As his will entered the gem, he noticed a couple things, the mana inside of the gem didn’t have a flow, not in any direction, just simple still and every where else was also without a flow or wave of mana, it was like a glass filled with water, just a pool of mana at the bottom, still as a rock.

He still couldn’t move the mana at all still, so something was still off about his approach to this. For mana to move smoothly, it needed to follow a flow, but there was no flow at all inside of the gem. Any unnatural flow would affect how the mana reacted and wouldn’t work, so another way had to be worked out.

It he made the mana flow by himself, then maybe he could work with it. He will the entire mana pool to begin flowing around in a circle at the bottom, there was no immediate movement, but slowly the mana began flowing around the outside surface of the gem, he had made an unnatural natural flow.

There was one big thread of mana swirling around the inside of the gem now, but Gray couldn’t work with one thread and instead needed lots of smaller threads. He began slowly attempting to pull a thread out from the large one and will it to move around. The small thread to a while to peel away from the bigger thread but eventually separated itself and became its own thread.

Mana Manipulation has increased to Level 28

He slowly began to create small shapes with the thread to become more connected with how the mana inside the gem worked, it was purer than the outside and could be moved differently and affected differently. The thread Gray had pulled apart was now its own smaller mana pool, separate from the bigger one, since the flow was unnatural but followed the laws of a natural flow its still worked on its own.

Some rules still applied such as a thread had to have a complete cycle and could just end into nothing, so a flowing shape could be created as long as it was enclosed, if not, it would fall apart and reconnect with the rest of the mana.

After a while, Gray’s mana had fully depleted again, and he began to feel nauseous, the side effects of overusing mana were tough on him. He was able to move the mana inside of the gem, but still was far off from creating a storage gem for now.

As he didn’t want to attempt anything else for some time, he decided some rest and recovery was in order and layed upon his deer hide and fell asleep, surprisingly due to the lack of mana, he fell asleep instantaneously.

Over the course of his sleep, his mana began to recover slowly, the rate hadn’t changed from before and would fill his mana up after quite some time, so while he slept it would fill slowly.

His body was recovering from the onslaught that he put his body through while training, his bruises began fading as the mana washed through them, while active the mana keeps the body intact, but while inactive, the mana slowly heals its owners body, revitalising them.

Over the time that one uses their mana, it slowly gains its nature and begins to change colour from a smooth clear blue to a range of different colours, there was no specific colour that it had to change into, some peoples mana changed into a range of colours mixed into one. Gray’s mana began to have a slight yellow shade to it, at the point where the blue mixed with the yellow, it began to become crystal clear.

The things that Gray had begun to do were slowly being noticed by those higher up, more and more were now wanting to have this child become apart of their societies. Those who knew what potential he had wanted him to become greater than them, others wanted to bind him to their will and become a tool for their use.

Not just Gray, but many people from Earth began to become noticed, many people had already become way stronger than anyone could have imagined in such a short time, many of these people were serious about survival and knew that being strong was key to survival. If Gray had seen one of these people, his aura wouldn’t even compare slightly to them, anyone beasts that Gray had trouble with, they could defeat in an instant.

Higher powers knew the potential all of these people had and wanted to help them succeed in becoming the strongest, each of them had their own ways of doing so and all believed their way was the best way.

The reason only few got along was due to their methods and abilities, each was worried of each other and strayed away from each other. But this only caused more conflict, resulting in the battles between them and the destruction of many prospects lives.

Though these higher ups wanted all of the prospects from Earth, the Pillar Schools naturally got the first picks at who comes with them, they were the strongest of the Planets due to the support from the Pauldrons, if not for them, the schools wouldn’t exist at all. The schools were the best as they could produce strong defenders each year and would never fail to have one person become stronger than last years, but that wasn’t all.

Pillar Schools knew how to train each person and what they needed help in for each person to succeed. They had the strongest of teachers that were ready to train the younglings, the teachers may not particularly like the people, but they will one day surpass them.

The schools merged countless planets strongest into one to create classes of defenders, there was always one class that was the strongest of the whole group that enrolled into their respective schools, that class of defenders were able to rise above everyone else in terms of skill and power, no-one in their group would compare to them. Many of the Defender classes were separated into race specific, unless the person allowed themselves to be grouped with other races, this also led to fights between classes.

These Defender Classes would rise up to become strong enough to take on Demonic Dungeons and Cataclysm class Destructors while others stayed below and continued to train and support their saviour above.


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