Monarch of Heaven's Wrath.

by Shiranui_shukumei

Original ONGOING Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Male Lead Martial Arts Wuxia
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Liang Chen was a normal youth, one could easily find countless others like him in the Qing clan. He thought that his normal and unremarkable existence would continue for the rest of his life, a thought that was shattered when he was 12. His parents were forced to take the blame for something that they had not done, causing them to be publicly executed.

Liang Chen had been told about how just the heaven's were, how they would punish evildoers and those who killed the innocent. But now his parents were dead, and the man responsible for it walks free without suffering anything. That was when Liang Chen learned the truth. The heaven's aren't just, they are indifferent. That was when he decided, if the heaven's won't send down their wrath on the man who caused his parents to die, then he would.

If the heaven's have no wrath, then he will become that wrath.

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Word Count (19)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Auxiliary chapter, law tiers and cultivation realms. ago
The heaven's are indifferent. ago
Relentless. ago
A promise. ago
A cold bed, a warm hand. ago
Trouble knocking at one's door. ago
The first lie. ago
Sky Piercer Forest. ago
Serpent's blood. ago
Returning home. ago
A plan set in motion. ago
Birth of a storm. ago
Let me be your poison, and my wrath, the wrath of the heaven's. ago
There are no heaven's here today. ago
Goodbye. ago
Qing Chun, Tian Chun. ago
Wind's Whisper City. ago
Eternal Dragon Pavilion. ago
A night in the city. ago
Hitching a ride. ago
The first kill. ago
Dead, but not gone. ago
Faulty blood? ago
Mystic's Hidden Realm. ago
First taste of the cultivation world. ago
Seven days. ago
The first battle. ago
Tattered and worn. ago
Six great rulers. ago
Deeper into the hidden realm. ago
The first stop. ago
Buying Information. ago
I will become wrath. ago
Forming a group. ago
spoils of battle. ago
Ambushed. ago
Lightning Quartz. ago
Two-Petaled Lotus, harbinger of death. ago
Lightning Seed, Poison Soul. ago
Thunder King's Judgment. ago
The maw in the darkness ago
Yan Ying's offer. ago
The basics. ago
Battle Support. ago
Yan Ling, Storm Wolf sect. ago
Glacial Shroud. ago
Angel of death. ago
Tide of blood. ago
blood-haired Liang Chen. ago
Endless path. ago
Ocean King's Palace. ago
Sealing God Empyrean, jade fragment. ago
Second trial, determination. ago
Praying for a dream. ago
Third trial, Land of death. ago
An eternal moment ago
A brilliant sun. ago
Third trial, completed. ago
Demon's graveyard ago
Scourge King. ago
Twin seeds cracking, Lightning God Physique. ago
Escape. ago
The truth revealed. ago
End of the trial. ago
Dragon Lord's Three Steps. ago
Stealing techniques. ago
Eternal Stream city. ago
To the Storm Wolf sect. ago
The torn open mountain. ago
Storm Hall, Wolf Hall. ago
Top disciples. ago
Grand tour. ago
Body cultivation, three supreme techniques. ago
Chaos King technique. ago
Terrifying Chaos King Technique. ago
Kidnapped by a mischievous fox. ago
Golden chariot. ago
Snow Mirror royal family. ago
Incensed Yan Ling. ago
The assassins arrive. ago
One versus six, one versus two. ago
Fighting one against two. ago
Working together, leaning against each other. ago
Mission complete. ago
Like a flower, proud and alone. ago
Brilliant emerald light. ago
Sect Master Yan Wuhan, the cracking egg. ago
Liang Yumao, materialized soul. ago
Start of the Hall Competition. ago
Awkward tactic. ago
Excusing himself from the competition. ago
Soul Cultivation, asking for help. ago
Setting out. ago
Heaven Altering Mask. ago
Constellation King's Competition. ago
Ashes and hope. ago
Yan Ling's plan. ago
Causing chaos. ago
Storm King's Fist. ago
The location of their grave. ago
Once again facing the deep blue clouds. ago
Walking an unknown path. ago
Yan Ling's title. ago
The past laid bare. ago
The dragon's gaze. ago
To the Myriad Convergence. ago
Meeting the Wyrm King. ago
To the Fiend King's Tomb. ago
Fruits of labor. ago
Huang Dong's scheming. ago
The Flood Dragon and the strange tree. ago
Raging currents. ago
The worst possible outcome. ago
The difference between a mortal and a deity. ago
Mad King's Rage. ago
Final solution. ago
Reckless and Willful for someone else. ago
Waking up in an unknown place. ago
Sharing the technique. ago
Realizing their location. ago
Tripartite God. ago
Claw Valley city. ago
An awe-inspiring sight. ago
King and queen ascending the stage. ago
To the second floor. ago
A gentle brush, a sweet fragrance. ago
Yumao's changes. ago
Picking up a nostalgic weapon. ago
Restoring his cultivation. ago
Born of a storm to become a storm. ago
Sharpening their fangs. ago
Gatekeepers. ago
To the third floor. ago
Damn you, damn me. ago
Playing the part of the oriole. ago
Battles between Tigers and Dragons. ago
World-shaking howl. ago
Back to the tower. ago
Storm Wolf and the Nightshield. ago
Ascending the tower. ago
Blood sun rising. ago
End of the massacre. ago
Future ambitions. ago
Rapid cultivation. ago
The fourth floor. ago
Actions of Dawn's Blade Alliance. ago
The might of the Furious Volcano. ago
Immediate challenge. ago
Liao Cui. ago
The reflection of the moon. ago
Sowing a seed. ago
Faint thumping. ago
Ren Ooyung. ago
Monarch's roar. ago
Crown Prince Liang Chen. ago
Challenged once again. ago
Qin Nuan. ago
The Queen's law. ago
The egg's reaction. ago
The lifeform in the egg. ago
Lan Yun. ago
Meeting the Tripartite Slayer. ago
The ancient battle of the three monarchs. ago
The signal flare of war. ago
Calamity of the Storm Wolf sect. ago
Dirge of the Worldeater. ago
Thunder Saint's Final Breath. ago
Tracks located. ago
Death's soft footsteps. ago
This road is impassable. ago
Nether God's Grasp. ago
Death is timeless. ago
Yan Ying and Qing Lan Yong. ago
Liang Chen's shadow. ago
Dread King. ago
Bloodwind Code. ago
A way home. ago
Sun Haixie. ago
Leaving the planet. ago
Home once again. ago
Now weep. ago
The state of Dragon's Gate. ago
Meeting Tian Chun once again. ago
All that remained. ago
One grieved, one wept. ago
The tainted dragon. ago
The sin of unleashing the monster. ago
Not here, not by you. ago
The furious queen. ago
The silence that follows the storm. ago
To become someone else. ago
To the Nightshield sect. ago
Duskshield Hall. ago
Doubt. ago
The offer. ago
When we meet again. ago
The paradox of the void. ago
The spear that broke the night (1) ago
The spear that broke the night. (2) ago
The spear that broke the night. (3) ago
The spear that broke the night (4) ago
Dragon King's Six Steps, finally meeting. ago
Similar men, different paths. ago
Forgiveness. ago
Hope of life, promise of death. ago
Nine names. ago
Purgatory. ago
The scar on the multiverse. ago
Dark star of calamity. ago
The merciless king. ago
Deflated ago
To the future. ago
Heading out. ago
Incarnate. ago
Where it started. ago
The next step of the journey. ago
Hymn of the monarch. ago
Charred wasteland. ago
Dark Dawn. ago
Sky-Piercing Sparrow. ago
Fourth Step Pierces the Sparrow. ago
Wrathful Scourge Lord. ago
Sorrow of the weak. ago
Where does the spear point? ago
Bao Shan. ago
Stone Forest Domain. ago
Bloody conclusion. ago
Nine Gods Dominion. ago
Kuan Niu. ago
Once again, Chaos King. ago
Four skills. ago
Chapter 231: The title of the scourge. ago
Chapter 232: Final Curse Island. ago
Arriving at Final Curse. ago
The beautiful bringer of death. ago
Chapter 235: Beast of resentment. ago
The void storm and the abyss. ago
Chapter 237: King of the Void Storm. ago
Chapter 238: Meeting of the lords. ago
Chapter 239: The scourge and the apocalypse. ago
Chapter 240: Followers of the storm. ago
Chapter 241: A ring and a promise. ago
Chapter 242: Yumao's growth. ago
Chapter 243: The past void. ago
Chapter 244: Fall Mirror city ago
Chapter 245: Pit of monsters. ago

