Plague Children

by Yuumei

Original ONGOING Action Fantasy Historical Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Grimdark High Fantasy Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Strong Lead Supernatural Villainous Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Years ago, in the country of Sei'O, a plague spread and turned half of their population to stone. The children of those infected were born with skin abandoned of all color. Completely grey, they were known as Plague Children.

Though they possessed no ability to spread the plague, they were heavily mistreated, discriminated against, ostracized, and often times killed at their younger ages.

The story follows the young Plague Child Ora, as he gains one of the strongest relics the world would ever come to see. With it, everything changes with relative ease. What fate awaits this world that heavily mistreated Ora?

In this world of magic, relics, and ancient arts, no one could be certain.


OP Main Magic High Fantasy Races Lore
World Building Evil Main Multiple Views Multiple Arcs Relics
Tragedy Grimdark Strategical Politics Evil Organization
Light Humo Death Elves Beastkin Magic Technology
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: Foretold Greatness ago
Chapter 1: Plague Child ago
Chapter 2: Unraveling of Events ago
Chapter 3: Departure ago
Chapter 4: Essen'Seo'O ago
Chapter 5: Ephemeral Pt 1 ago
Chapter 6: Ephemeral Pt 2 ago
Chapter 7: On that day... ago
Chapter 8: Cogs and Wheels ago
Chapter 9: Return ago
Chapter 10: Onward! ago
Chapter 11: The Awakening pt 1 ago
Chapter 11: The Awakening pt 2 ago
Chapter 11: The Awakening pt 3 ago
Chapter 11: The Awakening pt 4 ago
Chapter 12: Goodnight Ora ago
Chapter 13: A King, A ruler, And a Squire ago
Chapter 14: To turn against ago
Chapter 15: And so it begins... ago
Chapter 16: Massacre in Silence ago
Chapter 17: Cataclyst ago
Chapter 18: Sacrifice and Responsibility ago
Chapter 19: Subtle Change ago
Chapter 20: New Horizon ago
Chapter 21: Iren Kind of Day ago
Chapter 22: Burning Resolve ago
Chapter 23: Times like this.. ago
Chapter 24: A new face... ago
Chapter 25: The Knight's Resolve ago
Chapter 26: A Council of Talents ago
Chapter 27: Everyone Bares Fangs ago
Chapter 28: The Start of Something Wretched ago
Chapter 29: A Warriors Limit ago
Chapter 30: The people right in front of you ago
Chapter 31: Limit Break ago
Chapter 32: Chaos ago
Chapter 33: Victory and Vow ago
Chapter 33.5: End of Arc 1, Recap ago
Chapter 34: A New Beginning.. ago
Chapter 35: Whispers ago
Chapter 36: New Plan ago
Chapter 37: The Consequence of Your Actions ago
Chapter 38: Luxe-Sei'O ago
Chapter 39: A Dance With the Dead ago
Chapter 40: First Mistake... ago
Chapter 41: Peaceful Morning ago
Chapter 42: Chrom ago
Chapter 43: Irin-Sei'O ago
Chapter 44: Inside this Grotto ago
Chapter 45: Void Memories. ago

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  • Overall Score

this really is one of the best storys i read in a long time, characters plot and development was really good and great to read about. Im looking forward to ark 2 please keep it up :)

  • Overall Score

After I read this after Arc 1, there only one word I can think "Wow"

Overall Good, the emotion i got make cry a little in the beginning

Ps. First time leave a review don't know what to say so i just type what come to mind

  • Overall Score

It's still early in the books, but it has so far been a really good series. Its a read you will definitely enjoy.

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A friend link me to this cause I like overlord and I following the story for a while. I even made an account just to rate. 


Its very good! I wish I didn’t finish it all so quick. 

  • Overall Score

Not good, but also not bad (Up to chapter 25


- unique setting

- interesting power system

- mostly accurate grammar


- unnecessary Japanese honorifics that are strewn randomly throughout the story without reason or explanation

- stilted / stiff dialogue at times

- occasional tense change and missing punctuations

- absurdly powerful MC (could be a pro for some)

- incomprehensible / illogical decision-making by all of the depicted people in power

  • Overall Score

Early days with only four whole chapters up but impressive.

Always a sucker for a well rounded magic system the story uses the standard "items with powers" theme to great effect. Some nice world building. It even has downsides to the use of said magic items.

There are a couple characters that are wonderfully deep with only four chapters, and rather a lot of the background mentions obviously will get more time as the plot unfolds.

absolutly worth following.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Literally one of the most well-crafted stories I've read on here. The characters all contain such depth to them.

Though I can't say I particularly liked the first three chapters, I'm glad I continued through the story. The first Arc's plot was exceedingly impressive. I'd definitely recommend reading- you won't be able to put it down.

  • Overall Score

Wannabe shounen anime

This is a shounen anime wanabe. Like Bleach, or Naruto. It started grim dark, but soon transformed into high school fighting tournament. 

The writing quality is quite bad. Numerous grammatical errors. Frequent pronoun mistakes. Read up to chapter 10 and I'm still not sure if a character is a guy or a girl. Some parts the author refers to it as a he, sometimes as a she. Fight scenes are confusing. Sometimes the names get swapped, and the confusion is maximized.

Talking about fight scenes, they are really poorly done. Baddies await their turn to be beaten by the heroes. Bodies fly for 30 feet. When fights happen, everybody groups in teams of conveniently equal size.

Immersion is broken again when a bunch of malnourished homeless orphans are also conveniently in possession of combat grade relics. They also manage to put up a fight against an elite army special forces squad, that outnumbers them, and heavily outgears them. 

I couldn't get past that point, and then quit

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Wow! Literally one of the most ecstatic books I've had the chance of reading. The world building is already unique and genius in it's own rite. 

So far in the chapters we have a pretty good story of the world history, and introduction to new unique characters (love Regalt).

Weapons and power system is balanced, but there been a lot of hints towards OP shit about to go down. 

On another note, this shit is a tragedy... I feel for some of them.