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Chapter 12 Mirajane And Lisanna Strauss (2) Part I


Lisanna POV

My name is Lisanna Strauss. I, along with my two elder siblings have spent our entire lives living in a small village happily with our parents. It’s not that I don’t like it but I want to experience more than what the village has to offer, although if it means compromising my family, I’d rather not take it. Elf-nii who is one year older than me is very timid. He always needs someone to take care of him. But that is who he is and we wouldn’t want him to change if it means he is forcing himself. While Mira-nee who is two years older is headstrong and rash because of which it doesn’t come as a surprise when she keeps getting into trouble, mostly fights with other kids.

Mira-nee never acts like how an elder sister should and Elf-nii just follows whatever Mira-nee decides to do, so I had to be the caretaker. It was very hard to do at first as Mira-nee is so hyperactive that I couldn’t keep up and I couldn’t control her brash actions because of that. But then I found the perfect role model to learn from, our mother. She could handle Mira-nee and father, who is just like Mira-nee, easily. So I learnt from her and I got better at taking care of my siblings’ despite being the youngest.

Now, onto my dreams. I don’t particularly have a goal-like dream but I often have this one dream. Me, Mira-nee and Elf-nii are walking together when a handsome boy comes in front of us and asks for my hand in marriage. And then after I agree, under the watch of my family we get married and live happily ever after.

This dream started to come after father started boasting about his marriage with mom and how they got together, which by the way was pretty similar to my dream. And because of that I started wishing something similar happens to me. Although I wish for it to happen in reality, I know that it was just a dream and that it shouldn’t be that easy to get my soulmate.

But that day something pretty similar did happen and I won’t be able to forget it for the rest of my life. We siblings sneaked out of the village to go and play in the nearby forest. And while we were walking through it I met the boy who would be on my mind and in my heart for the rest of my life.

“Hey what are you doing inside my territory!!! You think this is your back garden or something?!!!”

We got startled by the sudden shout directed at us out of nowhere and when we looked at the source, there he was. A boy around our age sitting on a tree branch. He was even more handsome than the boy who appears in my dreams. His appearance wasn’t the only thing that separated him from the rest, his aura which seemed to cut him out of the world, like he was separated from the world and the loneliness that must have come with it just added another sort of charm to him.

While I was observing him and daydreaming Mira-nee recovered and started shooting off some nonsensical things which pulled Elf-nii out of his daze as well. Seriously, Mira-nee should start observing things more instead of just going in head first in everything. Can’t she see from his aura that he isn’t just your everyday bully but a trained person. I must stop her from spouting more nonsense and making him angry although it seems to me that he finds Mira-nee amusing which I also feel the same way sometimes. And the fact that she is always like this and also the fact that she just interrupted my daydreaming of a couple life with this mysterious boy has made me kind of angry.

And so I approached her from behind with a smile with eyes closed and channeling my inner anger and beast at her which I learned from mother and put my hand on her mouth with some strength. I could feel Mira-nee stiffen a bit but started struggling soon enough once again.

“Um, we are sorry to disturb you like this but we don’t want to go back home without having a little fun. This is our first time out of the village so can we please go and play for a while inside. We promise not to disturb you again. Please,”

I once again turn my attention on him and conveyed our intentions to him in a soft and gentle tone. I did this for two reasons. First of all, I didn’t want him to feel offended because of Mira-nee and second I wanted to leave a good impression of myself on him so that I can have a chance at being a couple with him in the future.

“Ooh, now that’s how a girl should be, much better. I will allow it, you can continue as you were.”

He turned his gaze towards me which became gentle unlike the amused glance he was using to watch Mira-nee. And when I made eye contact with him I was probably blushing as my knees almost gave out on me. And when he complimented me as a girl I felt butterflies in my stomach and I was feeling all jittery.

Elf-nii who I think was almost completely forgotten was looking left and right and then we expressed our thanks to the boy and he helped me drag Mira-nee away from there. I could feel his gaze on us while we left which made me hasten my steps as I didn’t want Mira-nee to go all berserk on him.

After coming along for a while I released Mira-ne and I knew she would start ranting so I put on my eyes closed smiling expression which apparently was called ‘oni mode’ by mother. Mira-nee who was just about to start ranting stiffened upon seeing my face and I pressed on her smiling gently.

“Do you have something to say…. Sister?”

“*gulp* nonono I have nothing to say. Absolutely nothing. Ha-haha…”

I think I heard a loud gulp coming from her and what followed her reply was a dry laugh while she was sweating bullets. Fufufu, works everytime. But I knew that although the words coming from her were like that she was definitely plotting some schemes to get back at the boy. And I will probably let her do it this time as long as it wasn’t something over the top because I wanted her to run into a setback so that she would correct that personality of hers.

While watching Mira-nee who was in deep thought with a smirk on her face and Elf-nii mumbling something like how nerve-racking that was, I looked towards where we came from thinking back to the boy. His perfect face and the gentle look he cast at me. His compliment to me and the way he carried himself. It was all ingrained in my mind now but now that I have some more breathing room, I can see that my imagination of what type of person he is could be wrong. For all we know he might be a bad guy trying something shady with us. As such to find out what kind of person he is and to see whether he is good enough to be my partner for life, I need to have as many encounters with him as possible. That is not going to be a problem since Mira-nee is indirectly helping me achieve that. Now all we have to do is wait and watch.

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