I Will Be The Harem King!



Chapter 23 Cana Alberona (2) Part II


We woke up the next morning at sunrise and freshened up to get ready for breakfast and then training. While Cana was washing her face I prepared the breakfast which was a simple toast and butter and milk for drinks. We didn’t have anything else that could give more energy so we had to make do with it.

During breakfast Cana asked some doubts she had about the training. She thinks that while the body training is useful, the accuracy training and close combat training isn’t so much at least for her. I can understand her worries and doubts as the only thing I am teaching her in close combat training are stances and how to defend with quick reflexes. As for accuracy training, she hasn’t started using projectiles so she doesn’t see any use to train in it.

I patiently explained why I am teaching these things so that she can focus on training rather than these. First of all, body training is so that she can have a high physical ability so that when the time comes when her magic doesn’t work on her opponent, she can use her body to trade blows.

Second, the close combat training is only there to strengthen her foundations. Right now she must focus on using her new found physical strength in defense rather than attack since everyone has a different way of fighting and so she had to find her own way of attacking through experience.

Lastly, accuracy training. There are two reasons for training her in it. One, she has to have a way to attack with the highest chance of victory for a newbie. If she throws any projectiles it can either hit the opponent or distract him. Second, through this I wanted her to figure out her way of fighting which was card magic in the canon, and how she used cards as projectiles originally.

She seemed convinced after hearing me explain it to her, of course except for the last point. She had a happy smile on her face after that, which had become a rarity after her mother’s death. We finished our breakfast and began Cana’ training just like yesterday.

The same routine was followed and she improved a little compared to yesterday. Although most people wouldn’t notice since it was the small details that improved. Like, yesterday her legs were trembling due to exhaustion and muscle strain after running but today, although her legs were still trembling, it wasn’t to the degrees of yesterday. And throughout the day she showed similar small improvements as we finished todays training.

Once again Cana was blushing after her stretch so I who had noticed why she blushed would of course take advantage. I lightly brushed her sensitive spots when we were stretching and after that during the lunch period I kept teasing her for thinking of dirty things earning me a cute pout. I also acted like I was consoling her when she was pouting, saying I would take responsibilities which earned me a complete red faced reaction.

It was a pretty fun day though it was tiring as well. Now though I mainly focused on Cana, I wasn’t just fooling around either. I was using space to put my muscles in constant pressure like a gravity training. And apart from that I was also slowly carrying out my fighting stances under the pressure.

It was really tough to do but I persevered. I kept on doing it until Cana finished her training and we both ended the training to get ready for dinner and get sleep for tomorrow. By the way, we used water I teleport from another place to here to clean ourselves. After dinner, we went to sleep with Cana clinging on me.

Just like that we spent the next three months training and spent our leisure time together deepening our bond with each other. Cana has become much more cheerful than before and she also may have realized that her mother wanted her to face forward not backward.

During the last three months, Cana has improved a lot with the training. Her physical strength is astonishing considering her size and age. She can beat grown adults in arm wrestling matches with ease now. Although only normal adults can be won against with ease. Mages, well she can beat adult mages who don’t specialize in physical strength.

Her close combat training went pretty well. She can now react to five percent of my full speed and block or deflect it. Apart from that she also said that she may be up to something when it came to her own style of close combat attacking.

But the most improvement she showed was in her accuracy training. She was able to hit a target with eyes closed in a thirty-meter range. And she can hit the target as far as a hundred-meter distance. She was also astonished by thus but soon became happy and told me that she was going to be using her accuracy more often now.

As for me, well let’s just say that my explosive power increased quite a bit. Just my normal strength also increased but in my opinion the best thing that happened to me was being able to manipulate the explosive power. I gather all my strength in one point and unleash it at once and I have a new destructive move.

So now that she became used to training, I decided it was time to head to Fairy Tail. Cana, who had been in a good mood lately instantly felt dejected. Because once we reach there, it would be the time we separate. But after I told her that we will meet again she recovered quite a bit and she also told me that she wanted to make the most of the little time we had together. And so, we stopped training and just journeyed towards Fairy Tail hand in hand. And talking heart to heart.

One day, when I decided to check whether we were still on the right track to Magnolia, I discovered a certain someone. I was shocked at first but then slapped my forehead and cursed myself. How could I forget about…

Cana who saw me acting weirdly shook me out of the complaining I was giving to myself. She looked worriedly at me so I reassured her that I was fine. I took one last look at the person that I found and turned around and continued on with Cana.

On September X772, we finally reached Magnolia. We were now going around the town buying daily necessities for Cana. Considering that I won’t be there for her and that she didn’t have any money, I made sure to buy enough to let her sustain for five months. After shopping we had our lunch at a restaurant and made it to the front of the guild she will be joining.

We stood there looking at each other for a while and then she slowly hugged me and started sobbing. I didn’t say anything and just rubbed her back.

“Remember to take care of yourself and make a lot of friends. Don’t just focus on your father and have a fun time with the rest of your guild mates alright? And it’s not like we will never meet again. We will find a way to each other again. So until then be strong, be happy and most importantly be single, alright?”

She kept nodding at the beginning but laughed when I said the last part with a blush. We hugged once again and after a while let go. She started walking towards the guild and I walked away from it. I could tell she was once again looking at me so I raised my hand to give a wave without turning back. Man, I always wanted to do that. Now let’s see whether that person that I found is still there or not shall we.


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