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Appearing before us as it landed on the ground is a beast with its upper body covered in black, round scales which in turn are decorated by spiraling blue markings. Its lower body, specifically its chin, chest, stomach, inner tail thighs and arms was grey in color and appear to be rather smooth. its eyes were white and beady and its head was round and blunt with four large, elongated plates extending backwards. Its mouth which opened slightly showed its razor-sharp teeth and attached to his chin was a protrusion that resembles an arrowhead. His large wings were like a birds with its feathery appearance.

And I, seeing its appearance couldn’t help curse in my mind. Because anyone who knows Fairy Tail will recognize him.

This was god damn freeking achnologia!!!!

I didn’t have to turn around and look to know that the siblings were frozen stiff from terror. And I didn’t have the luxury to do so either as I put my entire focus on Achnologia. After landing in front of me he started observing me with a cold and penetrating gaze. After what seemed like an eternity he finally opened his mouth revealing more of his terrifying teeth to speak.

“I have finally managed to find you boy. As a time mage myself it shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that I could feel you using time magic like you have been. And the fact that you keep disappearing also tells me that you have been using it to travel through time. Although I don’t know what your goal is, but I find it disturbing knowing that an unstable factor like you has come into being out of nowhere. As such I have come to eradicate you personally.”

Damn, he knows about me using time? But since he didn’t say anything about space that means he doesn’t know about it. But that can wait as his last words rang inside my ears, coupled with the cold smile that he gave while saying it, I think it would be best I ran as fast as can.

But. What is this feeling. I want to fight him. Even though I know I would most likely die if did so, I want to fight him. It’s like I became a saiyan with all the battle lust that I am emitting. But I can’t help it, I want to fight him. And I have this intuition that doing so will benefit me greatly were I to survive. And so I gave a wide smile filled with battle intent towards the greatest opponent that I have ever faced and ever will.

“Less talking. More action!!!”

I dashed towards him before I even finished what I was saying while cladding my fist with space and activating time power in my body in order to heal any injuries I get as soon as possible.

“Hoh, feisty one aren’t you. And you can use space as well. Well, put up a good fight before I kill you.”

I reached him when he finished what he wanted to say and swung my right fist in an uppercut to his chin. He raised his head dodging the hit and flapped his wings to glide backwards. As soon as he gained some distance he swiped his left claw while shouting.

“Magic king’s claw!!!”

“Space barrier!!!”

As soon as I landed on the ground I compressed space in front of me to create a barrier which once the claw came in contact with, showed signs of collapsing. I grit my teeth and waved my hand to deflect the claw to my left when it became apparent that I won’t hold on for much longer. And as soon as I deflected the claw I teleported above his head and clad my left foot with compressed space and sent an overhead kick which he blocked with his wings sending shockwaves with us at the center.

He used his wings to then send me flying towards a mountain a short distance away and I got embedded into the side of it causing multiple debris to fall on me. I quickly healed myself and decided to send the siblings who were still in the separate space away.

After teleporting myself inside the separate space I went down onto one knee as I gasped. That earlier collision with the mountain caused some of my ribs to break making me have difficulties to breath. I healed myself as fast as possible because Achnologia might find a way to notice the separate space.

The siblings quickly scurried over surrounding me with worried faces with tears covering them. They had only recently lost their parents and the villagers turning on them and now their pillar of support that I had become was in this sorry shape. It’s no wonder they are scared but I need to quickly tell them a few things and send them away.

“Listen to me closely as I don’t have much time. I’m going to send you in front of a guild called Fairy Tail. Once there, I want you to join it as that is the place where you can grow up to your full potential. Elfy, remember about me telling you about real men?”

They wanted to complain when I said I will be sending them away but didn’t say anything in the end because of probably knowing that they weren’t going to be of much help. I directed my gaze to the only male remaining in the Strauss family, who nodded at my question while still sobbing but trying his best to hold it back.

“Remember, a real man will always protect his family. No matter how hard the obstacles are he will rise above it after digging deep. I hope you become a real man soon as I won’t be there to protect you after this so become strong enough to be able to protect your sisters, ok?”

“*sniff*… un… I promise.”

“Good, I’ll hope you keep your promise. Lisa, I know you work hard to keep Mira in check. Btu I don’t want you to spend the rest of your life only focusing on that objective. I want you to follow you heart and do what you want to, got it?”

“Un.” *sniff*

After Elfman I turned my attention to Lisanna who was sobbing while staring right at my face, like she was trying to engrave it into her memory and heart. I told her what I expected from her and she gave a small agreement. And then I turned my attention to Mira. She had her head lowered and was trying to contain her tears. Her shoulders were shaking and she had balled her hands into a fist.

“Mira, what we had over the last two years weren’t just fights. It was a bond. So take it from someone who has a bond with you. You are not a monster. That power you hold, use it to beat up anyone trying to act against you guys. And never call yourself a monster because no matter what happens, you will always be my beautiful Mira, ok?”

She raised her head as tears were streaming down her face and the latched onto me like there was no tomorrow. She cried into my chest and as much as I would have wanted to let her there wasn’t much time remaining. So I separated her and before they could do or say something I waved my head making them slowly fade away. But before the faded completely I gave them a smirk and said.

“Mira, remember my magic signature. Who know, I might just end up meeting you guys again. And when we do reunite, I guarantee that I will be taking the two of you as my wives.”

With that they were sent away and I also completely healed myself. After dispelling the separate space, I saw Achnologia heading towards me after sensing me again.

“Now, let’s continue our dance shall we?”

Chapter 14 Ray vs Achnolgia


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