The Infinity Project

by Mirrond

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Horror Grimdark LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Sexual Content

Infinity would be the greatest achievement of contemporary game development. A new, next-gen VR system, with many games available on startup. Created by many companies working under a single group - Demiurge Forge Incorporated, a well known even if rather eccentric company. 

... and then things went downhill. Horribly so. Now playing the game is not a matter of entertainment... but of survival. In one of the most detailed - and sadistically abusive - settings in history of VRMMORPGs. 
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
001: Login
002: Tyrant's Hold ago
003: Black Woods ago
004: Bland Taste ago
005: The Great Triggering ago
006: The Dreadful Place ago
007: The Day ago
008: Aftermath ago
Arc 01 Summary ago
009: It's in the flesh ago
010: Relief ago
011: Grinding ago
012: Silence before the storm ago
013: Staring into Abyss ago
014: Setting Course ago
015: Penance and Redemption ago
Arc 02 Summary ago
016: The Crusade ago
017: Goliath ago
018: Digging an Anchor ago
019: Deal with the Devil ago
020: Miracle ago
021: Grandma ago
022: The darkness below ago
023: Forward into darkness ago
024: Spring cleaning ago
Arc 03 Summary ago
025: Mining with benefits ago
026: Sunny, with a chance of tentacles ago
027: New Mission ago
028: Heart of Darkness ago
029: To Kill a Giant ago
030: Journey Back ago
031: Until Death Do Us Part ago
032: Revelation ago
033: The Flame Burns Again ago
Arc 04 Summary ago
034: Searching for Recruits ago
035: Visiting the Sewers ago
036: The Siege ago
037: The Dreadful Encounter ago
038: The Source ago
039: At the bottom ago
040: Confronting the Mist ago
041: Consequences ago
Arc 05 Summary ago
042: The rightful owner has returned ago
043: Welcome home, such as it is ago
044: It is a travesty ago
045: Man in a robe, claiming communion with the divine ago
046: A Mecca of madness and morbidity ago
047: Such blockages are unsurprising ago
048: We reclaim what is ours ago
Arc 06 Summary ago
049: Answers ago
050: Listening to Elders ago
051: Descending ago
052: Recon by force ago
053: Discovery ago
054: Changes ago
055: Evacuation ago
056: The Cathedral ago
057: New Mission ago

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A great story with poor execution

This story was a nice surprise, and unlike most of the stories around here it has more than 200 pages to read. The story itself is great, although the characters are nothing to write home about they're good enough not to be bothersome (with the exception of one particular sister, but she gets better later on... after she gets worse...) but nothing special.

However the worldbuilding is quite fantastic (if introduced in the worst way possible...) and unlike other stories which have smut in them, this one isn't just a poor excuse for wirting smut, it's only written about in limited amounts here and there, the story isn't some deviant's sexual fantasy (although if well written those can be nice too... It's just that they are usually not)

There was also a nice little twist, where it seemed earlier on in the story that the MC was going to be a little simp like your stereotypical anime character, avoiding sex like the plague despite being obviously sexually frustrated to hell. But the plot twist to that was such a nice surprise.. One of the best moments in the story even :D

Now I could keep singing the story praises (as you can see I gave the story 5/5) but you'll hear it all in the other reviews, it's a fairly typical "stuck in vrmmo" trope but with the twist that it's dark fantasy, not as dark as berserk maybe but it gets close. (think: ubel blatt)

The problem with this is the execution and delivery of an obviously amateur writer (not irredeemable or anything), and a clearly inadequate proofreader (because there are plenty of grammar issues all over the place)

Then there are the issues with the style of writing.

1: Infodumps galore

The story has a seriously insane amount of infodumps, it's almost like every other chapter will have an infodump. I can see the author put a lot of thought into worldbuilding, and he did that part well, but delivering that setting to the reader he does in the worst way possible. With shitty infodumps that are not only bad for being infodumps, but also bad because they break reader immersion. I cannot count how many times the protagonist goes into mental rants about DFI (company that made the vrmmo) singing them praises or criticizing them, which while quite realistic (gamers do that...) is not enjoyable to read. And there are other small issues like that.

