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Chapter 31 Brandish Myu (2) Part II


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Four years has passed and my life can be considered pretty good. I have completely closed the distance between Brandish and I during this time and then some.

During the first year, Brandish was completely focused on training. It was like she was possessed. Even when she had hit the limit she would force herself to continue and I had to stop her by knocking her out every time as she wouldn’t listen otherwise. It was not like she wasn’t obedient when it came to listening to me. It was just that I never taught her anything useful apart from fighting hand to hand, at least in her mind.

I had focused on training her strength, speed and endurance and very rarely did I teach her how to fight. And that too only teaching her the basic stances. I know she was desperate for strength so that she could have revenge so I wasn’t able to make her take it step by step with words alone.

After months into the training, I had given her a warning. If she didn’t take a step back, I would stop training her altogether and she finally calmed down after that. We would take one day of the week as a break every week during which I would basically force herself to relax. This proved to be the right choice as it was on these days that I was able to improve my relationship with her because of all the dates.

At the start of the second year, I had made my first big step in trying to get her heart. I was in my room when I sensed her entering the bathroom in the morning. So I used space to keep a look out and made my way towards the bathroom.

Once I sensed that she was only in her underwear, I opened the bathroom door and acted like I froze. While I acted, Brandish genuinely froze and just stared at me blankly. After making sure I got a good memory, I slowly closed the door and moved away calmly. After a while there was a loud shriek to which I was prepared as I dashed to my room.

The rest of the day was awkward, well for Brandish at least. She couldn’t look me in the eye and she was more sensitive to my presence than before. After the training was over and at the dinner table, seeing that she still didn’t look at me and had a blush on her, I decided to tease her.

“Well, I guess I’ll just have to take responsibility right?”

After hearing me say that with a smirk, her whole face flushed as she ran to her room without finishing her food. That was how I started to openly flirt with her every now and then. At first she was always on the verge of fainting from excess blood rushing to her head but as time went on she got used to it. She even started to shyly smile at some of my comments while pouting at another.

While all of that did happen, it didn’t really affect her training apart from her finally taking it slow so as not to worry me. Her strength and stamina increased a lot during the training and her insight into human body and medicine also increased due to her learning them diligently from the village doctor.

Also at the start of the second year, I was finally able to completely master the AOE attack I came up with earlier. I had taken the time in which Brandish learned from the doctor to train on my own skills and I had thought up of a good attack. After that I spent the most time I had on making the thought a reality and then master it.

And when I had finished mastering it I also decided to learn and master a support skill which also had a AOE effect and this was finished at the end of second year. During which, Brandish reached the physical requirement I had to learn how to fight. She had also become proficient enough in the basic stances so I decided to finally teach her how to fight.

So starting in the middle of that year I started to train her in combat alongside building her physical aspects and medicine for the next year. After that, I had let her do her own thing because I didn’t really have anything else to teach her.

A couple of months ago, I had already told her that I would be leaving in a few months’ time. I gave her the reason of not being able to stay at one place for too long, which is stupid since I stayed for years but she didn’t seem to notice so I said that there is a very powerful beast following me around so I keep moving from place to place.

She wanted to go with me but I refused saying that it was too dangerous. I assured her that I would be fine and that we would meet again in the future. She was still reluctant so I promised her that I would come find her when I finish the beast off to which she finally agreed.

In the next few months, she didn’t train and we just spent time together. And guess what, I got full access to grope her and have baths together. She still didn’t want to go all the way, which by the way won’t be a problem since she is fourteen now which is legally adult. But I also wanted to wait a bit more as it would make it leaving her harder for me. We did sleep together while cuddling though.

And so, I am standing from a few minutes away from the village waving my hand at Brandish who was waving back at me. After a while I left and even though I already left and can’t see her, I know for a fact that she was crying. How do I know you may ask? Well, I had my space sense for reason.

As I flashed away with a smile I appeared at Fiore, in a mountain area. I had sensed a very, hm, ow do I say it. I very interesting person here. He was training in the mountains and I decided to test out my skills against him. So I made my way through the mountain and reached a clearing where cracks and boulders of varying sizes could be seen lying around. And at the center of it, stood the man I was looking for.


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