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Chapter 10 Mirajane And Lisanna Strauss (1) Part I


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After separating from Erza I didn’t leave immediately. Instead I watched as the village she was staying in got destroyed and the children including Erza were taken away. She didn’t go down without a fight but since she didn’t know how to fight all she did was using her raw strength wildly. The attackers took down Erza quite easily and took them away.

As I watched all of this happen, I almost gave in to my desire to save her. There were numerous times where I wanted to do so but I managed to hold myself back from doing so. I followed them as they took the captured children to the tower of heaven so that they don’t hurt Erza too badly.

After seeing them enter the tower, I took a one last look at Erza and promised in my mind to make up for abandoning her like this by cherishing her and showering her with love in the future. And after that I combined my space and time powers to once again travel to the future and so I jumped to X776. I’m going to meet my second and third target here.

Mirajane Strauss.

Lisanna Strauss.

The two siblings and alongside their brother Elfman were currently living as 11, 10 and 9 year-olds in a village with their parents.

This is a year before the Strauss siblings lose their parents and two years before Mira defeats the demon in the church and then join Fairy Tail. I’m going to get closer to them until Mira gets her over soul magic and they then have to face the scorn of the villagers.

But unlike Erza who was alone, Mira and Lisanna have their parents. So instead of the gentleness I showed to Erza, I’m going to do the exact opposite to Mira. I’ll still be gentle to Lisanna though. When Mira was younger she was a brash and violent delinquent type of girl. So I’m going to act like her and constantly clash with her. This way she will be constantly thinking about me, though it will be plotting to get back at me some way. Kind of like teasing the girl you like.

I can see their village from a hill not so far away. Let’s see, hm, oh they are trying to sneak into the forest to play huh. Heh, seriously, is that stupid god helping me out or something? Because for the second time in arrow, I arrive at just the right time to begin my conquest of my girls. Not that I’m complaining or anything.

I predict the general direction they are going and teleport onto a tree branch and lay down on it. Now all I have to do is wait for them.

After a while, I hear the noise of some bushes moving and I smiled. I turned my head towards the sound and saw those three. The 11 year-old Mirajane, the 10 year-old Elfman and the 9 year-old Lisanna. Hehe, this will be a challenge as I am not only targeting Mira but Lisanna at the same time as well.

And as I said before, unlike her sister I’m going to be extremely gentle with her. When they came close enough I stood up and shouted at them giving them a small fright.


They looked towards where the shout came from and when they saw me standing on a branch, guess what, yup they got stunned. Haha, my handsome appearance is just like a nuke. Any girl hit by it would fall. Well anyway, it seems they recovered and as I expected it was Mira who replied with slight venom.

“What do you mean it’s your territory. And even if this forest belongs to you, from today onwards it belongs to me. So get the hell out.”

After saying that she puffed out her non-existent chest for now and put her arms on her waist. Haah, I wonder how long it took to get those wonderful watermelons, I can’t wait. Elfman was trying to hold her back like usual and Lisanna was still looking at me with curiosity completely ignoring her sister.

“Ooh, we got a tough one over here don’t we. Let me tell you something, I’m not the type to show mercy to girls so you better be careful with your words.”

“What did you sa… mph”

“Uuhm, can you please let us go inside and play for a bit. We promise not to disturb you.”

It was Lisanna who covered her sister’s mouth in what seems like a death grip and politely asked me with upturn doe eyes. Waah, how cuute.

“Hmm, now that’s better. You should be more like your sister. She is much cuter than you. Anyway, I will allow you to enter. Just keep that wild girl away from me. Although if you want revenge or something you’re more than welcome to try. I’ll just beat you up until you surrender.”

I complimented Lisanna with a very gentle smile which made her blush while dissing Mira making her squirm and struggle even more. Lisanna and Elfman then dragged Mira away after thanking me for allowing them to go inside. While that was happening Mira was still trying to struggle out of Lisanna’s death grip on her mouth to beat the shit out of me. Though that won’t really happen.

Hehe, with Mira’s current personality she will surely try to get back at me as soon as possible. And all I have to do is beat her back gently and then taunt her to rile her up even more. This will make sure I will have constant meetings with her and we will get closer in a way. As for Lisanna, hm, although I know I will feel guilty, I’ll do something extreme in her case while treating her gently when Mira comes to get a beating. But I must not forget Elfman. Although he is very timid right now, I will have to have a good relationship with him in order to have him willingly give his sisters to me. And I will treat her like a brother. Teaching him how to be a man a bit earlier than in canon.

Well, all in due time I guess. For now, I have to keep a close watch on them and know when and how Mira is going to retaliate and also protect them from any mishaps. This is going to be fun. I can’t wait for the next two years.


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