The Demon Lord's Lover

The Demon Lord's Lover

by redknight3996

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Julius Goldforge knows how the world works. He knows his role. Really, it's destiny by this point. 

The mentor dies, the hero gains motivation, and the demon lord falls to their blade.

Except...something's clearly gone wrong here.

Written by Redknight3996 and Indismile, The Demon Lord's Lover is a fantasy comedy/romance featuring a jaded, middle-aged adventurer who's damn sure he's going to die on this new journey with his students and the ambitious Empress of the Dark Lands, whose drive to conquer the entire world winds up putting both him and her on a bizarre course of attraction and impulsive decision making.

Includes (but is not limited to): action, adventure, big fights, elemental-themed temples, demons, angels, fumbling romance, competence, incompetence, nudist druids, the crimes of the past influencing the current age in myriad ways, interpersonal issues, fatalism, and being a decent uncle to one's adoptive family.

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Table of Contents
100 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
A Fresh Beginning ago
Chapter 2 - Forest Temple ago
Chapter 3 - First of Many ago
Chapter 4 - The Road to the Top ago
Chapter 5 - Fire Temple ago
Chapter 6 - The Trade ago
Chapter 7 - New Means of Travel ago
Chapter 8 - Familiar Faces, Familiar Places ago
Interlude 1 - Claire ago
Chapter 9 - Family and Friends ago
Chapter 10 - Ships and Shrines ago
Chapter 11 - Water Temple ago
Chapter 12 - Education ago
Chapter 13 - The Northern Nation ago
Interlude 2 - Meet the Hero ago
Chapter 14 - Meeting Royalty ago
Chapter 15 - A Night of Rest ago
Chapter 16 - Wind Temple ago
Chapter 17 - Aftermath ago
Chapter 18 - Recovery ago
Interlude 3 - Divine ago
Chapter 19 - Southward Bound ago
Chapter 20 - The Rose Country ago
Extra!: Map of the Light Lands and Supplemental Stuff ago
Chapter 21 - Flower Petals ago
Chapter 22 - The Red Forge ago
Interlude 4 - Meanwhile ago
Chapter 23 - Avoiding Politics ago
Chapter 24 - Arrogance ago
Chapter 25 - Allies and Enemies ago
Chapter 26 - Vague Warnings ago
Chapter 27 - Dealing with the Governors ago
Interlude 5 - A Mage and an Orb ago
Chapter 28 - Boat Arrest ago
Chapter 29 - Deal with a Demon God ago
Interlude 6 - Young Heroes ago
Chapter 30 - The High Skies ago
Chapter 31 - On an Island ago
Interlude 7 - On a Different Island ago
Interlude 8 - The Wandering Minotaur ago
Chapter 32 - Catching Up ago
Chapter 33 - The Lightning Temple ago
Chapter 34 - The Final Stretch Begins ago
[The Demon Lord's Generals]: Chapter 1 – The Crimson Dryad ago
Chapter 35 - The Country of Light ago
Interlude 9 - The Return of the Finja ago
Chapter 36 - The Light Temple ago
Chapter 37 - The Dark Lands ago
Interlude 10 - The Light God’s Voice ago
Extra!: The Deities of Estus (and what their deal is) ago
Chapter 38 - The Charred Region ago
Chapter 39 - New Plans ago
Interlude 11 - Valondrac ago
Chapter 40 - The City of Blood ago
Interlude 12 - The Flirty Bard ago
Chapter 41 - Catching Up ago
Chapter 42 - Training ago
Chapter 43 - Every Backstory is Tragic ago
Interlude 13 - A Royal Meeting ago
Interlude 14 - A Royal Meeting 2 (Aquatic Boogaloo) ago
Chapter 44 - The Winning Streak Continues ago
Extra!: Pantheons and How They Work ago
Sorry, Slight Delay. ago
Chapter 45 - The Capital of a New Empire ago
Interlude 15 - Upriver ago
Chapter 46 - A New Morning ago
Chapter 47 - Castle Tour ago
Chapter 48 - Some Surprises ago
Interlude 16 - Important Negotiations ago
Chapter 49 - Meeting the In-Laws ago
Interlude 17 - Cardinal Virtues ago
Chapter 50 - The Final Stretch Rides Again ago
Interlude 18 - A Douglas Plan ago
Interlude 19 - Father and Daughter ago
Interlude 19.5 - By Request ago
Chapter 51 - Shioneri Island ago
Interlude 20 - The Tundra's Fist ago
Chapter 52 - Meetings and Reunions ago
Chapter 53 - Arrivals ago
Interlude 21 - Family is Weird ago
Chapter 54 - A Peaceful Conference ago
Chapter 55 - The Things We Do For Love ago
Interlude 22 - What Just Happened? ago
Chapter 56 - Resting Up ago
Interlude 23 - An Epilogue ago
Interlude 24 - A Small Town ago
Epilogue - (Not Really) The Epilogue ago
Bonus Chapter 2 - The Lion's Bane ago
Bonus Chapter 3 – The Infernal Educator ago
Bonus Chapter 4 - The Golden Heir ago
Bonus Chapter 5 - The Albino Arachnid ago
Bonus Chapter 6 - The Ice Dragon ago
Bonus Chapter 7 - The Cheating Fox ago
Bonus Chapter 8 - The First General ago
Bonus Chapter 9 - The Inventive Artificer ago
Bonus Chapter 10 - Valon of Valondrac ago
Bonus Chapter 11 - The Demon Lord’s God ago
Bonus Chapter 12 - The Demon Lord’s Butler ago
Bonus Chapter 13 - The Demon Lord’s Lover ago
Supplementary: Character Page! ago

