't get me wrong, this is a well-thought out story and it's entertaining. But I believe it can be better.

Style 5

Paragraph and dialogue are well done. No heavy exposition and it's very easy to understand what the author is saying. 

Story 4

An orphan who has suffered a form of PTSD is trying to find his place in the world. This is an interesting base for a story except that the mc is taking too long to develop. I'll explain more below. 

Grammar 5

Alright. This is obviously good. It's at a publishing level. And there are no wierd words, not that I could find. Although I might have missed some things because  of the immersion. 

Character 3.5

This is the weakest point in this story. All the characters have distinctive features and that's good. But they have flaws. Hear me out. 


Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler


Spoiler: Spoiler

Check out the manga 'BERSERK'. Although, the mc is also serving in a mercenary group in the series, he is so defined and strong you could compare him with the leader of the mercenary. The thing is people are here to read about the mc. Any other thing is secondary. At least that's how I see it. 

Overall 4.5

This is a good and enjoyable read. It's like Berserk but without the 'mature content'. Overlook Lowan and you'll have a nice ride. 


Great Grammar and usage of word, I like the flow

Reviewed at: Chapter 1: Tolwin, the mercenary priest

- Overall: How could I said it? It had a good setting where his life change from a comfort zone to a zone where he not familiar with.

- Style: Great style so far, I like how the paragraph was placed, it makes the flow of reading enjoyable.

- Grammar: Near flawless, There just one or two every chapters but it negligible and not quite wrong either. The Author also had a great experience at using words that was perfect match for almost every situation.

- Story: It had a good setting, but a bit flat overall. Although it is good compared to many other stories here in RR.

- Character: The most satisfying aspect of this story for me. The author had a good skill at grasping reader's attention and emotion. How he describe the character makes it easily attach to the reader. He also good at making the character had unconcious move and motion of emotion that flow perfectly.