I Will Be The Harem King!



Chapter 19 Levy McGarden (2) Part II


A note from MZA


Two years passed in the blink of an eye. After discussing with Levy, it was decided that I would be teaching her some basic body training and close combat. Although she was a long ranged fighter in the canon I didn’t want her to rely on others too much if she ever got into a dangerous spot. So I preceded over her training and gave her a training routine which focused more on flexibility then speed and finally strength. That was to train her body and I also taught her how to fight and defend herself. While I did train her physical aspect that doesn’t mean I was completely focusing on that. Because her body training is only in the mornings and end at noon. After a short break following that I watch as she tries to write with her weaker hand. Since she will have solid script as her magic in the future, I will give her build an early foundation.

After she got used to writing with her weaker hand, I asked her to write the same thing with both hands at the same time. And once she was able to do that, write different things with both hands at the same time. Although this will help her in splitting her focus on two hands to write two words in the air to perform her magic, it will all be down to her imagination and reflexes on the changes in a fight to be able to really become strong. So, I gave her different scenarios in which she had to change the word she into what she thinks is useful to the changed situation.

Just like that another two years passed and it was almost time to send Levy to Fairy Tail. During these two years Levy’s progress has been great. She was able to write different things with both hands at the same time at an astonishing speed. She was even able to do so with her eyes closed, although at a much slower pace. As for her body training, I must admit that I am quite surprised really. She grew so strong, at least compared to the original Levy, that I thought I might have changed the timeline or something.

She is not as strong as Natsu, Erza or Mira who are close combatants by profession but she was well above other long ranged mages. She could use her new found flexibility and speed to dodge attacks while trying to find a mistake in the opponent’s attack or stance and quickly immobilize them by constantly hitting the pressure points of the human body which she knows due to grandma Avira’s influence.

Apart from training her in the mornings I would usually be out since I still worked at the bar. And when we have free time we just enjoy each other’s company talking about each and everything that came to mind. After being pushed to invest so much time into book which she already like, Levy found herself a new goal. To write for a famous magazine which she chanced upon one day. I don’t really get what was special about it from what I saw on its cover but as long as it made her happy.

Levy and I supported each other in these four years and it was because she had me that she was probably able to hold on when grandma Avira died. So leaving her will definitely leave a bad taste but in order to let her find her new family in Fairy Tail separating was a must.

“Levy, we need to talk.”

Hearing me say that with a serious tone, Levy started to become nervous and worried. I usually had a calm and carefree type of personality so she was definitely not used to seeing me like that. She gave a small nod and sat in front of me while fidgeting.

“Levy, I’m sorry but this is where we have to separate. The man I talked about when you found me, I can sense him coming here. He probably already knows that I’m here so I must leave as soon as possible. As for you Levy, I don’t want you to be alone so I will bring you to a guild called Fairy Tail. I heard it treats its members very well so I won’t be worried if you go there. And as for you wanting to come with me, I’m sorry but you can’t. I don’t want you to be on the run for the rest of your life.”

Levy lowered her head to try and prevent me from seeing the tears which began to form in her eyes as she didn’t respond. She must have realized that a day like this was coming as although she was sad, she didn’t seem that shocked.

I didn’t say anything else as I waited for her reply. I could hear soft sobs as she tried to hold back from crying out loud. After around twenty minutes she wiped her face and then raised it to show me her reddened eyes and tear stains as she gazed directly into my eyes.

“Okay. I knew this was going to happen. When you said you wanted to train me, I knew that you were doing so that once you were gone I would be able to protect myself. But I didn’t want to just give up being by your side so I tried really hard in my training. And yet I’m still not strong enough to help you with your difficulties. And because of that, I know that I will only end up being a burden to you and endanger you by clinging onto you. So I will go with your decision.”

“…Thank you Levy.”

When I heard her, I knew that although I’m not really being honest, she deserves to have the friends she did in Fairy Tail and the happiness that they gave her.

After a few days of traveling after the talk we reached Magnolia. As we arrived in front of the guild which will be her home from now own we turned to face each other. We just stood there and stared into each other’s eyes without any words. After a while we both gave a soft and warm smile to each other and then I turned and left. I never turned back and once I reached the crowed of people I teleported out of the town to head to my next target.

Levy POV

I watched as Ray walked away. We didn’t say anything to each other. Because we didn’t have to. After all we have known one another long enough to know what the other is thinking just by the eyes. I could see the love he had for me, the encouragement and pride in my future achievements and my current ones and most important to me, his reluctance to leave. That told me that he loved me just as much as I do and that the fact that we will be separating him didn’t please him one bit.

I turned and entered the guild. This will be where I will be staying from now on. I will work hard in becoming strong enough to stay by Ray’s side. I will work hard in reaching my full potential and I will work hard in breaking my limits. Just so that I could be by his side. I smile as I think about him once again as I took in what will be very normal for me from now on.


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