2:The actual writing style

+1 for not going with a weeaboo writing style, that shit is the fucking worst (and I say that as somenoe who is even into japanese LNs... seriously, the people who do this are typically like artists on deviantart who call their crap 'anime style' when it looks nothing like anime to the point where that very statement is an insult to anime in and of itself lol). That said,  there's a lot of small issues with the writing style, for example there's a lot of "oh fuck" and "oh shit" and things like that written everywhere throughout  the story, feels a bit childish to be honest, I think if used sparingly it might be ok but it's used in like 5x for every single combat enocunter. It would be less bad if it was part of an actual dialogue. It's kind of like the author is forgetting this is supposed to be a novel and not something like a conversation. This is just one of the main issues that bothered me, but there are little things like this all over the story. For example, the combat sequences were boring to read, I skimmed through nearly all of them, I can't pinpoint what was bad about them (since by skimmed in this case I really mean I skipped over most of them without even skimming...) but with a few exceptions it was bad, basically the only action sequences worth reading were things like bossfights, all other combat can be summed up in "MC's party came, and slaughtered everything like a walk in the park". Despite all the 'oh fuck's involved. There's also typically no risk involved, if they die, they just respawn, no death penatlies besides the trauma of getting killed. There are some notable exceptions (I mean just because there are respawns doesn't mean they are completely safe, for example if they are captured instead of killed, by just about anyone, fates worse than death await more often than not). There are also some stupid words used, like 'daggerer' wtf ever happened to rogues and thieves? Even 'stabber' would have been a better naming sense than 'daggerer', and 'stabber' sounds terrible.

3: Poor litrpg design

Right, so the RPG system and abilities are poorly thought out, or possibly well thought out but poorly explained. For example, I don't recall there being a single explanation for the monster/quest ranking system in the story (when I asked the author he told me it was something like Copper - Iron - Silver - Gold - Platinum - Mithril - Orichalcum - Adamantite - Black Gold - Black Crystal. Seems to be based on monetary value of materials to me, which is strange because copper would usually cost more than iron, and platinum should be worth more than mithril at least, maybe even more than adamantite too, and the last one is a crystal which breaks the trend of metals/alloys) there are typical levels and attributes (which progress very slowly... yet somehow the characters are getting exponentially stronger despite their stat progression being so limited and slow, and their equipment not really getting better, sure they get better abilities here and there but typically this would not make them so much stronger since due to low attributes they would run out of mana/stamina too fast anyways) and then there is just the sheer number of abilities, there's no way your average reader is going to remember the detailed description of every ability, the names of the abilities should be sufficient description for what they do. At first they were. But how the fuck am I supposed to remember what Deviant Eyes, Curse of Lust, Depraved Promise, Ignition (does not ignite anything...), Eldritch Incantation, Localized Distortion, Ominous Chant and Hex of Devastation do, and how that is useful for combat (these are less than half of the abilities that the protagonist has, he has an entire party with him with another set of abilities many of which equally obscure in function). I mean, it's ok to have a versatile character, but that versatility needs to be clearly defined, and this character does not seem clearly defined in what he does? How the hell is 'lust magic' supposed to be useful in combat anyways? Is a raging hardon going to stop someone from stabbing you or something? (sounds to me like it'd make them stab you in more ways than one instead...)


4: Neglected characters/abilities.

The story has a lot of characters that live with the protagonist or are members of his party that are just completely neglected from the moment they are introduced, in fact there are two characters introduced very early on (lena and vaera) both a supposedly major part of the MC's party, and besides vaera making the occasional sarcastic quip they get basically no screentime. Early on they summoned 4 potentially strong familiars, besides for a few chapters after the summoning they also get no screentime. Rescued 2 players from slavery, no screentime for those either... And so on. Not to mention characters having abilities that they rarely/never use

So yeah, there are a lot of problems with the execution and delivery of the story, but the story underneath it all is fantastic. Fantastic enough that it was worth reading through garbage writing to get more.

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TL;DR: Probably the best semi grim-dark VRMMO survival story (note, actually a story, not a thin excuse for just smut - though there is some of that too) that I've read.

