I Will Be The Harem King!



Chapter 25 Kagura Mikazuchi (1) Part II


After listening to her I nearly cursed out loud. I know what must have happened. The hill that she is have been talking about must have been the one I was on. And after looking at Erza and them being taken away, when I teleported to the current year, she must have been caught up in it and travelled back in time with me. But then, why didn’t she appear in the same place as me?

That is question for a later time as right now I must make use of this opportunity and gain my sixth target’s affection. Though something tells me I wouldn’t be having a hard time doing that. I’m not saying she just now fell for me after getting help from me but I think she knows me from before. So anyways, let’s get the party started lol.

“Um, you are the person who big sister Erza was with right? I have seen you a couple of times. And since I heard that you were really strong, I was wondering if you could please save the others who were taken away.”

I was brought out of my daze by Kagura as she finally cleared another doubt of mine which was why she had shown joy when she registered who I was. I see, so she really did know me from my time at their village. Then could it be possible that I might have already left a good impression on her? Or is it a bad one. No, with the looks she has been giving me, that’s not possible.

“I can, but I also need to know from where right. Until I can actually know where they were taken to, I can’t save them. And considering it has already happened in the future, I can’t prevent it from happening either because it may end up causing chaos in the world. But, what I can do is train you so that you never have to go through something like that. So? Do you want to train to become stronger so that you can save them?”


She was sad at the first part of my speech but gave me a determined face and practically shouted her answer to my question of training her. Now, there is another problem. I have no idea how to fight with a sword. Heck, I don’t even know how to correctly hold one.

Unlike the other girls who I trained so far, Kagura doesn’t rely on her magic to fight. She uses her sword mainly after that comes hand to hand which she is also pretty good at. She only uses her magic, gravity magic, as a support only if her opponent is too much for her to handle without it.

As such I didn’t really need to worry about changing her style of fighting since anything she learns from my training is bound to be her style. So, I will train her physical aspect first and only that. When she reaches a decent level, I will spar with her in a sword fight. Though I say that, I will only use my power and speed against her and let her learn the way of the sword on her own. I’m not worried she would fail to do so because she is practically a genius when it came to swords.

Apart from that I will also teach her hand to hand combat fighting. I’m thinking of first going back to X774 where she is supposed to be and then start training her. After training her for a while I will send her to Mermaid Heel, where she will continue to get stronger until meeting Millianna and finding out about Simon’s death.

I conveyed my intentions to her and she was surprised when she heard we will be going back to her timeline. I think I may have tipped off the fact that she was here because of me but she didn’t seem like she was holding a grudge so all is well. But now that I think about it, haven’t I just wasted the efforts I just expended by basically telling her I could teleport. Damn, I hope I’m just thinking too much.

We talked about her training and what was coming for her and decided to sleep the night and teleport when day comes. I watched as she laid down to sleep and I start to wonder, if she is here then could there be another Kagura at X774? No, that Kagura is here. But there is a four-year-old Kagura in the current timeline. Aagh, this is so confusing. Let’s just forget about it.

That was what I thought but the fact that I might have messed up big time kept me awake. I hope I didn’t worsen the already bad situation with all the void and backlash. Haah, I really need to be careful of my surroundings. It’s a good thing I found her before she managed to go back to her village or else I don’t know what would have happened if she reached there and met the villagers.

And if she saw that the village was fine and everyone else were safe as well, then she might come to the conclusion of travelling back to the past and try to tell the villagers of what was going to happen, affecting the very history itself.

And since I can’t sleep and I’m on this topic, let’s confirm something. I stood up and teleported to X773, when I was with Erza. I was inside a separate space and searched the forest next to her village. And there I saw me. Or more specifically another me. That me hasn’t notice my arrival and so I teleported to X776, where I was with Mira and the others.

Just like with Erza’s timeline, there was another me there with the three siblings. After confirming that me hasn’t noticed I once again teleported. This time to the port town where Levy lived at X773, it was the same as before but this time instead of teleporting to another year once again, I flew towards Erza’s village.

Once there, I kept my senses spread towards the sky while watching yet another me interact with Erza. After a while I sensed a space fluctuation in the sky and looked there. There was nothing but I knew that the me from X772 has come and was looking at this timeline’s me and Erza interact.

Once there was another fluctuation in space signaling my departure, I teleported back to Kagura’s timeline. Now I have some idea as to how it works. My playing with time may have somehow divided this world in a way so as not to let all the Rays meet each other. And after they teleport to another timeline there won’t be any ray since what will be shown to the future ray will be a version of history and not the present.

In more simple terms, what I just saw was the present of the past for me. And after a while that Ray will disappear. It’s like looking at a pre-recorded video. I am looking at something from my past in which me in that can be considered to be living in the present.

Now that I have a slight understanding of time travelling I can for sure guarantee that if the Rays in the other places that I went to never met each other, they will disappear after a time. And I have to be careful and keep it that way. If I decide to escort another one of my ladies to their respective destination, I must ensure that I will not encounter another me from a different timeline.


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