A small apartment that had two rooms, a kitchen and a tiny living room. There was no furniture except for the essentials.  Within one of the small rooms slept Argus who snored with the power to compete with the roar of a jet engine.
For Jake who sat on the balcony, the sound was a perfect white noise to drown out the deathly quiet city. For someone who lived his life in a city that never seemed to sleep, this new city was too quiet for his taste. 
Tonight the snoring fell on deaf ears while Jake lost himself in thought. 
"Now what?" thought Jake as he gazed at the stars in the sky. The stars were so different from the ones he grew up with, even though they were still beautiful.  They danced through the vast void twinkling in and out. Some flew across the sky as if to say "Watch my finale moments of beauty."
Coldness slithered up Jake's body as the night grew darker. Though, he ignored it as memories overwhelmed him. His thoughts took him back to when he was seven. His father came home late that night but in his arms, he held a box for a telescope. 
Jake remembered that he had gone to bed late every night for over a month due to that telescope. Watching the night sky as it told tales of places far off in galaxies yet explored. 
Dreams of adventure and discovery, filled his young head. They led him on fantastical ideas of venturing off into the unknown. 
Now, here he was in the unknown. He was scared of the future that presented itself. lost at the starting line before ever beginning his adventure. 
What was he to do in this world? 
Letting out a deep breath, Jake thought of his family, friends and about the life he once had. He worried about his family and hoped they were moving on and not stuck in sorrow.
"Mom, Dad I miss you guys..."
Sitting in the quiet, his mind ran through the night's events. Of course, he knew he was in the wrong but it was not fair.
Jake knew the saying 'Life was not fair' but this was the AfterWorld. But, it seemed even here the rule still stood that the strong were right.
Shaking his head in frustration, Jake turned in for the night. There was nothing he could do about his level, at least nothing he knew about.
With his head resting on his pillow, Jake began to doze off while thoughts of home drifted in and out of his conscious
While he slept away his worries for the night, a large drunk man hobbled away from the bar with help of his two friends. Soon they passed into the dark reaches of the city where even the guards dared not venture.
They came upon a large abandoned building. Near one of the entrances, the symbol of a raven could be seen etched into the stone.
The burly man and his two friends passed through the entrance without so much as a pause. Though once they entered they heard a man hidden in shadow snicker.
"What happened to big bad Mikey? Did you drink so much you beat yourself up?"
With a grunt, Mike ignored the taunt and carried on. He had things to discuss with his boss.
The three made their way further into the building passing by curious gazes from the shadows. Soon they approached a door with the mark of a war hammer etched on its surface.
This was the room of the leader of the Berserker Typhoons, one of the five officers within the Ravens. Knocking on the door, Mike waited for his boss to let them enter.
After waiting for a few moments, a grunt came from the other side of the door causing the trio to stand a bit taller.
"Whatz you want?" growled Vlorg from the room.
"Hey, Boss it's Mike. I have some things to report."
"It'z better be gud. Come in andz make it quick."
With the go-ahead, Mike and the two friends entered the room of the mighty Vlorg.
 Inside the room, one could only describe the decor as disturbing. Though in orc standards, it would be pleasant to the eyes. 
There were weapon racks randomly placed around the room. They were filled to the brim with gruesome killing tools of all kinds. 
The floors were covered in the hides of many different monsters, some that Mike could not name. 
On the walls hung trophies that Vlorg had killed, these were not his every day kills. No, these were the ones he fought hard to achieve. 
Disturbingly, they were not all only beasts. Some were of the humanoid type and others were human. 
This always caused the stomach of Mike to turn and fear to creep into his heart. 
The worst part of the room was the smell due to trash and food scraps along with the body odor of an Orc. Anyone who walked into this room would have to turn off their sense of smell to survive. Unless of course, they were Orc. 
Sitting at a table filled with all types of meats sat Vlorg with a drumstick in his jaws. Though, from what beast no one knew. 
"Speak and bestz make itz fast." Growled Vlorg as he paused his chewing. 
 Mike let go of his friend's shoulder as he stood a bit taller, trying to show strength in front of his boss. With his drunk state slipping away, Mike cleared his throat as he began his report.
"Boss, tonight while the guys and I were out having fun..." Mike then went on to explain the events that unfolded, though some of it was exaggerated
Mike wanted the assault against him to be portrayed as an assault against the gang. 
 During his story, Mike could see that his boss was growing mad by the second. This was an expected outcome since his boss was hot-headed. 
When he mentioned the twerp, his boss seemed to become slightly distracted. 
"Stop yourz blabbering!" Barked Vlorg as a light lit up in his mind. 
"Whatz did you sayz that boyz looked like?"
Hearing his boss Mike was confused at first, but with hardly a pause he answered.  "Short brown hair, blue eyes about sixteen or seventeen and about yay high." Replied Mike. 
After answering his boss, Mike grew confused. Never before had he seen his boss think so hard. Yet, there he was contemplating with so much energy Mike was worried smoke would appear. 
Silently, he waited. He was afraid to disturb his boss and make him lose his thought. Moments passed while the trio waited. After a while, a grunt followed by a frightful laugh erupted from their boss.  The three shuddered at the sound that could cause a devil to flee. 
"I'z wonder whatz the bitch willz do for this info?" Mumbled Vlorg before looking at his three subordinates. 
"Very goodz you three, for nowz keep quiet aboutz thiz." 
Seeing the trio nod in understanding, Vlorg sent them away with a grunt.

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