Shentu Gang looked at Liang Chen with somewhat narrowed eyes, a wary feeling sprouting in his heart. The energy that Liang Chen was wildly unleashing was strong enough to cause him to feel fear, especially the emerald and crimson lightning. He had never heard about emerald lightning before, but he was very familiar with crimson lightning and how strong it was.

He originally didn't think much of Liang Chen, he considered him more of an afterthought that could be dealt with in passing, but now it seemed like he had been wrong. He slowly moved his upper pair of arms, two roughly cut stone hammers appearing in his grasp, his preferred close quarter weapons. Since Liang Chen was giving him such a dangerous feeling now, he figured it was best to not underestimate him.

But just as his weapons appeared in his grasp, a thunderous booming sound rang out in front of him. He only saw that the molten part of the stage where Liang Chen had just stood was now splashing into the air, Liang Chen already standing directly in front of him and throwing a punch. When it came to speed, the law of lightning was the fifth fastest in existence, the only laws faster were the laws of light, time, space, and speed. And since Liang Chen also had access to the law of time, he could fuse it with his law of lightning to reach speeds that could only be considered blinding.

In a situation like this, where Liang Chen paid no mind to how much Qi he used to move as fast as possible, just reacting in time would take all of Shentu Gang's speed. Liang Chen's moved so fast that it pushed away all the air in front of it, a shockwave spreading around it as it broke the sound barrier and crashed into the now crossed arms of Shentu Gang.

Another thunderous explosion rang out, emerald lightning scattering into the surroundings as Shentu Gang's entire body was flung backward, crashing into the elevated audience area. Liang Chen immediately followed him, arriving in front of Shentu Gang and delivering a heavy stomp to his chest, the stone seats beneath Shentu Gang shattering from the force of the stomp.

But just before the stomp connected, Shentu Gang's black skin changed color and texture, becoming gray and gnarly, resembling thick stone. The seats beneath him were shattered, but his chest was only left with a minute crack. Shentu Gang's expression was a bit twisted after suffering the two surprise attacks in quick succession, but he still managed to let out a little laughter when he saw that Liang Chen's stomp barely did any damage.

"Heh, sorry to disappoint you, but Ping Gang cultivates using stone-type Demonic beasts, his defenses are pretty ridiculous. After fusing with him, I'll obviously gain access to these defenses."

Their fusion was meant to be perfect, giving them perfect soul and body defense while also granting them excellent attacking capabilities against both the body and soul. They had been bred for this purpose, to pursue utter perfection in cultivation. He expected his words to at least shake Liang Chen a little, but all he got in return was a chilling smile.

"That's good, I wouldn't want you to break too early."

The tougher Shentu Gang was, the more of his frustration Liang Chen could take out on him. If Shentu Gang wanted to complain, he could only blame himself for trying to use such a cheap tactic on Liang Chen, he could only curse that the cheap tactic had worked perfectly.

Liang Chen reached down and grabbed onto Shentu Gang's head, flooding his mind with the law of time to slow it down, preventing him from raising any proper defenses. He then raised him up from the ground, gave his own body half a spin and then slammed Shentu Gang into the ground again, repeating this movement again and again as he flung Shentu Gang around like a sack of potatoes.

After he was slammed into the ground for the 11th time, Shentu Gang finally managed to put up some resistance, smashing both of his hammers towards Liang Chen's chest, one from the left and one from the right. Liang Chen let go of Shentu Gang's head and ducked down to dodge the two hammers, which collided with each other and unleashed an ear-piercing sound.

The two hammers dropped down after crashing into each other, Shentu Gang had let go of them and turned around, fleeing from the arena at full speed. Liang Chen caught the two hammers before they could hit him, grabbing onto their handles and standing up from his ducked position. He locked onto the fleeing Shentu Gang, exerting all his physical force to throw both hammers after him, both of them moving so fast that they became hard to see with the naked eye.

