Path of Transcendence

Path of Transcendence

by BrianMcGoldrick

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Book 1: Ultimatum of the Nameless God Taereun:

Battleground of the Damned was never really a game. It was a testing ground to find minds and souls for the The Nameless God to use, and for tens of thousands of players, the game became reality, when they were put in the bodies of their characters. The Nameless God told them that he would return them to their real lives, if they fought through the Labyrinth of Yggr and freed his body from beneath the city of Haven. After searching for over 11 years, they found the Gate leading to Haven. After being murdered right before the gate to Haven was opened, Mark McGuinness wakes up in a hospital in his original body. As a child, he was in an automobile accident. A freak whose body rejects most medical treatments, he was left scarred and disfigured. Angry, bitter and disgusted with the world, he had used Taereun: Battleground of the Damned to take out his frustration and anger, so he would not lose control and hurt or kill someone in real life. The closest he had ever come to being happy was living as Talon, during the eleven year search for Haven. Having learned about the Power called ki, Mark McGuinness discovers that his human body is capable of channeling and using it. Once again armed with Power, he finds a way to travel from Earth to Taereun. He has questions he wants answered and people he owes. Whether mortal or divine, he will let no one and nothing stand in his way.

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Zombie Unicorne

This needs allot more attention. Check it out.

Non-spoiler review.


It’s really a superb story. In terms of plot and concept, it’s up there with other works(maybe above in my opinion) The story is balls to the walls epic! The MC and his adventure is filled with blood and corpse.(No kiddie stuff here) The setting is on the grandest levels, comparable to some wuxia novels.

Can’t say allot about story without spoiling anything. I went into this blind without any knowledge of any kind and instantly got hooked. But the story is not for everyone, it’s a mature story and this story won’t carter to everyone’s taste. 5/5 story


The characters and their development is really nice, specially the MC. Speaking of the MC, he is not relatable in any kind, but I believe that’s intentional, The MC lived in the most horrible of circumstance and this molded his mind and outlook, vastly different from anyone close to normal but because of this, we get the most bad-ass and cruelest SOB around. Other characters are equally as impressive. Sure, majority of them are fodder but those that lives long enough have exceptional growth. 5/5 Characters


No problem with the grammar but I’m not one of those that cuts out star just because there is a mistakes here and there. The problems are few and far between but nothing more that could constitute me to give the story bellow 5. 5/5 Grammar.


The style is not in any light novel format(or it’s any way light) and it’s certainly chunky. But I don’t take that as a bad thing. Allot of story in RRL are a bit light and I’m all for heavy. Anyway, the story’s style is setup so the story could transition to a novel with ease.(I believe volume 1 is out, so do check it out) Other than that, the style flows well and readers won’t have trouble going into the zone. 5/5 Style


It’s Dark, Edgy and mature, it won’t fit everyone’s taste but if you like a mature story then do check it out, its all available to you in a simple click of a mouse.


All in all, great job akoriv and thank you for sharing your’e lovely story.    







Although the premise of "people trapped in a vr game" has been used plenty of times, this ff keeps the interest by mixing game and reality, present and past. It tells you enough to reveal some secrets, but keeps you waiting for more. The Mc is very interesting and has a complex personality, although he's not specially likeable.


Grammar is good (as far as I can tell; english is not my native languaje) and each chapter is pretty long, so don't be afraid to start it even if there are few chapters.


I recommend it if you enjoy series like SAO or Log Horizon.


I will buy this book

I hate writing reviews. I am willing to for this story because I want the author to keep writing.


The character development has been amazing. I feel like I can understand his emotions even with my personal life being nothing like his. I really enjoy the amount of work put into describing the main character and his actions. 

The setting is in depth and has plenty of room to introduce new concepts going forward. The mc isn’t OP “yet”. You always have to add yet with these stories. There seems to be plenty of lore and depth already, and the story has barely started. 

The plot is following a somewhat predictably path, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. A twist here or there is all it needs, no mystery novel please. I can hope for epicness, and that is what helps make fantasy stories good. 

The supporting characters are awesome; they are not one dimensional even if they have short screen time. I really enjoyed how some of them have added to the story. 


I do think the story could deal with a smidgen more of comedy, even if it is dark themed. Maybe even some whimsy. Bad-ass MCs need whimsy in their lives.

I also wish there was more “fight” in the fight scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the ones you have; I just wish there was more “fight” in them. Hmm, maybe I just want a more equal or at least difficult fight for the MC.


I really enjoyed this story, and I have the full intention of buying the book when you publish.


well made dark and psychological fantasy adventure

 so yeah , I just read through the whole fic in a day , and let me say you really got me hooked there. The characters are fairly deep and very well though out , the universe in which the story unfolds differs greatly from the usual " oh god the world is so bad " stories in that not only the dystopian society is pushed to an extreme and is kept consistent until now , but the characters are nearly all just as rotten as the world they live in , exception made for a couple of them , who still are usually nothing like  you'd expect to see in similar works. No doubt the work would deserve a good proofread since even with english not being my native language I could spot quite a few spelling mistakes, forgotten words and the occasional sentence that made little sense , but the vocabulary is very rich and well used which allows the reader , or at least me , to get very immersed in the story and imagine accurately the world the fic evolves in and the characters presented . 
I hope this fic continues as it has currently. Also the pace seems really high for now , at least when compared to the length and quality of the chapters coming out. Can we expect you to hold up such a pace or was it that you already had started / finished writting those chapters ? 
Anyways keep up the good work , you've got one more avid reader waiting for the next release ! 

The Iron Dragon

I had really low expectations when i read the description, but hey if anyone wonders if they should take a look at this, do so and you won't regret!

Burning Love

Bought the first book on Amazon. Devoured it, now impatiently waiting for the second. Read what you have up here so far, and I like it. Keep it up! There isn't enough dark fantasy out there.


 Brutal and unforgiving. That's the best way to describe this story. The author pulls no punches in his graphic descriptions of blood, death and torture; and it's refreshing. This stands out as a story that is willing to dig deeply into the dark side when it comes to getting things done. Definitely not a story for the squeemish!

There is nothing soft about anyone you meet in this story, those people are already dead.


Really love the concept of this at first I thought this sounded regular but hell was I wrong please continue if your on a break thoughtl though all good I understand!  Anyway love this story and hope you continue it.


-0.25 for small Grammatical errors

-0.25 Because I can't actually give you a 4.75, but I also can't round up XD


This is probably the highest rating I've given on my, short, harsh little critics I've started making. But that is just the stars, you know. Its not enough to really give enough information.... but I'm also too lazy to write an advanced review XD


I will say I really enjoy this fiction, because it reminds me of the ridiculousness of some of the "loose" DnD session I've been a part of and also makes full use of the setting. You haven't just built a world, you've made a world where any number of begins or ends can happen in it. I tip my hat to your efforts.


Much rather read the prequel

First off of like to point out, I didn't get very far, only to chapter 9, but the chapters in this book are very long and I feel I've read enough of it to review.

I'd like to point out that the synopsis of this book was by no means misleading, yet I still got this disjointed feeling when I started reading. The book just kinda drops you in in the middle of the story. The mc has already gone on his adventure, found all his powers, made all his enemies, etc. And I feel like I've missed out on probably the best part of the book. 

That aside, I have no problems with grammar, or character and while I don't actually like the story, it's very well written.