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"Holy biscuit and jelly! That was the worst dream I’ve ever had. Fraggin apples, I even felt like I was dying. It hurt so bad, I’m never going to eat that much ice cream before bed again."
Grabbing his throbbing head, the boy opened his eyes for the first time. "Fraggin..." Cursed the boy as he took in a sharp breath.
He was definitely not in Kansas anymore... Though he technically never was before either. What confronted his eyes was not his ten by thirteen-foot room with his poster of a model above the bed. Instead, above him was a grand painting, spreading as far as the eye could see across the high ceiling.
Pictures of all types of beings were on one part of the ceiling, depicting parts of their lives. Some were farming, some drove cars while others battled beasts. In other pictures, the art portrayed the beings dying. There were men, women and weird, alien looking creatures that died in all types of ways. Some were gruesome, while others were peaceful. Yet each being had their souls leave their bodies behind.
The boy cringed as he looked upon the beautiful and painfully real art that hovered over him. Chills kept running down his spine as the dream resurfaced in the boy’s mind. A dreadful worry began to set in, and his eyes focused on the next part of the picture.
This part featured the souls that left their bodies standing in a beautiful world. A massive tower of grand architectural design stood in the center of the picture. Past the clouds and stars it reached forever upwards.
Closing his eyes the boy decided he was still dreaming.
"Yeah. I must be still dreaming," mumbled the boy as he tried to leave this dream and wake up back in his comfy bed. Not on some hard cold surface that sent chills up his body.
Moments passed and no change seemed to occur. He peeked again, yet the ceiling remained unchanged. The boy closed his eyes again.
"Can you please hurry up and get off the altar already? I don’t have all day to wait for you young man. There are many guests waiting in line and you are clogging up the entry," growled a man not far from the boy.
Startled, the boy shot up off the altar like a frightened cat. Now upright, the boy stood face to face with the ugliest looking thing he had ever seen.
Some type of flubber like creature was before him. It's body made of a gelatinous goop that looked like a giant glob of jello.
Except, jello usually tasted nice and seemed appetizing. It wasn’t colored vomit-green, with crystals that looked like eyes and a see-through body. Jake could bet it most likely did not taste good either. 
There was disgusting looking rubbish floating about in its body. Before his eyes he watched the items dissolve and get absorbed into the body.
"Good. You're finally up. For a moment there I thought you were planning on making that your bed. Well, come with me. You’ve already made me late and everyone else in your tour group is already waiting. I am a busy man you know. I have plenty more guest to greet afterwards, so stop your shenanigans and follow."
As the beast rambled nonstop, it turned to leave, while a dazed and confused boy followed.
‘How the heck did this jello speak? And what others?’ Thought the boy as they left the room with the painted ceiling.
Other than the painting and the altar, crafted from some sort of dark metal or gem, the room was bare. Looking at the altar Jake could tell the person was a master craftsman. For the details that outlined the altar were breathtaking. All around the body of the altar were many handcrafted images. Crafted in a way that made you feel you were looking at something alive. Were thousands of different beings etched into the altar. 
Some looked like humans while others were definitely creatures from nightmares. Jake shuddered when his eyes made contact with any of the crafted images. Tearing his eyes from the altar, Jake continued to follow the creature outside. 
Stepping outside the room, what greeted the boy's eyes was nothing less than magical. The world that stretched before him was something out of the 'Lord Of The Rings' or some other magical story.
A giant, intricate city welcomed the boy as he gazed outwards. The city could be part of the medieval era. Buildings carved from stone and cobble brick roads that snaked through the city. Along the edges, a strong wall encompassed the city, adding a feeling of strength to the place. Forests grew beyond the walls, stretching as far as the eye could see.
Mountains dotted the view here and there, adding an element of awe to the landscape. They rested their peaks among the clouds, reaching for the heavens. Though further away in the distance and taller than the mountains stood a tower. It looked magnificent even from a distance.
Gazing out at his surroundings, he heard the sound of disgruntled people off to his left. Turning his gaze, he noticed a group of at least a hundred beings staring at him. There were beast-like people, humans, and other mythical beings. Amongst them was the jello-like beast that had brought him here.
Next to him stood a woman, a bit taller than him. Her long golden hair fell down her back, and her eyes were as clear as crystals, shining with a bright green hue. Her body was slim, with all the right curves that could stop any man's heart.
Two pure white wings poked out from between her shoulder blades causing the boy to gulp. The idea of an angel popped into his head while he stared. Her outfit didn’t match the traditional image of an angel though. Because instead of a toga or dress, the woman wore a black business suit. Even if it messed up the image of an angel, it nonetheless added a layer of sexiness to the woman.
Hearts began to swim in the boy's eyes. The green jello slid in front of his view, snapping him out of his trance.
"Stop daydreaming and come over here lad. This is your guide. She may look sweet and all that, but heed my warning. She is not on the inside. Anyways, this is your group and she will be your guide. I’ll be heading back now. I am truly too busy… So busy... Damn, I need a vacation. Well, whatever. Silia, I won't hold your group up any longer. Take care."
The Jello dude rambled on again as he slid away, leaving the boy confused and the angel upset. She glared at the jello before setting her sights on the young lad who joined her group.
"Hello, little one. I am sure you have many questions, but do not fret. All your questions will be answered in due time. For now, let me introduce myself to everyone." Turning away from Jake to include the others Silia took a breath before starting her introduction.
"My name is Silia and I will be your guide for today. But, before we get on our way, let me first welcome you all ." With a slight pause for effect. Silia scanned her gaze across the hundreds of people before clearing her throat.
"Welcome, newly dead souls, to your new home!
Welcome To AfterWorld!


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