Over 100 Km above ground level, a fleet of airships was rapidly approaching the Red Light District. This fleet had a silver crow on them indicating that they belonged to the queen of Newgate herself.

“I have a feeling that this will be a tough battle.”

Sapphire, who was dressed in a blue battle suit, was in the lower deck of one of the airships along with a few of her allies from Silver Crow.

“Well, that goes without saying. Miko might be out but there’s still his Apostles. Also, it seems that he has some hidden allies as well.”

Said Nico.

“There’s no use thinking about it. We were given our targets so we just need to carry out our orders. If we’re successful then we’ll be able to get rid of the chaos element of this war and focus on the Pillars.”

Axel said while working on something in a metal case.

“My target is a very important one but I’m determined to take them down because that will bring the queen peace.”


Ryker spoke while working on a red gun in his hand.

“Have you guy noticed? We’ve stopped calling the queen by her name.”

Everyone became silent and looked at each other.

“Now that you mention it, you’re right. Since when has it been like this?”

Nico said.

“Maybe because of her change of behavior we’ve change ourselves.”

Axel said.

“Rather than a family, we might feel like a boss-subordinate relationship is more appropriate with this new queen.”

Everyone became silent again.

“Does it matter?”

Chrome was the one to break the silence.

“Our relationship doesn’t matter. We’ve all pledged to follow her to hell and back, didn’t we? Then we’ll do as we’ve always done. Do everything in our power to make her happy.”

Everyone nodded.

“Attention, we’ll reach the drop zone any moment now. All troops make your final preparations before the assault. I repeat, prepare for battle!”

An announcement was made from the airship’s intercom.

“Alright, lets get this over with.”

Meanwhile, Bloom was sitting on a throne outside of her main airship. Despite being outside, the wind didn’t seem to affect her in anyway, probably because of her abilities.

“Everyone is ready.”

Jin appeared beside her, also unaffected by the wind.

“I see. Then as the commander-in-chief I’ll make the first move.”

She stood up and walked to the nose of the airship and looked at the city that she was rapidly approaching. She could see countless monsters flying around the city. She then stretched her hand out and a purple haze covered it.

“Black Hole.”

The monsters suddenly started being dragged towards her ship. Just before they were going to collided into it, their bodies started twisting and turning like they were trapped in some kind of vortex. Their bodies then started to be torn apart until they were left in bits and pieces that could no longer be seen with the human eye.

“Impressive as always.”

Jin started applauding her. She ignored him and spoke into a communicator that she was holding.

“I’ve opened a path for you all, so obey my order….Destroy the enemy in front you!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The airships behind her’s sped up and flew past her, heading straight for the city.

“Then, I’ll be on my way then.”

Jin started walking away.

“Keep in mind that your target is the most important. Even if everyone else fails you definitely can’t.”

Jin turned around a grinned.

“It’s rare for you to be worried about me. Don’t worry, even if everyone else turn against you I’ll be on your side.”

After saying that he vanished into thin air.

“You don’t get it. My instincts are telling me that Miko isn’t the only dangerous thing in that city.”


As if to prove her right, one of her airships was shot down by a laser. Immediately after, dozens of lasers was fired from the city.

“Tsk. They must’ve expected us to come attack them. Well, whatever. As long as Silver Crow makes it into the city then everything will go as plan.”

She watched as another of her airships was shot down before she started floating. She then flew ahead of her airships and stood in front of them and spread her arms. A semi-transparent film appeared before her and blocked the lasers. She then silently scanned the city with her eyes and pin-pointed where the lasers were coming from. She then pointed at those spots.

*BAM!* *BAM!* *BAM!*

One after the other the spots that she pointed at were mercilessly flattened until no more lasers were being fired.

“Just to make things easier…”

She floated over the city with her arms spread.

“I’ll flatten a section of this place to shake their resolve.”

Her whole body was covered with a purple haze as she looked down on the cityscape with cold eyes.


An overwhelming force rushed down from the sky and headed towards the city.


At that moment, Bloom saw a gold light rush out of the city.


The golden light clashed with the invisible force and caused a loud explosion in the sky. People could see a visible clash of gold and purple with sparks dancing across the sky.

“This is…Vita?”

Bloom scanned the city again and saw a girl with black hair surrounded by a gold glow glaring at her from top of a building.

“Luka Flameheart.”

Luka silently released her wings and took to the skies.

“She’s coming for me?”

Bloom smirked and thrust her hand towards her.

“Know your place.”

An overwhelming force rush out of her hand and immediately started pressing Luka.

“Know your place? That’s my line, bitch!”

Her Vita intensified and she started accelerating, completely ignoring the pressure Bloom was creating.

“So you can use Vita to oppose my powers to this extent?”

Bloom smiled.

“That’s good to know.”

She stretched her hand out and a dark purple broadsword appeared in her hand. Darkness gathered in Luka’s hand and form a black claymore. Bloom dove down and swung her sword and Luka did the same.


Shockwaves spread through the air and shook the area.

“Another pest pushing their nose where they don’t belong.”

Bloom said while locking swords with Luka.