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Quirky, fun, and full of clichés

At the time of writing this story barely has 100 pages, so no advanced review for you just yet.

Nevertheless, let it be known that I like this story. I don't usually read (or enjoy) these "hero goes to fight demon lord", or the "super OP mentor traveling with students" things, but in a really weird way, this one managed to worm its way into my heart.

First of all, it's well written; no matter if you like the premise or not, you can't deny that. The grammar and spelling are spot on, descriptions are well done (no infodumps in sight), and the pacing feels just right. Fights get the attention they deserve but aren't too dominant, and enough room is left for proper character building.

Ah yes, the characters. I hated them, at the beginning. So many clichés. But once you get over that bit of bias, they turn out to be irreplaceable additions to the story and its vibe -- which is to say they are hilarious. They don't act like human beings but like the ridiculously exaggerated sketches of different personalities that they are.

To conclude, a very much enjoyable ride alongside characters and in a world which are both not to be taken very seriously, in a good way.




Hello ladies and gentlemen, come and relax as I tell you the greatness of this most scrumptious tale. 

In this story, a saga of very poor life decisions, you will see many clichés being thrown over their heads and mercilessly drowned in a sea of loving parody. To the isekai genre, to the mentor mortem syndrome, to the nymphomaniac bard that probably tried to fuck all the dragons you fought, we have it all here. 

But the main catch of the story is not this, oh no, this is merely the strawberry icing on the chocolate cake of victory. The style is good and relatively fast-paced and the grammar is near perfect but the real strongarm of The Demon Lord's Lover are the characters and the story. No 2-dimensional cutouts so thin they could fit between two connected atoms, here even the extras are interesting in their own way. 

Julius Goldforge is by far one of my favorite characters in any book I've read. The man's a fuckin national treasure and his characterization is 11/10 would save the world again. His motives and personality are seamlessly shown throughout the story, and he is the living incarnation of "I'm done with this shit" and if it wasn't for the Demon Lord I would be the one trying to bang him.

Indeed, for his main love interest (I say main due to some developments that happen later in the story, but even then it's kinda pushing it until more happens) is the best Overlord I've seen in a while, outmatched only by Momonga-sama himself. She's not evil for the sake of it, not even really evil and she's quite pleasant as a person and I would most definitely invite her to grab a beer with me. Her interactions with Julius are extremely CUTE. ABSOLUTELY SO.

All in all, I want those two to make about a thousand babies and you will too.