Shentu Gang quickly turned around and blocked the hammer, knocking it to the side, wincing slightly at the resulting pain. The second hammer didn't hit its intended target, flying past him and crashing into a building, turning it into rubble. After throwing the two hammers, Liang Chen took a step forward and turned into a blur as he chased after Shentu Gang, more of the seating area shattering as he moved.

Not only Yan Ling and the spectators quickly followed after them, but even the other people on the floor that received this news quickly also tried to rush over so that they could observe the spectacle. After all, it was not every day you could see something like this on the third floor, most people here didn't have the strength to completely trash a person like Shentu Gang, who had the strength of someone that could live stably on the fourth floor.

Liang Chen was far faster than Shentu Gang, so he quickly arrived above the fleeing Shentu Gang, running through the air by hardening it beneath his feet. He moved his finger slightly, a strong gust of wind appearing beneath Shentu Gang and throwing him up into the air, bringing him closer to Liang Chen.

Liang Chen sank down slightly so that he was right next to the rising Shentu Gang, delivering a sideways scissor kick to his waist and sending him flying into the nearest building. Liang Chen then hardened the air beneath his feet and kicked off of it, almost immediately arriving in the ruins of the house, standing above Shentu Gang.

There was a gray spot on Shentu Gang's waist, exactly where Liang Chen had kicked him. Shentu Gang was clutching the spot, his expression distorting in pain. Liang Chen placed his foot on top of Shentu Gang's head, sneering at him.

"It hurts, doesn't it? I call it timeless lightning, you are far too weak to dispel it so it will continue to burn you for all eternity. It really costs a lot of Qi to use it, but you know what? Right now, I really don't care, I just want to hurt you."

This gray spot was a fusion of his law of time and his law of lightning, it was the gray lightning he had once turned his bone marrow into when he first came up with the idea to fuse the two laws. Unless someone far stronger than Liang Chen dispelled it using their superior energy, this lightning would continue to exist into perpetuity. Since the lightning was this special, using even a finger-sized bolt cost more Qi than it cost to use a human-sized bolt of crimson lightning, nearly one-fourth of Liang Chen's total energy. Shentu Gang continued to clutch his side with a pained expression, pleading with Liang Chen.

"Please spare me! I swear that I won't tell anyone else your secret, I'll even swear any oath you want me to!"

Liang Chen tilted his head slightly, somewhat confused by Shentu Gang's pleading. He seemed to think of something and touched the side of his face, finally noticing that his Heaven Altering Mask had come loose and was currently revealing half his face, showing that he was human, or a Sebettu in his case. His expression didn't change much, with this much of the mask having slid off there was a good chance that others had already noticed the truth. Liang Chen simply raised his foot and brought it down on Shentu Gang's head, the force of the stomp so great that it even blew away the debris of the house. Shentu Gang's expression twisted further, a vicious light emerging in his eyes as he shouted out with all his might.


He injected as much Qi as he could into his voice, causing it to boom out and echo throughout the entire area, catching the attention of a large portion of the people on the floor. This shout, coupled with the news of the battle, caused even more people to flood to the area, the first people quickly arriving outside the ruins of the house and seeing the scene.

Upon seeing Liang Chen's half revealed face, they knew that Shentu Gang's words had been true, the light of greed starting to appear in their eyes. Humans were a great tonic to the races of this planet, they were like the finest cultivation treasure, especially someone strong like Liang Chen. A group of three from the White Orchid race were the first to become unable to resist their greed, drawing their weapons and charging towards Liang Chen.

Liang Chen glanced at the three for a short moment but then simply ignored them. He tore off the mask and fully revealed his appearance, there was no longer a point in hiding it. He then raised his foot and stomped down on Shentu Gang's head again, immediately raising his foot and stomping it down again, small cracks starting to appear on Shentu Gang's head.

The three people from the White Orchid race quickly approached Liang Chen, but before they were able to get too close, a thin line moved through the air, slashing down at the three from above. The line passed through their heads and bodies, splitting them in two from the top down, Yan Ling descending from the sky and landing in front of Liang Chen, taking off her own mask while giggling at Liang Chen.