“I’m free to do whatever I want and right now I want to kill you even if it will make Miko upset.”


A strange aura started ozing out of Bloom’s body.

“Try it then, brat!”

Luka’s eyes widened when she saw the aura.

“Chaos Vita?!”

She was forced away by Bloom pouring her strength into her arms. Bloom pointed her sword at her and spoke with a mocking tone.

“Don’t tell me you thought that I relied solely on my ability to reach where I am today?”

Luka could see the space around Bloom start distorting and bending out of shape.

“I’m the definition of multi-talented.”

Meanwhile, the rest of Bloom’s forces made their way to the Red Light district. Because of Bloom, they were able to deploy without much resistance. Once they successfully entered the city, they started moving in an uniformed manner to seek out and destroy the enemy. However-

“Hm? This is strange.”

“Yeah, I haven’t picked up any signs of life with my googles.”

“Wait…Are they even work-Ugh?!”

Suddenly a scream of agony came from the group of soldiers. They looked for the source and saw a woman wearing a pink skull mask and dressed in full black. She held a knife dripping with blood and stood over the corpse of a soldier.

“It’s an ambush!”

A soldier shouted before he got his head pierced by a bullet from above. The soldiers looked up and saw dozens of women on the building tops; all wearing a pink skull mask. The soldiers aimed their guns at them in panic.

“Huh? My gun won’t shot!”

“Wait, our equipment didn’t pick them up and now our guns aren’t working? They must have something that can mess with our equipment!”

The women aimed their machine guns at the soldiers before mercilessly fulling them up with holes. And just like that, a squadron of soldiers were massacred.

“Orders from Princess Bella, we are to use the jamming device Code Breaker gave us to kill as much soldiers as we can until she says otherwise. If you understand, move out!”

The women scattered leaving the corpses behind.

*Bam!* *Bam!* *Bam!*

Elsewhere an intense shootout was happening between Bloom and Miko’s forces in the middle of the town. Soldiers from both sides were firing high-powered weapons while hiding behind anything that could be used as a shield.

“Die, traitors!”

A soldier shouted before throwing an explosive that blew up half a building. Another soldier used that chance to ran towards a group of enemies. He was spotted and was immediately riddled with gunshots. Even so, he dragged his torn up body and shouted-

“Death to the queen’s enemies!”

He then pulled out an explosive and detonate it once he was close to the enemy. The explosion devoured the soldier and his enemies, leaving a bloody crater behind.

“Long live the queen!”

More soldiers suddenly stopped hiding and started rushing towards their enemies with no intention of hiding or protecting themselves.

“These bastards are fucking crazy! Why are they willing to throw their lives away like this?!”

A thug complained while blowing out the brains of soldiers running towards him.

“Don’t think about it too much! Just kill! Otherwise, you won’t survive! If they’re fighting to die for their queen then we’ll fight to survive this hell we were unfairly dragged into!”

The thug clenched his teeth after hearing what his friend said. He roared and then ran out from where he was hiding firing his gun.

“Fuck it all to hell!”

Edward was watching the various battles happening across the city on several monitors inside a dark room.

“The royal soldiers are fanatics as always I see.”

“Those type of soldiers are hard to deal with.”

Bella said beside him.

“They’re composed of people whose lives were saved by Bloom. A lot of them lived meaningless lives until she found them. To them, she’s their goddess and they would gladly give their lives for her.”

“An army of your worshippers huh? That woman is definitely cunning to think of something like this.”

“There’s nothing scarier than excessive faith after all.”

Edward stood up and walked away from the monitors.

“Heading out already?”

“Yeah. I’ve confirmed that Silver Crow has already entered the city. There’s someone I really need to kill otherwise this war won’t end.”

“Jin Makoto?”

“Hahaha! I’m not confident to go up against that monster. I’m talking about a very dangerous little girl. If I don’t kill that genius brat she’ll definitely drop a nuke on this city one day.”

“Ah, Chrome huh.”

Edward nodded.

“You and Yota continue to take on Bloom’s troops. If you run into a member of Silver Crow kill them if you can.”


“Oh, If I die then work with the others until the boss wakes up.”

“Is Chrome really that dangerous?”

“It’s not her I’m worried about. I have a feeling that the queen sent an assassin after me. One that will definitely succeed.”

“And yet your heading out with a smile on your face?”

Edward showed a grin.

“I’m a gangster, Bella. Gangsters don’t fear death, we laugh in its face until it snatch our souls away.”

Edward left the base and was now riding his bike through the city while the sounds of explosions reached his ears.

“Looks like things are really getting underway….Hm?”

He stopped his bike when he saw someone at the end of the road. It was a member of Silver Crow, the man that dressed in full black, Axel.

“Edward Akabe, I presume.”

Axel spoke with a gentle tone and a smile on his face. Even so, it was hard to ignore the ominous vibe that surrounded him. Edward laughed and got off his bike before activating his battle suit.

“Well, hello there, Mr.Death.”

Meanwhile in the building that Miko was being kept.

“Are you sure you don’t need me to help out?”

Momo asked Hina.

