For the first time in my life, I lived the situation they call 'my name proceed me'. Wherever I go in the Grand Line, I was famous. All Marine Base accepted me and too many bounty hunters started to join in my flag when they heard, I was in their town. I accepted them gladly after the security check. Templars were easy to check, but pirate spies, such as Doflamingo's were hard to notice. I had to ask some questions to be sure, they were clean. Still, I wasn't sure if it really bulletproof.

It was already been more than a month since I left North Blue and Isi with it. Isi was reluctant to leave me and wanted to come with me. Even offered to quit her job and join Black Wing but I wasn't crazy enough to let her manage Black Wing. Even in the North Blue, I choose somebody else to manage the branch. I don't want to return North Blue one day to see all bounty hunters were fired and only twins were hired.

But even when I didn't hire Isi as one, she was a great help to my crusade. She would call her acquaintances from her training times to allow me in their marine bases. Most of the Marine Base Leaders already heard me and with the Isi's good words for me, I welcomed almost all of them with great hospitality.

After the death of the Aquilo, I went through everything they had on the oncoming war. Most of the plans and papers burned when I attack them. But, in Aquilo's Secret Office, there were plenty more.

They had very solid plans for pirates but to let it spread like this was so careless. I was in dilemma at the moment, should I share this information with Whitebeard or not? I wasn't in a position to talk with Whitebeard. As I was known as Pirate's Nightmare. I couldn't go as Madara either because I wasn't in the same league as the other party. I let it go and see if I could share them when the war starts.
I also learned more about the Templars plans. I cross checked the notes Aquilo and Wrinkled Old Man was take, and I decipher some part of them. Templars had spies in most of the Pirate Crews. Big organizations like newspapers companies. Even in the Revolutionaries, but this part was very hard to crack. Thus, I couldn't get any name from it.

Templars must have a plan to take down the government. They are supporting pirates all over the world. Now, I suspect they are supporting Revolutionaries to weaken the World Government. When both sides start to clash, Templars would take down the winner side to take over the control. What is their aim in doing that, I am also unsure. But when I think, Deaf God told me to take all the worlds for him, I suspect it should be something with Gods.

I checked other branches as well before I left for Grand Line and made sure everything is going fine. I didn't kill every single Templar in 4 seas but Sub Quests were checked already. Probably establishing an organization, dedicates itself to clean seas was more than enough.

Quest: Clean the seas: There is evil lurking in the seas. Clean the seas, within 5 years.

East Blue: ✓

North Blue: ✓

West Blue: ✓

South Blue: ✓

Grand Line: X

New World: X

Reward: Narcissus' Mirror, 5000 SC, and 2 lottery ticket.

As I learned from Crow, Narcissus' Mirror was Divine Item. Very good one as well. I didn't know it uses but Crow said, I strike gold. 5000 SC made me think when I first see it. It was exactly the amount to fix Pendant, Jon resides in. At first, I wanted to remove Jon but later, we really bonded and I don't want to erase him. Doesn't matter what!

Narcissus' Mirror was a legendary item. Crow said, even most of the Gods would fight over it. Even when it used, the Mirror would appear somewhere in the big universe, to be found again. It was one of the items had unlimited use. Crow didn't tell its use and I couldn't find it by myself so I let it go.

Last week, we were in Shabondy Archipelago with Crew Shabondy Archipelago is a massive mangrove forest growing out from the middle of the ocean with each tree of the forest serving as an "island" on which people live. This is the last stop before Fishman Island reside under the Redline, 10.000 below the sea.

We met Sivers Rayleigh, Second Captain of the Pirate King's Crew. A man called as Black King. He was Luffy's Haki master in the original series. I got impressed once again with Luffy's action. Luffy just to help the Mermaid friends of his, he punched one of the World Noble in the face.

When World Nobel's walk among the 'regular humans', regular humans should kneel and never should they look them in the eye. When somebody actually dared to hurt them even a little bit, an admiral would come to the place and kill every single person World Noble wanted to. These wicked bastards think themselves as God's living on World. They are also the only reason why I didn't become Marine but I choose the clean evil as Bounty Hunter. And Luffy punched one of them in the face.

The reason why World Nobles had this much privilege was, their ancestors, 20 nation leader, 800 years ago created the World Government. Generation after generation, this new World Nobles without any trouble, enjoyed the treatment. They could take slave anybody catching their eyes. They could kill anybody they want. They had all World Government to serve them, thus making them spoiled bastards.

When admiral arrived, with 2 Px (Which I know thanks to Crow.) also arrived and surround us, after Luffy punched one of those bastards.

Px was humanoids weapons World Government designed. They were Cyborgs with very strong and tough body, could also fire the laser from their hands and mouths. They were more of the robot than human. Px' meaning was Pasificta. Made from the shape of Bartholomew Kuma. Kuma was one of the Shichibukai. Had the nickname Tyrant. But as what Crow said, he was undercover a Revolutionary. He let us go, in the Thriller Bark, in exchange of Zoro's life.

I really impressed by Luffy and his crew's actions. Just to save the Luffy, Zoro tossed aside his dream, which he promised his dead childhood friend and walk to the death. I was awake and could prevent it but Crow told me this is one of the coolest scenes in Original Series and I should let him have that moment. I treated Zoro afterward but he went through hell.

After some time, when the crew and I 'couldn't handle' the situation, Kuma also came to Admiral's side. I could get us out of the danger but Crow told me not to do so. Because Crew's disperse was good for them. They would come back stronger. Kuma used his Devil Fruit power to send us somewhere in the world randomly. When everybody sent somewhere I marked the membrane would take me to my destination and flashed away to handle work in the Grand Line.

That membrane would fly 3 days and 3 nights before reaching its destination. I couldn't afford to sleep three days because in few days Luffy will infiltrate to Impel Down, biggest prison in this World to save Anne. When he fails, he will go to the Marineford. Headquarter of Marines to clash Marines to prevent Anne's execution. I had to finish some of my work before the war because, after the war, I will be very busy with the learning Haki.

My branch in Grand Line started to form. I had another big move to reinforce my name. But it had to wait a few more days. All the Island Luffy and his crew went were free of trouble but to further prevent it, they started to work with me. As I was pondering the war details I acquired from Aquilo and the Crow, three days of membrane flying time was about to finish.

I flashed back to the membrane and fall to the land covered with snow. I was at top of the mountain, the weather was so cold, yet at the edge of the mountain was a girl, in a white dress. She had red hairs falling all the way to her hips. White skin with pink cheeks, and most beautiful and bluest eyes. She turned and looked at me and I was about to die from fire.

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