I Will Be The Harem King!

by MZA

Fan Fiction HIATUS Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Harem Magic Male Lead Martial Arts Reincarnation Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Sexual Content

He died.

He met god.

He got a cheat.

He went to another world.

He got girls.

That was the short way of saying what the story of our MC Ray Cross is. As for how, when, why and who? Well, you just have to wait and see what happens.

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Word Smith (VI)
2nd Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 Void ago
Chapter 2 Stupid God And Backlash ago
Chapter 3 Sense And Planning ago
Chapter 4 Training ago
Chapter 5 Three Years Later ago
Chapter 6 Erza Scarlet (1) {Part I} ago
Chapter 7 Erza Scarlet (1) {Part II} ago
Chapter 8 Erza Scarlet (2) Part I ago
Chapter 9 Erza Scarlet (2) Part II ago
Chapter 10 Mirajane And Lisanna Strauss (1) Part I ago
Update ago
Chapter 11 Mirajane And Lisanna Strauss (1) Part II ago
Chapter 12 Mirajane And Lisanna Strauss (2) Part I ago
Chapter 13 Mirajane And Lisanna Strauss (2) Part II ago
Chapter 14 Title Hidden ago
Chapter 15 Resolution And Injure ago
Chapter 16 Levy McGarden (1) Part I ago
Chapter 17 Levy McGarden (1) Part II ago
Chapter 18 Levy McGarden (2) Part I ago
Chapter 19 Levy McGarden (2) Part II ago
Chapter 20 Cana Alberona (1) Part I ago
Chapter 21 Cana Alberona (1) Part II ago
Chapter 22 Cana Alberona (2) Part I ago
Chapter 23 Cana Alberona (2) Part II ago
Chapter 24 Kagura Mikazuchi (1) Part I ago
Chapter 25 Kagura Mikazuchi (1) Part II ago
Chapter 26 Kagura Mikazuchi (2) Part I ago
Chapter 27 Kagura Mikazuchi (2) Part II ago
Chapter 28 Brandish Myu (1) Part I ago
Chapter 29 Brandish Myu (1) Part II ago
Chapter 30 Brandish Myu (2) Part I ago
Dear Redman S Trials ago
Chapter 31 Brandish Myu (2) Part II ago

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Suspension of disbelief can only get you so far.

           I'd like to preface this review by stating that: I get that this is wishfullfilment you shove into your head to forget your shity life for awhile. I understand that, I do, but holly crap susan do I not want this anywhere near mine or a somewhat healthy head, like wow this is messy.

    lets start by what got me reading this. The trending tab on the front page... that's it. I only got to chapter 8 and felt horrible the whole way.


   Now "what is wrong with the story?" is what one would ask. Well, everything. It's a semi self aware cliche where a dude get's reincarnated into the world of fairytail with a cheat, as the author puts it. This is actually the best part of the story believe it or not.

Spoiler: Spoiler

  Surprisingly for some, I am being harsh because I know this is not the authors best work this is not a labor of love nor is this a serious fic. He (the author is unequivocally a male) did not do the best he could. No research went into this no emotions except excitement or lust went into making this. 

 This fic is a waste of your time. There are numerous decent stories out there to read this is not one of them. Even if you are horny this is not where you rub one out.

 p.s. I am not saying that, when the author finds his direction and motivation, he cannot rewrite this into a decent read.


redman s trials at writting
  • Overall Score

You see, I had already reviewed this piece of work once.

I had been contacted by the  author and told of 'plans'.

 I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.


But the end result being this atrocious mess that we here see.

A parody I thought, a trollish prank was what I too thought this was, of course I was more than a little wrong seeing as the author himself confirmed that he had 'plans' for the first arcs.

Really though, this was a massive clusterfuck.

I mean dude, my own mc is supposed to be a heartless prick and even he hasn't descended to the level of getting small children to fall in love with him, yet.

Story 0.5: this being obiously a poorly written fiction I do not think I have to say much to convinve you, the reader, that this is indeed poorly plotted.

Character 1.5: as you would suspect the characters aren't much to write home about, they're as 2d as micke mouse in his first incarnation.

Style 2.5: nothing much here either apart from astral quantities of disappointment.

Grammar 2.5: meh, bad but better than soem of the things I've read.

Overall 0.5: if you were at first driven away by the name and decided to give this a second chance remember that you were right in doing so.

I hope that the author wont get disencouraged by this review but will instead consider a more innovative and creative approach to his writng.


  • Overall Score

Very good, just please change the cover picture it’s so unfitting lol.

Mister J.A
  • Overall Score

I don't understand why someone will give bad review here.  Maybe it'll become bad later but for now it's a pretty good story.  I recommend it to pass time. I hope the author will continue writing this.

  • Overall Score

Does what it says on the tin

Don't understand the rants about reviews and 'MC only wants sex' and such, its what it says on the box. Harem king. He's not going to be aiming for anything different is he?

Good fun read, the glossing over "2 years passed" does feel rushed but I can't say it ruins it. Tad more character development would raise the rating quickly but overall good fun. The creep factor of kissing as kids etc might be worth considering a rewrite for sections but the overall idea should remain the same, get them emotionally invested in the MC at a young age so when he returns, older, they fall for him far more easily. Rather than falling for someone at age 8, which just feels wierd.

3.5/5, will happily re-review with more chapters!

  • Overall Score

Finally a FairyTail story, chapters seem a little rushed and personality building is starting to get glazed over by vague "two years passed like this" type setups. The time jumps would be more acceptable if there was more development between them, but overall a decent start I'm interested to see where you'll go with it later on in the plot.

Spoiler: Spoiler