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The authors keeps changing the story making it very confusing. There is so much changing of the story line that you can skip many chapters and still know what is going on. The story will change making the previous chapters irrelevant.

There is no exploring the MC's powers he just goes from one situation to another without fully explaining his powers which will change in the next 20 chapters.

The character development is nonexistant he is mad someone for killing his family but that rarely comes up. He does small acts of kindness but they are so out of place and badly written that they don't convey the MC's thoughts and feelings.

The author seems to have no originality because most of this story is full of cliches that are obvious to people familiar with chinese light novels. The MC goes from on cliche plotline to the next very rapidly making each chapter shallow.

I couldn't make it past chapter 76 AKA chapter name: Golden Chariot

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good story, with okay romance

Compared to what the other reviews are saying about this book I actually like it. This story has a few different narratives from time to time to show different sides of the story, and is well written with few grammer errors.While, the characters are a little 'flat', it is nothing terrible. It also has a decent romance and good plot.

  • Overall Score

The title looked promising but..

It's my opinion so if you don't like it, ignore it.

The title of this story really got my hopes high but after I have read all chapters that are released I released that this story isn't even worth half of this OP title. First thing is Mc personally which is naive and stupid because of how much ignorant he is. Secondly even after his parents were killed in front of him and he decided to get revenge for them no matter what he still keeps distracted by stupid thing like some random girl or so called his parents teaching.. And every time he does something which are agians those stupid teachings he keeps saying sorry to thin air while on his knees... And he had perfect opportunity to silence some random boy who keep beating him constantly, he still let him cause of some random girl.. I just can't understand how child with fragile mind can't be influenced by those events and turn evil or crazy in some way...

Anyways for those who like naive and stupid Mc's this one is for you..

Sorry for bad English