“No, no, it’s fine. We’ll handle it. Just take care of Miko.”

“….Alright, I will.”

Hina smiled and then looked at Miko who was still unconscious and was laying on a bed.

“….Then, I’ll be on my way. Take care.”

Hina turned around to walk away.


She stopped and looked back at Momo who had a serious expression.

“Be careful.”

Hina looked at her in silence before showing a bright smile.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

She then walked away leaving Momo behind.

“Sigh. She tries her best to seem cheery but she’s really not good at hiding her emotions.”

Momo showed a wry smile.

“After all, she cant hide her bloodlust at all.”

Meanwhile, Hina had left the building and was walking down the street. She stopped in the middle of the street and started grinding her teeth.

“That bitch!”

An image of Isabel’s face appeared in her mind along with the terrible condition Miko was in after her battle.

“Kill, kill, kill, kill!”

Her eyes became bloodshot and she clenched her fists so hard they started bleeding.


Meanwhile, Sapphire and Chrome was leading a squadron of soldiers through the city.

“We’re approaching one of the possible bases that Miko’s being treated at. Everyone, be on your guard.”

Chrome ordered.

“Yes, ma’am!”


Suddenly one of the soldiers was flung into the air with his blood leaking out of all the openings in his body.

“What the hell?!”

Chrome and the others looked for the cause and saw someone walking towards them with both hands in their pockets.

“That’s one of Miko’s Apostles, Sora…”

Sapphire watched as Sora slowly approached them with a blank look on his face. When he was just over 30m away he stopped and looked at them.

“If I remember correctly you’re both members of Silver Crow right?”

He spoke to them casually but for some reason everyone felt a dreadful air about him.

“Seeing how many of you came here made me realize how many people really want Miko dead. I mean, who can blame you? He’s a pretty troublesome guy. But you know…I still think of him as a little brother.”

“Chrome, be careful. He uses Sound-based Attacks like you.”

Sapphire warned. Sora ignored that everyone was preparing for battle and continued to speak in an unhurried manner.

“I don’t why but Miko is pretty set on saving your queen. For that goal, he even got himself reduced to the pitiable state he’s in now. I might not know his reasons but after seeing him like that how can I not help him?”

He lifted one hand in front of him.

“I rocked brain on how I should help and then I got an idea.”

He then showed one finger.

“1000, I’m gonna kill 1000 of his enemies before this war ends.”

He then pointed at the corpse behind them.

“That’s one. Only 999 more to go.”

“Everyone prepare for battle!”

Sapphire shouted and they all prepared to take on Sora. In response, Sora-

“Let’s see what number I’ll reach today.”

At the same time, Jin arrived at a building that could possibly be where his target was being treated. He opened the door and entered the building without making a sound.


When he entered, he was greeted by someone who was sitting cross-legged in a chair with a relaxed smile on his face. Jin recognized him as one of Miko’s apostles.


Ace smiled and then spoke with an energetic tone.

“So tell me, just how do you wanna die?”


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Bballer 24 ago

Great chapter as usual. Got to say I loved Ace's ambush lying in wait. It was badass.

And 1st

HikaruGenji ago

Lol I smiled while reading this chapter. We can say what we want about your style. But you're good at writing badass scenes

Styxx ago

Definitely my favorite novel so far, love the changes to all the apostles

    Bballer 24 ago

    Yeah Sora, Hinami, and Ace being his OG apostles are pretty impressive. They've been stronger than Miko for most of their relationship. Being able to keep up with him and Luka is crazy especially considering the fact that it's been hinted we haven't seen everything they're capable of. Klick/Ringo is definitely an abnormally powerful guy who doesn't take interest in just anyone. I wonder if aside from their memories he sealed anything else away.

Original ago

Maybe because of her change of behavior we’ve change ourselves.”

Maybe because of her change of behavior we’ve changed our own.”

by a gold glow glaring at her from top of a building.

by a gold glow glaring at her from atop a building.

Darkness gathered in Luka’s hand and form a black claymore.

Darkness gathered in Luka’s hand and formed a black claymore.

A strange aura started ozing out of Bloom’s body.

A strange aura started oozing out of Bloom’s body.

they started moving in an uniformed manner to seek out and destroy the enemy

they started moving in a uniform manner to seek out and destroy the enemy

“Huh? My gun won’t shot!”

“Huh? My gun won’t shoot!”

The women aimed their machine guns at the soldiers before mercilessly fulling them up with holes

The women aimed their machine guns at the soldiers before mercilessly filling them with holes

Orders from Princess Bella, we are to use the jamming device Code Breaker gave us to kill as much soldiers as we can until she says otherwise.

Orders from Princess Bella, we are to use the jamming device Code Breaker gave us to kill as many soldiers as we can until she says otherwise.

I’m a gangster, Bella. Gangsters don’t fear death, we laugh in its face until it snatch our souls away.

I’m a gangster, Bella. Gangsters don’t fear death, we laugh in its face until it snatches our souls away.

“I rocked brain on how I should help and then I got an idea.

“I rocked my brain on how I should help and then I got an idea.

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