“Your goal is to make Miko Clan Leader, right?”


A tense silence covered the garden. Everyone was looking at Alec’s face as if to figure out what he was thinking. He furrowed his brow and narrowed his eyes with a frown.


“What nonsense are you talking about? Of course, Miko can’t be Clan Leader.”


Everyone’s eyes widened. That was the last thing they expected for him to say.


“S-Stop joking around. We all know that’s your goal.”


Al-Shura pressed him.


“It isn’t though. I said that we need to pick a Clan Leader, why is Miko’s name coming up?”


“Now I’m confused.”


Said Selena, the youngest triplet.


“Miko will become the Clan Leader but that’s in the future. The current him isn’t ready for such a title. That’s why we must choose someone to serve as the bridge that will ensure that he safely reaches that point.”


Sylvia lifted her hand.


“Wait, what makes you think that he’ll become Clan Leader?”


“Is there anyone more qualified?”




“This isn’t what I had planned when I called you all here but I guess this is what we’re doing.”


He looked down at Bella.


“Stand up for a bit.”


She hesitantly stood up and Alec sat on the chair. He then patted his thigh which caused her face to redden. After a minor delay, she sat on his lap. This action caused everyone to frown.


“Allow me to explain to you the future state of this clan if things continue as they are.”


He spoke with a grin.


“In ten years, the one who will be at the top of this clan isn’t any of the branch leaders but Miko. He will lead a new generation as its vanguard.”


“Top? Are you insane? You gotta be joking.”


Al-Shura straightened himself and lean forward with a frown.


“I’m completely serious. Miko will be the absolute force within the clan. In other words, he’ll succeed Augustus as the Clan Leader.”


“I still don’t get it. How can you be so sure? Are you saying that he’ll be the strongest? To do that, he’ll need to enter the Divine Realm. Miko is 18 years old. You’re implying that he’ll break past the threshold of mortality and become a god by 28?”


Sophia strongly refuted Alec’s words.


“I never said that he’ll be the strongest. All I said was that he’ll be the absolute force.”


“Isn’t that the same thing?”


“No, it isn’t, Alesia. Miko’s influence will reach a new level where a wave of his hand can result in the deployment of an army of divine level soldiers.”


“I kept quiet because my brother wasn’t talking but I can’t buy that one, Alec.”


Kouta spoke up for the first in a long time.


“How will he achieve that?”


“Who knows?”




“Besides, is it really that hard to believe that Miko will reach the Divine Realm in the next decade?”


Alec ignored the confused Kouta and prosed a question.


“Don’t be retarded. It takes the average person centuries to break through the Divine Realm.”


“Average? Come on, man.”


Alec placed his hand on Bella’s shoulder and drew her closer to his chest which frightened her.


“We’re the Dragna Clan. Even the “average” members can be powerhouses anywhere else. Not to mention, top tier talent like Miko.”


“He has a point.”


Christensen yawned.


“Is there any other clan that has produced more talents than ours? I mean if you think about it, from our grandparents’ generation to now there have been countless geniuses appearing from the Dragna Clan. If any clans can rival ours it’s the Diabolus Clan that Nine Hells Dante is from. It’s a clan of Lucifer’s descendants that produced countless demon geniuses.”


This was also the same clan that Ajax and Ishma was a part of.


“There’s also Othinus, Odin’s clan in the Asgard Empire and the 21 Imperial Families in the Wakoku Nation, but nothing more. So it isn’t a stretch.”


“Yes, it is. Nero holds the record for the youngest to reach the Divine Realm in the clan at age 20. However, that was at the start of the Proxy Era where the weak was devoured by the strong. He had no choice but to get strong to survive, plus he was fueled by immense hatred. This is a different and calmer time.”


Sylvia argued back.


“You say that but the one who has the record worldwide was someone born in these peaceful times.”


Kirika spoke up.


“The pinnacle of humanity, Human God Lennox. He reached that realm at 15 years old.”


“That’s different. That man defies all common sense.”


“So does Miko.”


Alec spoke up.