"Nihihi, it's quite rare for you to be the reckless one. Just look at the situation around us, look how many people are looking at us with their greedy gazes."

Yan Ling wasn't too bothered about the situation around them. So what if all these people wanted to kill and eat them? They would just have to crush anyone who came at them and make everyone else realize that coming for them would only end in death. Liang Chen raised his head and swept the surroundings with a quick glance, once again stomping down on Shentu Gang's head to disorient him.

This stomp caused a smoke of gray poison to invade Shentu Gang's head, settling on his brain and slowly eating away at it. Just like he had his timeless lightning he also had timeless poison, an everlasting poison that would corrupt and forever ruin everything it touched. More and more people gathered around them, the advantage of numbers causing more and more people to be filled with greed and desire. Yan Ling looked at the surrounding people, her sword appearing in her grasp as her lips curled into a smirk.

"What do you say, should we show them that we're not weak kitties but ferocious tigers?"

Liang Chen, who by now had a large portion of his upper body covered in scales, swept the surrounding people with narrowed eyes, lightning and poison dancing around him as the wind turned violent. He once again stomped on Shentu Gang's head, a small portion of his hardened skin shattering and falling off. He sneered at the surrounding people, giving them a very simple warning.

"Fuck off, we won't have any mercy on anyone who makes a move against us."

He had calmed down somewhat after beating Shentu Gang like this, once again burying his rage and hatred within him. He felt like sighing at his carelessness that ended up revealing that they were humans, but this wasn't the time to bother with it. When he thought back to Yan Ling's words from earlier, that they would deal with the consequences when they came, he guessed that she might have actually noticed that his mask was coming loose.

A few of the stronger people that were surrounding them slowly backed off, intimidated by Liang Chen's display of power as well as his slit pupils. Looking at his heterochromia eyes and the cold expression in them, they felt like they were being stared at by a gargantuan dragon, their instincts were screaming at them that this was a battle it was best to avoid.

Sadly, not everyone present had the same instincts, plenty of people choosing to risk it. They pulled out their weapons and prepared for combat, Liang Chen and Yan Ling locking eyes for a short moment. Yan Ling immediately awakened her bloodline, a ferocious grin appearing on her face as she charged directly at the people who had drawn their weapons.

Liang Chen didn't pull out his own spear, he grabbed onto Shentu Gang's leg and lifted him up, planning on using him like a sledgehammer. Shentu Gang was currently clutching his head and wailing in pain, his voice distorted by the poison eating away at his brain and the lightning burning away at his waist.

Liang Chen charged after Yan Ling, jumping into the surrounding crowd of people like a hungry tiger charging into a flock of sheep. Yan Ling used her sword and Liang Chen used the body of Shentu Gang, a bloody mist spreading through the area as they killed anyone who tried to attack them. With her bloodline awakened, and Liang Chen's cultivation increasing, the two of them were both on the verge of having the strength needed to survive on the fifth floor. Here on this third floor, there was no one that could resist them when they fought with everything they had.

Yan Ling wore a wide grin as she fought, occasionally glancing at Liang Chen, who at this point was wearing his usual and involuntary confident smile. With the two of them in this situation, Yan Ling felt like they had returned to the Mystic's Hidden Realm, to the Demon's Graveyard. Back then, she had been poisoned and was unable to battle, but Liang Chen had engaged in a slaughter just like this to protect her, it was this slaughter that gave him the title of Scourge King.

Their situation looked rather grim, but at this moment, Yan Ling was truly happy. Despite the stench of blood and wails of pain and fear around them, Yan Ling was happy, happy that she could fight alongside Liang Chen, shoulder to shoulder, truly equal.

The number of people drawn in by the commotion increased, which further increased the number of people who became greedy when they saw that Liang Chen and Yan Ling were humans, which in turn increased the number of people killed by the two of them. More and more people were killed, the stench of blood spreading over the entire floor. The mist of blood stretched high into the sky, covering the array that created a fake sun, a blood sun rising over the entire tower, a herald of the chaos that was to swallow the entire planet.


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