I Will Be The Harem King!



Chapter 6 Erza Scarlet (1) {Part I}


A note from MZA

It is time for the girls to enter the fray.


X771, Kingdom of Fiore

In a small forest near a small village, a apace crack appeared and then out of it came me in new clothes that I bought with money and definitely did not use my time powers to stop time and just took it from a shop. Please do not mistake me for a thief, how can a pure guy like me do something so horrific. Well, after that I combined my space and time powers and travelled to three years into the future.

Why three years you may ask. Well, it’s because this is the best time to start the phase 1 of my plan to get all the girls on my first target. And the target is someone who will be known throughout the land.

Erza Scarlet.

I used my space powers to check in which village she was in before coming to this timeline and then here I am near her village.

“Hm, let’s see, where is she? Oh there she is. Huh, it seems my little wife is getting bullied. How dare they do that to her. I’ll give them a piece of my mind once I get there and thank them afterwards for giving me the perfect chance to show off. Man, can it get any better.”

Erza POV

My name is Erza. I have been living in this village’s orphanage for as long as I can remember. The sisters there said that I was left outside the doorsteps of the orphanage while I was still a baby.

Things haven’t been good ever since I started understanding things. Since I was an orphan, I was often ignored and even scorned by the villagers. And if that wasn’t enough, kids around my age bullied me on a daily basis because of my hair color.

They call me names like demon, witch and alienate me from themselves. Sometimes they even throw things at me when they start getting excited. And when I told the sisters at the orphanage, they acted like I never said anything and the kids just continued to bully me. I got used to it after not being saved by anyone but my heart still aches at how alone I am. I always dream of a prince coming to save me from my loneliness and take me away from here on a white horse then live happily ever after like those in stories.

But that won’t happen in real life. Ah, they are coming towards me again. I wonder how long will it take this time for them to stop. I must endure and tolerate whatever they do to me, I must not retaliate. I don’t want to lose this place which has become my home. No matter how lonely it feels, no matter how sad it feels, I must endure.

They started saying mean things to me and then after a while they started throwing small stones at me. I curled myself up into a ball under a tree at the edge of the village in order to protect myself but it wasn’t really doing much help. It was then…


I heard a loud voice of a boy around my age shouting at the bullies surrounding me. I turned to look at the boy who became the first person to help me. But all I could see was a blur as he ran in front of me protecting me from the bullies with his back facing towards me.

Although it wasn’t a wide back that could hold the weight of the worlds, I felt like I could be happy and safe behind that back. And most of all I won’t be lonely anymore.

“Don’t you feel ashamed for ganging up on a lone girl. Whit if it was you who got bullied instead.”

“Who are you? You are not from this villa…”

“Hey, hey, what’s your name? do you want to play with us?”

The bullies were first stunned at seeing this boy and then the boys looked angry and the girls suddenly started to have stars in their eyes I wonder if those girls are sick or something. The boys started to shout at him but were interrupted midway through by the girls, who started surrounding the boy. Still with stars in their eyes.

“Huh? Sorry, I have absolutely no interest in hanging out with bullies who pick on the weak. And remember, the next time is see you bully her, I will beat you up. This is not a threat but a promise.”

The girls were stunned hearing that and they alongside the boys went away towards the village mumbling somethings to themselves.

“Humph, hey are you ok?”

Seeing them leave, the boy turned around to face me and I finally saw the face of my savior looked like. And when I saw him, I fell into a daze. He was absolutely perfect. From eyes to eyebrows to jaw to his lips, he was like an angel sent from heaven. And this angel just saved me from my loneliness. No wonder those girls had stars in their eyes and acted weird.

“Hm? Hello? Anyone home?”

Not getting a reply from me he waved his hands in front of my face which brought me out of my daze and back into reality. He was joking around but I could see concern in his eyes. Maybe he thought I was scared or hurt somewhere so he joked a bit to lighten my mood.

This was the first time someone cared for me and was concerned about me. I wanted to reply to him but any words I wanted to say just got stuck in my throat. Instead tears started falling from my eyes. What started off as small sobs began to slowly become hysterical cries from me.

“Awawa, wh-why are you crying. Hey, stop crying. There, there stop crying already.”

Seeing me cry out like that he panicked and then he started to lightly pat my head. His hand was warm and I could feel his care for me through it. I dove into his embrace and started crying even more loudly despite having only met him for not more than a few minutes.

He looked like he didn’t know what to do for a while but then hugged me back tightly and slowly stroked my back without saying anything.

A note from MZA

By the way, i might not be able to post for a few days starting from the 4th of september as i might have to go on a trip due to my work. But its still not confirmed yet but i will give you a heads up before that.

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