Followers of The Way

by Philip Read

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Gender Bender Harem High Fantasy Magic Martial Arts Multiple Lead Characters Mythos Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content


When the worlds were relatively young and the gods still made the mistakes of rebelious youths. When most creatures still knew the legends of their creation, before legends become myths and myths became lost. Follow the stories of a few individuals who lived and died before the laws of the universe were set by the will of God.

My first attempt at a story. Will try to make it interesting but please bear with me. Also not a English home language speaker so expect a lot of typos and gramma errors. Also making all this up day to day. Sometimes I inhale smoke and feel 'genius' revelations fall upon me. (Trying to get all my ideas on paper before my creative years disappear).

Disclaimer: Cover Photo Not Mine. I just thought it looks cool and decided my story is going there.

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Philip Read

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  • Overall Score

Love the characters and their backstories

I love the fact that in your book your characters have depth and personality, rather than like half the people on this website, where their personality seems to be classic anime asura or TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN.

  • Overall Score

Well written, interesting, complex.

24 chapters in, I find that this story is just beginning. The characters are interesting and well fleshed out.  The story seems to be the old 'against great odds to save a world' trope, but thankfully the story is interesting enough to really be engaging.  It's a good read! 

LyFe of Chaos
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TL;DR. Good story, give it a chance.

CAUTION: Long, In-depth Review


First off, I have no clue why this story is not higher rated or had more views. Sure, the grammar could use some work, but that is the case with the vast majority of RR stories being written by first time authors. Not to mention that the author actually finished this story instead of dropping it `_` Seriously though, although this story could use some work, it is an unpolished gem that deserves more attention imho.

On to the actual review.

Starting with the negative: As I said before, the grammar could use some work. There are typos galore and the sentence structure is a little choppy, but as long as the reader has a solid understanding of the English language, they can parse the meaning of what the author is trying to say. With that out of the way, that is really the only negative in this story.

Character Building: Wonderful. Sometimes the different perspectives seem a little out of order or hard to follow, but the characters themselves have distinct personalities and each one has something different to add to the story.

Character Interaction: Interaction is natural and has a good flow. The biggest issue here is formatting. Sometimes quotation marks are misplaced which can lead to some confusion; and occasionally the same speaker is split into several paragraphs, making it seem as though the speaker has changed when they haven't.

World Building: Love the different communities and customs that are scattered throughout this story. The author takes notes from cultures in history and adapts them to benefit the story.

Story: The story is complex with an easy to follow series of events, coupled with the occasional, unexpected twist in the story that just serves to enhance it. Read this in like 2 days and will be starting the second part of the story when I finally finish this review :p. 


If you have read this far, please at least give this story a try. It really is worth it if you can see past the mistakes and it deserves more views (just from the effort the author put into it if nothing else). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Jb D. Thonar
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My first review, 


Good novel and good potential. i am not an english native speacker but i found some errors here and here but not too dramatic.

All the character are good and the background story look well build. 

easy read ; 


  • Overall Score

Good Story, Characters and World building

Definatley worth a read. Love the world building and how it feel's like time actually moves in the story