“Look at what he achieved since he became a Proxy. He took over the lawless Gael and formed a country that doubles as a gang. He expanded that gang by subjugating the beast nest of Jara. He conquered Dale and Aloe and defeated the international crime syndicate Dragon Storm. His most recent achievements are conquering Newgate Country and allying with the Azazel Kingdom, thus creating a foothold in the South.”


“Others could’ve done the same.”


“But not with such efficiency and so few casualties as Miko.”


“You continue to speak as if Miko is untouchable. Did you forget about my nephew?”


Alec’s body twitched a bit. This caused the triplets to smile.


“Miko is great but he can’t compare to Krul. You say that Miko will become Clan Leader but he has to beat him to do it.”


“Not just Krul, my little brother Ashur can more than give him a run for his money.”


Al-Shura declared with a grin.


“Rin and your brother Renato are also there too.”


Kouta added.


“See? Miko isn’t all that special.”


Sophia laughed.




Bella’s body twitched in Alec’s embrace, which caused him to look down.


“Rather than overhyping him up, we should think of more plausible candidates.”


A smile crawled on Alec’s face when he saw the sharp look in Bella’s eyes.


“Besides, he has a habit of punching above his weight. There’s a chance he might not make it to the next decade.”


“I can’t let that one slide.”


She forced herself out of Alec’s arms and stood up facing the table. All eyes were on her.


“You can’t let what slide?”


Sylvia’s face showed no emotion but her eyes were locked on Bella.


“I didn’t intend to speak because I thought it wasn’t my place to…”


“You’re right. It isn’t.”


“Well, I’m talking now. So shut up and listen.”


Al-shura’s eyes widened but immediately narrowed.


“Woman, do you know who you’re talking to?”


“I’m fully aware, but your identity means nothing to me anymore.”


Bella clenched her fists.


“I won’t allow you ignorant bunch to criticize and play down the things my boss has achieved!”


The smile on Alec’s face widened.


“I wasn’t there when he accomplished most of the things Alec listed but I was there for that battle in Newgate. Miko gave it his all to ensure that we would win and survive. He protected us, guided us, and brought home the victory.”


Miko’s face, when he received the news about his mother, came to mind.


“I can’t even imagine the burden that he’s carrying.”


His listless look on the way to her country.


“I’ll never truly understand what’s going on in his heart.”


His dull eyes overlapped with those of her own on the darkest day of her life. The day she lost her mother.


“I’m new and still have a lot of work to do to catch up to the others….But he still gave me so much that I can’t help but consider him my savior and benefactor!”


She locked eyes with everyone at the table and showed no intention of backing down.


“I would rather die than sit here and listen to you bastards disrespect my don!”


A heavy silence covered the area. The rabbit who was cowering in front of a pack of wolves was now confronting them without any signs of fear and was even picking a fight.


(Oh, so this is her true colors?)


Kirika started smiling as well.


(I guess she’ll make a great sister-in-law in the future.)




Al-Shura clicked his tongue and turned his head.


(I thought that he’d lash out but it looks like he’s a bit impressed and feels conflicted about that.)


Alec clapped his hands.


“Everyone, calm down. We derailed a bit but let’s not forget our reason for being here.”


He stood up and placed his hand on Bella’s shoulder.


“We want to protect our families.”


He gave her a thumbs up and gently made her sit down. He drew everyone’s attention to himself.


“I like I said earlier we need a leader to rally everyone back together. So let’s discuss the possible candidates.”


Meanwhile, at the Hall Of Rebirth. Miko was in his office.


“I expected that someone would come to check to see what I was up to, but I thought that it would be my father or his father.”


He smiled at the person across from him.


“You’re the last person I would expect, Ecko.”


With a face brimming with smiles, Ecko sat across from Miko dressed in jeans and a simple blouse and an open floral kimono around her.


“Well, I was so curious as to why you didn’t return I just couldn’t help myself.”


She grinned.


“Besides, Alexus and Rouge are too serious while Andreas is too intense. I figured I, who has a similar personality to Nero, would be the best choice.”


“I agree with your reasoning.”


Miko took a more relaxing position in his seat.


“I personally like you a lot so I have no problem talking to you.”


The two smiled at each other.


“There’s a lot to talk about.”


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