Regarding the other characters, particularly the heroes, they're all charming in their own ways and their interactions are very funny and lovable, though they might need some more development and focus in the near future if they hope to stand against the ABSOLUTE CHARISMA UNIT that is Julius, the old heroes, and the Overlord.

The story is great. It's obviously inspired by most fantasy cliches, particularly Japanese ones, but it's not done in an unpleasant or boring way and these concepts are instead used rather well. All settings and story arcs flow well and never feel like they've outstayed their welcome. It always feels like something's happening, though there are of course some breather chapters.


All in all, as official local shitposter of the story, I must declare that it is fucking great and a very fun read overall, with more depth than you'd imagine from this kind of setting, particularly in the lore and characters. ALSO IT'S CUTE DAMMIT!


Splits focus between combat and simple politics, not giving either enough time to develop. The main romance is too simple for how mature the two leads are supposed to be. Kinda funny how almost all relationships are gay though. Lots of lore, and frustratingly the backstories provided by the ending bonus chapters hint at the possibility of more (e.g. character development, politics, etc.). The whole "demon lord" aspect was conveyed much better in the ending bonus chapters than the main story.


Even if it's accurate. 

The MC is sarcastic as all hell, a good measure of slightly insane, and a 100% badass.

The story is extremely well written and developed. While not being a full on comedy, it makes you smile. 

Read it, you owe it to yourself 

James Alden

If you keep the fiction the way it is paced I will be your good follower. It is a really light-hearted comedy with a sprinkle of romance. I like it :)

Also the art is rather cute.


This is a wonderful story of a tired yet caring hero, now acting as a mentor to a new group of heroes, then finding (and confessing) his love to the demon lord now threatening the world. 

There's pretty terrific world-building in this, with the royalty having past experiences with the mentor due to his past exploits, not to mention gods and their respective servants.


I can't point my finger at anything that's really wrong with the story, but for some reason it just didn't grab me even though I normally really like stories like this. At most, i might say the pacing is a bit slow. By the title and opening chapter you think it's going to be about the main character having a relationship with the demon lord, but then that is put on the back burner and it's instead about him mentoring the newest chosen hero and his squad of teenagers. Each of them has enough of a personality to count as proper characters, but not enough to really be interesting.


This is the BEST story i've read on Royalroad in a long time, and the only one ive given 5 stars. Hands down my favorite story on this website.

The MC is sarcastic and tired of everyone's shit and the story is a not stop excercise in dry humor and stifling your grin and laughter. Julius is realistic for an outlandish MC and a fresh take on the "mentor always dies" trope. rather than following the hero in the aftermath of the mentor's death instead the mentor lives and we follow him as he clumsily guides the party on their quest to defeat the demon lord (MC's crush).

this story deserves the top spot in trending and I hope to see it there soon! 


I am 8 chapters in (about 93 pages of an average novel/book) and caught up with the current released chapters at the time of this review.

So far, I am loving this story, and it seems that it is only just beginning and setting itself up to be a wonderful fantasy romance with a male lead. There needs to be more of this genre on RoyalRoad, and not just more of it; there needs to be more of this genre with the same quality as the authors of the story are instilling in their fantasy.

Its current rating of about 4.7+ stars overall is a testament to how great the story is so far. It has excellent world building, near perfect grammar, and relatable characters/human interactions that you would expect from seasoned writers. The authors also know how to flesh out characters and make them unique, though I wish some of the young heros can be fleshed out a bit more and maybe have some backstory on them. That is probably my only concern, though it is too early to determine how important to the overall plot the young heros will be compared to the main character and what will most likely be an obvious romance, and if their backstories will be necessary at all. My opinion is though that the budding heros feel a bit dry in terms of characters and incomplete, since we know so little about them other than that they have their own quirks and personalities. I'm not sure how important this is at this time as I am not an author, so again, this is my opinion, and does not take away too much from the quality of this excellent story.

Overall, read this story! Thank you authors for posting on RR. I eagerly await for the continuation of your story!


Nothing bad about it that I can remember (maybe you guys didn't use Oxford commas? I'm not sure, I can't remember) and a whole lot of good.