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Chapter 18 Levy McGarden (2) Part I


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I spent two years with in Levy’s house. During the first year, I got closer to Levy by means of her hobbies, which were gardening and of course reading books. I wasn’t the reader type but I was willing to make some sacrifices to get in the good books of my target. Get it? Good books. Hahaha, I’m so funny, Hahaha….

Anyways, I asked her what her recommendation would be for a good book to read. And so she started rattling off on some foreign alien language that I couldn’t understand but still nodded at her from time to time. That started to become a very positive outcome as we got closer to each other. But it was just that, we got closer, nothing more. I wasn’t going to rush it and ruin it all so I just kept our status quo the same. But that changed soon though, as one day I walked into her room to call her for dinner and BAM, there it was, the classic ‘accidentally walk into a girl changing her clothes scene’. Levy was changing her clothes and unlike how the novels and animes portrayed it, I got the full view of Levy’s birthday suit.

I, without saying anything silently closed the door without moving my eyes from her. I step back from the door and broke into a run at the same time as the scream from Levy inside her room. After that things became awkward between us, though it was only her but I pretended I was too. After we got ourselves over the incident I started to get flirtier seeing my chance to improve our relationship in the way I wanted it to go.

I kept flirting with her causing her to constantly blush and it took a while but I saw that her heart was wavering. And just as I was going to give her the final push, it happened.

Grandma Avira passed away after one year since I came to their house, because of a heart disease. Although most of my attention was on Levy but I treated her like my grandmother. She took care of me even though she didn’t need to as I was able to take care of myself. She was a very selfless person so it wasn’t just Levy who was devastated about her death, I was too. Grandpa Toga, our neighbor wanted to adopt us but we decided to not accept and live by ourselves. Still, he told us to find him if we needed anything.

It wasn’t my intention but because of grandma Avira’s death Levy’s heart which was wavering before completely gave in to me. It should have made me happy but the fact that it came at the expense of losing grandma Avira made me guilty. I felt like I was using her vulnerability to get her heart though I didn’t intend for it to happen. That’s why I became more reserved when it was about Levy. It was like I forgot about my dream and the only thing that was on my mind was how grandma Avira would look like if she knew about it.

That went on for a month before Levy finally snapped. She confronted me about my sudden change in attitude and as much as I wanted to avoid it she was even more determined to find out about it. And so I gave up and told her what I felt. When she heard my explanation she started to tear up and was on the verge of crying. But instead of crying she started scolding me, she said that she has recovered enough from her grandmother’s death and yet her feelings hadn’t change which meant that it wasn’t her moment of weakness that made her fall for me, which I must say like the other girls was kind of weird since she was a seven-year-old. But I brushed it of thinking that it was probably because children in this world tend to grow up mentally faster.

After that we talked about everything that was bothering both of us and just like that exhaustion took over as we both slept on the couch. Following the heart to heart talk with each other our relationship went back to how it was or maybe even better. We started sleeping on the same bed cuddling with each other which was the best example. I wasn’t being handsy though because for me it hasn’t been long enough to completely get over the fact that grandma Avira wasn’t with us anymore.

And so we continued with our lives trying to slowly get it back on the right track. A week after that I went out to find some work which I could have easily found if I had put my powers into use but I didn’t. it has been a while where I enjoyed a normal life living in a normal house so I wanted to do a normal job as well. As such I joined a bar as a helper where the old folks of the town gather.

We passed our time like this and with me working to make ends meet and Levy supporting me by doing house chores and healing me with her adorableness we happily spent our time together like this. A few months later though, I did start to become handsy. I started feeling her up once we started cuddling one night and although she gave me a glare, she didn’t do anything to stop me so I continued. She would always get embarrassed at first but after a while she got used to it. Although she would still blush making her even more adorable.

During this time Levy found her interest in books increasing as I wasn’t around that long in the daytime due to work and she didn’t have anyone to talk to unlike before where there was grandma Avira. When I found out about it I thought I might start to give her an early education on her solid script magic. But the problem was I don’t have any idea on how to train her.

So whenever I had free time, I started on coming up with a training plan for Levy. It took some time but eventually I did manage to come up with something. But I will wait for another two years and start teaching her when she becomes nine years old. She joined Fairy Tail when she was eleven so I’ll help her build the foundations before sending her to Fairy Tail to leave myself with the excuse I gave to enter her life in the first place.


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