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Chapter 17 Levy McGarden (1) Part II


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Levy POV

My name is Levy McGarden and I am six years old this year. I live with my grandma in small port town in our cozy little house. It’s not really big but it is enough for both of us to be satisfied. I never got the chance to meet my parents because according to grandma both of them died just one month after I came to the world. But I never really noticed them being missing in my life because of grandma. She took care of me and fulfilled all of my needs so I never felt like I was missing out on parental love.

I heard that everyone has a dream. But I don’t. it’s not like I don’t have anything I like to do but it’s just that I don’t think I want it to be a goal in my life. It’s sort of like a hobby to me. And honestly, that doesn’t bother me at all. Because as long as I have grandma, I know that I will be content. But even though my life sounds almost perfect, it’s not. There is only one reason for that and that’s that I’m lonely. I have grandma but she is like a mother so I can’t treat her like a friend, not that I know how to. I don’t have any friends that are around my age and the only people who I talk to apart from grandma is grandpa Toga. He is our neighbor and a friend of grandma from her younger days. The fact that I am shy around strangers which gives me trouble speaking to them and that I rarely even go outside the house doesn’t help one bit.

Despite wanting to change myself and my life a bit I spent my life remaining the same way as I have always. As I spent my days helping grandma around the house and listening to her tell stories, I have to admit again that despite the shortcoming of not having any friends, I’m very content with my life. Just like that after cleaning the living room with grandma one day, I went to my room to get a bit of a rest. And as I was just sitting there, I started smelling a weird smell. I wrinkled my nose and furrowed my brows trying to think of what that smell was while unintentionally going towards its source.

I reached the window of my room which was slightly opened and knew the smell was coming from right below my window. I opened the window completely and put my head out of it to find the source only to be scared stiff.

There lying below my window was a boy who appeared to be around my age covered in wounds and blood. After a while I recovered slightly and hastily ran out of my room towards grandma who was sitting in the recently cleaned living room.

“Grandma, grandma!! There is a boy lying below my window covered in blood. Quick we have to go save him.”

Grandma was shocked at first hearing what I had just said but then quickly went towards where the boy was. I have to admit that a slight part of the reason I wanted to save him was because of the thrill to have experience something new. My life has been like a broken tape which played the same thing over and over again so having this new development gave me quite a bit of excitement.

Grandma and I arrived at the side ally just below my window where we found the boy still bleeding and unconscious. Grandma hurriedly picked him up and brought him with us into the house. After laying him down on a bed once inside, grandma started undressing him. My eyes were glued to him since this was the first time I’m going to see the body of a boy my age.

“Levy, can you bring some water and a towel to get him cleaned up please.”

I was brought out of my trance by grandma who gave me instructions to get water to clean him. I quickly ran out to do as I was told but my mind was still in the room because of what I saw. Although blood was covering it, I could see that he must have trained in some sort of martial art because his body was full of muscles. It wasn’t buffed out instead it was compressed to give him a lean form. I blushed as I was starting to go into much finer details and shake my head to ward of the strange thoughts building in my head.

I quickly went back with a tub of water and a towel. After placing it down I watched as grandma cleaned his body with the towel. And when grandma completely cleaned his face not only grandma gave a small gasp but I was one again thrown into a trance. He was so handsome. Just like an angel his face was so perfect that it seemed like a sin. And coupled with his muscular body he was like a war angel.

Both of us snapped out of it as grandma began to check his injuries since grandma was a doctor. And after a while she stood up from the bed and sighed in relief as she said to me.

“Levy can you look after him for a while. Grandma is going to rest for a while but if you need help with anything just call me ok? His injuries are starting to heal already and he should wake up after some rest.”

I nod to tell her I understood and sent her off to the door with my eyes. Once the door closed I went near the bed and sat down on a chair that I moved. I put my elbows on the bed with my head resting on my hands as I watch his sleeping face. I fell asleep soon afterwards and when I woke up to see him also awake and looking at me, I stood with a startle and dashed off to call for grandma.

I came back with grandma but hid behind her as I was still not used to being around strangers. I watched a grandma and the boy, who was named Ray talk to each other. When I heard that there was someone who was trying to kill him I felt sad for him. He was the around same age as me but we have such different lives. While I was living in comfort with grandma, he was on the run all alone without know when will he be able to have a nice long sleep or have delicious food. While I was content with my life he was surviving out there on his own with death just around the corner.

But more than that I felt like I now have something I want to do in my life. And that’s becoming Ray’s support in life. I want to be by his side letting him know that he wasn’t alone and that I will beat back his fears so that he can have the same content life I have. And I have just the right opportunity to fulfill it as grandma convinced Ray to stay with us. Alright, let’s start becoming Ray’s support in life.


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