Great "stuck in a VRMMO" story.  Also deserving special mention is the clever way of including a respawn mechanic, but still having tension; out of literally thousands of stories I've read, that's pretty unique.

Stylistically well written, with grim-dark elements, but walking the fine line of not embracing them wholesale and glorying in the edge, or nihilistically fighting against it.  Generally, the author has a very good grasp of the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of human nature, and manages to write a story that is both highly entertaining, but not totally devoid of any meaning.  There are short NSFW scenes, but they are appropriate to the story rather than gratuitous, and are fairly well written (as in, doesn't remind me of shitty japanese novels), and actually end up getting woven in to character and plot in interesting ways.  So definite props there.

The story itself is well plotted, with everyday actions that seem natural, but also an overarching plot that is tense and moves the story forwards, without feeling overly forced or imposed by authorial fiat.  The worldbuilding is great, and I could easily see something similar being a favorite fantasy game setting.

The protagonist fits in the novel.  A bit of a selfish asshole (like most humans) but also trying to do the right thing, or at least not the wrong one.  Sufficiently powerful to get reader enthusiasm, but not overpowered or omni-competent to the point of inducing boredom.  Character development continues throughout the story, including critical reveals of his history prior to the events of the story as well as necessary shifts brought on by his situation.

Grammar/spelling wise no major issues.  Only problem was that author sometimes ends a quotation with the wrong spacing.  For example, if I said "this is an example, but then ended the quotation here... "Then kept writing, it sort of looks like this sentence (outside of the quotation marks) is actually being said.  Not a major problem, and far from the worst issue possible.  It's reasonable and excusable from a self-published story, especially a free one, but forces me to pay a bit more attention when I'm reading quickly.

Note, this is reviewed up to Chpt 36 (most current at time of writing).

  • Overall Score

Great story, one of my absolute favorites on RR!

I'm reviewing this up to Chapter 28 (most current at time of writing). This story is very well crafted.

The world feels well built, and while it is pretty dark, there's a lot of explanation about why. 

The main character isn't a complete edgelord, which seems to be pretty typical in this type of environment, and seemingly (not revealed yet) has background driving the decisions.

The other party members are being developed nicely as well, and even some non party members are slowly being built as their role in the story grows.

Game systems seem fairly involved, but so far everything is explained pretty well. I imagine a full look at everything would be massive (and probably un-necessary with the scope of the game)


100% recommend at this point.

  • Overall Score

I have read Rule-Free VRMMO Life (starting to be a bit boring, MC is and keep being overpower and a phenomenal asshole) for a long time and this story seems to use the same kind of world. 

But this time the main character look like a decent enough fellow who got a bad throw of the dices (even if better than some if his compagnions). The abandonnement of the real world has a reason (even if had been overused) ; it still work and can be an interesting future developpement.

i'm only at the 12th chapter (only began to read yesterday) and i am curious to see how the characters and the world will develop.

  • Overall Score

Very good story, interesting characters and good grammar. Stole 1 whole night of sleep because I couldn't stop reading. Keep up the good work!

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Cool story, kinda weird that the mc whould willingly go down a hole filled with unimaginable unspeakable horrors and simultaneously put up with the stuff the sister does, and fight along side her when he believes she whould try to kill him permanently if her god said to, still good tho

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Dark, but soooo good, READ IT!

It is well written and draws you in.  If you don't like grimdark, or somewhat salacious stories this might not be your cup of tea.  However the shall we say naughty elements aren't overexagerated nor are they random.  Also the author does not over describe to the point of ickiness.  If you like trapped the trapped in an MMO genre with a slice of Cthulian elements then this will definitely be your cup of tea.

gaius maximus
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A story that deals with the players who stuck in a virtual game and left to fend for themselves. the mc is not op. each character and plots are well crafted. the novel tends to be a dark one but it doesn't feel like one. mc is a good-hearted hero.


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Really good take on the genre.

The author has taken the time to think the back lore of the story through, the MC is interesting and engaging with his own flaws and the supporting characters are all entertaining in their own way. 


Dima Khlupin
  • Overall Score

It is very interesting to follow the story.wink