I Will Be The Harem King!



Chapter 9 Erza Scarlet (2) Part II


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During the first year, nothing much changed. Me and Erza spent every day together. We kissed a lot, I mean, a lot. Sometimes it was small pecks and sometimes it was deep, long ones. I know, I know. I know what you’re thinking. ‘She is just a kid, how can you do that’. Please, we have already expressed our love for one another and it wasn’t like I went all the way. Although I did massage her ass and boobs so that it grows bigger which did take some convincing. Hey, don’t judge me. My thoughts were pure… at the start. A-and even after that I was thinking of her future self not her loli form. You got to believe me.

Wait, who am I explaining to? It’s not like I should explain what I do to and with my future wife. That’s right. Mind your own business, whoever I am explaining to.

Anyways, back to the topic. We spent our days together like that until after one year of meeting each other, she said she wanted to see me fight as I always boasted about myself. I agreed to it but not to show off. Instead I wanted to use this opportunity to give her an excuse when I leave and while also giving her some motivation to train. She always just watches me as I do some light training and when I asked her to join me, she refused saying that she would much rather watch me train.

What I did was pretty simple for me. I chose a decently strong magical beast and fought it while holding back. Erza was watching as I got cornered and beaten back and started crying and ran towards the beast which distracted it for a second. And I used that moment to finish this fight as I had achieved my purpose, which was to give her a slight shock.

I finished off the beast with one punch clad in space power which distorted its internal structure, killing it in an instant while it was glaring at Erza.

After it fell down and the ensuing smoke cleared Erza recovered from her shock and ran to me with tears still falling down her beautiful face. And seeing me covered in blood and wounds all over me didn’t help as she started to cry even more.

“Alright, alright, I’m fine. See? My wounds are all recovered now and I’m only slightly tired right now that’s all.”

I used my time power to recover to my peak but still acted as though I was tired. She was hugging me while sobbing and apologizing, saying it was because of her that I almost died. That it was because she wanted to see me fight. And I kept on consoling her with words while gently stroking her back.

After she calmed down we went to the lake we always go to, to clean ourselves up. Mostly me but Erza was also covered in blood because she was hugging me. And while doing that completely naked, Erza who got used to this situation already started the conversation after being silent for a while.

“Ray, can you please teach me how to fight. I don’t want to watch you get hurt as I can only helplessly watch from the side ever again. I want to be able to become your strength and fight by your side. Only then will I have the confidence to stay besides you.”

Erza clenched her fist and eyes full of determination declared as such to me. Hehe, my wife is so adorable. It went just as I had planned as I wanted to give her a reason to have her train. And I’m sure she is going to take it very seriously.

And that’s how I began training Erza. Although I say that I only taught her exercise routines which I do to strengthen her physique. I didn’t want to change her style of fighting as it was one of the reasons she became so strong in the canon.

And so, once she comes to meet me we begin training early in the morning. The intensity of her training was nowhere near what I went through but it was still slowly strengthening her body. She requested me to teach her how to fight but I refused stating that her body wasn’t strong enough. This resulted in her just randomly attack me from time to time to make me believe she was strong enough. But it never worked out for her as I was way overpowered for her.

After that she continued to do that for the past two years but never got a hit on me. And apart from training we just flirted with each other, had picnics, cuddled together and mushy stuff like that. And now I think it is time so I decided to leave. So…


“Hm? What is it?”

I called out to Erza who was laying on my chest. She has started to grow up into the beauty that she is supposed to be. Although only three years has passed she has grown into a girl much more resembling to her future self. The most important one of them is her love for cake which has started to become more apparent as sometimes she doesn’t give that to me either. And that relieves me a lot as I don’t want her personality to change because of me.

“I will be going on a journey to get stronger. And no, you can’t come with me. You are not strong enough to go to the places I’m going to be going to. I know I’m being harsh considering how hard you have worked but please, I’m doing this for your own good. Just like how you don’t want to see me get hurt I don’t want to see you get hurt either.”


“Honestly I had a feeling this was going to happen. That is why I tried so hard in my training. And I also know that this is for the best. Because you can’t grow stronger by being with me all the time and I don’t want to become a burden to you. And while you’re gone I will train even harder so that I can catch up to you. So promise me, promise me that you will come back for me.”

“Don’t worry, how can I be at ease out there knowing I have a beautiful girl waiting for me to come back to. I promise Erza, I will come back for you and when I do let’s get married and really become a couple.”

“Un. I will wait for you no matter how long it takes.”

Hearing my promise, Erza showed the most blissful smile she has ever shown. She’s probably thinking about the marriage part.

After spending a few more days with her, I bade goodbye to Erza and left. Erza was standing there watching my back fade into the distance as two crystal clear tears rolled down her beautiful face.


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