I Will Be The Harem King!



Chapter 24 Kagura Mikazuchi (1) Part I


I appeared at a mountain range which I passed with Cana a week ago. That day when I checked our route, the person who appeared in my senses’ range was another one of my targets. The future swordswoman of Mermaid Heel.

Kagura Mikazuchi.

Now, you must be wondering why I never targeted her when she was still in her village which was the same as Erza’s. well, there are two reasons for that. One, the life Erza had before meeting me was full of loneliness. So she had to have someone solely focused on her without needing to share me with someone else. So if I had included Kagura into our little rendezvous, she would have held herself back considering her selfless personality back then.

The second reason was she was too small. She was only three years old at that point. the last year that I spent in that village I did see her, but again, I wanted to focus on Erza at that point. and if I wanted to go after Kagura, that will have to happen after Erza and the rest were taken away.

Now, the reason I am so surprised to see her here is because currently her appearance is saying that she is six years old. But, the problem is this is X772, meaning she should be four years old right now and that too spending her life in that village.

I’m both confused and scared at this sudden appearance of Kagura and I don’t know what I should be doing. But I know for a fact that she is in this timeline because of me. As such I need to know the reason she is here.

I made my way to the six-year-old Kagura who was inside a small cave taking shelter from the rain that was pouring. When I reached the cave I saw that she was balled up in a corner shivering from the cold. She hasn’t noticed my presence probably because of her shivering and hunger which I’m sure of since she probably doesn’t know any survival skills. I took out a blanked from my pocket dimension that I managed to make during my training journey with Cana. It’s not very big though. I’m only able to put a small amount of things in there right now.

Anyway, I covered her with a blanket which surprised her since she obviously thought she was alone. She looked at me with fear at first which turned into surprise and then joy. If it was only surprise, I could have written it off as her being surprised by my looks. But we have never met face to face so we are still technically strangers. So her showing joy upon seeing a stranger baffled me.

“Cover yourself with this first. I’ll go get something to eat for you and try finding some dry wood to make a fire, though that would be tough considering the rain. But don’t worry, I’ll figure something out. Take that time to rest ok?”

Honestly, the dry wood part wasn’t really a problem. I could just teleport to some place that wasn’t raining and bring it here. But I need to show that I was taking the brunt of the rain to help her and take care of her to make a good first impression. After settling those issues, I need to ask some questions in order to clear my doubts.

Once I saw a small nod from her followed by her cuddling into the blanket and closing her eyes, I went out of the cave and teleported to the forest that was next to Cana’s home. After gathering enough dry wood for the night, I once again teleported to the small port town where Levy used to live and bought two fishes.

Once I finished with those task, I appeared some distance away from the cave Kagura was in. I observed her sleeping figure which was still shivering although not as much as before. Honestly, I was hesitating. I was worried whether this was one of the backlash that god was talking about. Even though she seemed to be harmless, I knew this could be a ruse. But in the end, I decided to help her because no matter what she was going to be my wife so I had to take care of anyway.

After spending some time out in the rain which I didn’t find boring at all considering I had the view of a cute Kagura sleeping, I went inside the cave shook off some water from my head. I then began to make a fire which was pretty easy considering I could just compress space to create a high enough friction to make a spark. All of that took around two minutes during which Kagura woke up from the sound my clothes were making.

She sat there watching me make a fire and almost seemed to be intoxicated in watching me. This gave me a fright, because I thought she may have become a yandere. Quite suiting considering the faces she would make in the future.

After making the fire I beckoned her closer to the fire to warm her up and started to make the two fish I bought. I used a little salt from the bag which I was carrying and also took this time to dry my clothes with the fire. After finishing the fish, I handed it to her which she very much enjoyed if her almost devouring it was any sign of it.

Once we both ate, I put the seasonings inside my bag and turned to face her who was still looking at me in a daze. Really, I was really scared of the possibility of her turning into a yandere. Although I don’t hate them, I don’t like them either. It just scares the crap out of me you know.

“So, can you tell me how you got here? If I’m not wrong, you are from Erza’s village right? Aren’t you supposed to be four years old right now?”

She seemed surprised I knew her and the fact that I just said she was supposed to be four years old. She frowned in confusion trying to make sense of what I just said. I knew I had to give a bit of the current time to her in order to get the information I want so I told her where exactly she was or specifically when.

“This is the year X772. Right now you should be in your village as a four-year-old. The fact that you are here is very confusing to me so I need to know how you got here and why you have been wandering around places with no people with absolutely no survival skills.”

“This…. This is X772? But that’s impossible. I was just outside the village when those people came and took everyone away. Big sister Erza managed to send me away but I was worried about her and big brother so I went back.”

“Look, I know it’s hard to believe but trust me. Now I need to know what exactly happened back then after Erza sent you away.”

“…. After I was sent away by big sister Erza, I went back to the village shortly after because I was worried. When I reached a small hill, I saw them taking away everyone so I tried to run towards them. But I wasn’t able to as when I tried, there was a sudden pull and the next thing I know I was on a highway. I didn’t know where I was so I was scared. I didn’t want to trust anyone so I hid and made my way through the woods and mountains. And when it started raining I found this cave and found shelter. That’s when you found me.”


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